Monday, May 8

Barefoot Summer; A Full Circle

It was a bright and happy Thursday...errmm...It was a great Thursday....hemm...It was the day before Friday...It was a dark Thursday...oh cheese cakes and Brazilian coffee! I cant get this right...

It was just another Thursday morning, with the sun shining, the bird chirping and the nasi lemak sellers waving by from the road side. I started the day with a 30 mile journey to my office on my bike. Nothing prepared me for what's going to happen next. Probably the only indication would be the time it took me to get ready that morning. It was already 8 am when I left my apartment and had to get to office in half an hour. About halfway to my destination, severely intoxicated with thoughts of Port wines, the Bee Gees and Kaavya (mail me if you're read this Kaavya... :)), tragedy struck.

What was supposed to be a routine ride turned into a massive accident. A lady drove her car into my path and I hit the back of the car throwing me into the air. I landed heavily on my knees and badly bruised it. The bike spun with my right arm still on the handle bar and the next thing I know I was face down on the road with vehicles whizzing past. Luckily a good Samaritan stopped to help me to the side of the road while the lady panicked and started calling everybody except the ambulance. Probably the only thing that saved me from 'the end' would be the brakes and my helmet. As I sat there with my knees bleeding the muscles of my arms decided to go to sleep. Strangely I felt like a chicken with its wings cutoff. After a few minutes, I came to my sense and examined the wound below my knee and honestly thought the bone is broken. Blame me for being naive, but I held to that self diagnose until the real doctor examined me a few hours later. I stood up from the scene of the crime and started to walk around aimlessly because no one wants to stop to help. God Bless Jegan (a.k.a Bob) who came to my rescue and took me to the hospital. Oh yeh...was so 'excited' that I had to snap some pics of the accident, but only this one is safe for viewing. Do also remember that in case of emergency, please sms as many people as you know of your situation and location just in case you pass out after that. Store the messages in your preset settings for easy access. Atleast you can be located in case you go 'missing'.

It turned out to be a day of waiting as I had to line up to register myself and pay a fee before the doctor had a chance to treat me. That too after spending another hour waiting for the triage to examine the degree of my wounds and assigning the oh so belated title of 'TRAUMA EMERGENCY' to my medic card. The doctor, God Bless him too for not wanting to put me under the knife treated me swiftly 'after' scaring me to death with his medical lingo. When you spend a good part of your life watching ER and all those medical drama's, words like a knee-tap, ACL tear and thrombus (a blood clot) instantly means pain and a slow death. The rest was history as they say in the movies. Just that my history for the past few days was painful. My knees are partly healed now, thank God. And a sincere thank you to everyone for your wishes. And a big thank you for my personal bike repair 'towkey' for repairing my bike.

The moral of the story; if you're a bike rider, please do wear your helmets. It saves life. I know there are a countries out there where wearing a Helmet is not required by Law but in serious trauma it saves your head. And next, dear lady drivers, face the fact, the world is against you, so does the traffic. Please DON'T stop suddenly, don't come into someone else's lane, if there is an emergency, please slow down you car, put on the hazard lights and stop. Slowly. No one will be angry at you and you wont kill anyone. (I'm not generalizing, but its true!!!).

For the general road users, imagine this; when you buy canned food do you put your eggs in it? I assume no. That's the same situation on the road, the canned food are the cars and the eggs are the bikers. So please do respect the bikers. Everyone wants to get to work, but that doesn't mean you cant stop to save a life. Maybe in my case it was minor injuries, but the next person might die. I waited 3 hours before the doctor treated me and this country is gearing towards a developed status. There is no justification in building billion dollar hospitals when the management sucks. When the nurses don't know simple first aid, when the doctors cant differentiate between a fracture and a dislocated knee. Remember, save lives, whoever it is, whenever you're needed because when the circle is completed it might be you who needs help.


Jeevan said...

Are you ok now, hope the wound should be small. lucky that u wear healmet. giving treatment after 3 hours, what a hospital it is?:(

Maran said...

Rest well dude. Kaavya and biking don't go together! Now I know!

Matty said...

Are you Ok now? Take care dude ;)

The same incident happened to me also about 4 months back!
In that case, it was not only me and about 3 to 4 other bikers also joined with me ;)
Fortunately no injuries to me but
my room mate got some minor wounds..
After that, we use to wear helmets.
People plz wear helmets....

AnnaBlack said...

Gees you been in the wars buddy. Glad was only minor ouch! :)

Ghost Particle said...

Thanx guys...lucky escape for me...


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