Friday, May 19

A Beautiful Morning

the morning sun
there a bright eye in the sky
looking at you

the morning sun
yellow and gold flakes
will it be there the day tomorrow?

[-] Its a beautiful morning today, so lets have a Haiku Friday! Whose game?! Tag yourselves!


Known Stranger said...

A valconoe
peeps its glare
through sky
the light
glowing us
through its eye

" the sun"

gautami tripathy said...

A hot summer day
so humid, sweaty, hellish
cooling my ardor

Kishley said...

beautiful pics :)

Homo Escapeons said...

Apparently the sun will be there for another 5 billion years.

I am fairly confident that we MANimals will have all been fossilised for billions of years before our little star collapses.

We have plenty of time to entertain ourselves, atleast I hope we do.

Nirek said...

Good try on Haiku.
I love reading, so me not taggin myself

Ghost Particle said...

[satu] I want you to try one!!! its easy bro...and fun!

[H-E] you seem to love big thinking...are you a fan of SF...i am! the epic thoughts of the universe!

[Kishley] thanx!!! U can view more in my photoblogs...

[gautami] a superb haiku!!!

[K-Stranger!] I like the haiku...something personal yet broad.

Jeevan said...

Wonder sky, very beautiful:)

netajovi said...

beautiful sceneries...:)

Cinderella said...

Have already devoted an entire to a morn'.Its called "another beautiful morning".So no tagging here.
Nice words.

Cinderella said...

Whats haiku friday btw?

Known Stranger said...

hmm so no one followed the haiku friday ? :(


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