Wednesday, May 31

Ghost Particle Project Email

Now this is cool, way damn cool! I have a few spare emails... it will read if you want me!

Tuesday, May 30

End Times

Last night
I was awake

unable to move

lost in infinite


I found salvation
among the galaxies
my home

in the remnants
the ancient universe

traveling through

I gathered
no signs of life

for all have been
by immortal

Are we


Monday, May 29

MIT Hacks

There are many aspects of university life that captures our imagination, that propels our identity and makes us belong to some invisible but magnanimous fraternity. Often experience and dreaded would be hazing or the ragging experience which doesn't seem to die out. But more than that, there are many special moments and events that deserves recognition.

MIT has a fine tradition of 'ethical' hacking. Yes, hack is ethical, and to go by definition its not the same with cracking which is when someone 'hacks' or breaks into systems. MIT hacks are a world famous tradition to say the least, while its pranks can be really elaborate and seems mindless to the person on the streets, it has well inserted messages.

I often wondered why we never have this kind of positive tradition in this part of the world, the celebration of minds. University and colleges are institutions where our minds roam free, when we are open minded enough to understand the mundane vagaries of life and take the next step. Why must we always put barriers for maturity when the barrier is evidently psychological, bound more by outdated cultural references rather than modern culture itself. If the paths we take are towards the future, information gain and evolution in general, do we really need a differential culture where there are forever people telling us not to follow the 'pranks' of the western culture. There is no lost cause here, the real cause is for us to be bold enough to discover our limitations, and yet, to be brave enough to defy that limitation. Maybe it's only my opinion, but I see this ethics of the western world to encourage bonding, brotherhood and peace, because it is done to a degree of ingenuity that we can only admire.

[+] Wiki-MIT-Hacks
[+] MIT Hacks Gallery
[+] The latest Hack! - Amazing, and the attention;[Cannon]; the sites;[FCannon];[HM];[CCH]
[+] The Best - Probably the best ever so far.
[+] Nightwork - A Mit Hack Book
[+] The great Caltech VS MIT Hacks!

Friday, May 26

Mirrors of Fire


Melancholy is everything that the rain brought. Clandestine memories from days where the sun witnessed love and passion never experienced. The youthful years guided and build lives along the shores of the island where they stood witnessing the stars sail past a memory. Something that remained there for eternity always caught their minds and heart. The red moon with formations reminiscent of carvings of some ancient angels who left centuries before to their destiny. This life has always been of seeking and observing, trying to recapture the majesty of the universe before everything fades into the baryonic ash.

New Horizon

Lyra, the northern constellation witnessed the first ever human explorations outside the solar system a millennia ago. Those bold dreamers who chanced upon a door that would redeem humanity and provide a passage to escape the dying earth. No regret remained for the earth that fell under the greed of men and machines. All that remained of earth are folksongs heard along the shores of this vast sea enveloping the planet and us, humans. They did not sing for the lost glory or sadness but for the triumph of having left the planet for good. Humanity matured a thousand years ago and here we were.

The blazing starships of earth never actually reached their destinations. Some say the builders never wanted them to be far from earth. Silly old men caught in their romantic obsessions of that old rock. We should have ventured long before when the space race opened our eyes, but we let the petty politics of yesteryear gods poking holes into our future. But now everything was done and calm. We went our ways. More than a hundred giant liners left earth that fateful year. There were no names for that event, it was planned and we left without any spectacle or goodbye. The mere billion, who did not want to leave, are history now. The occasional hyper signal or a stray freighter would bring messages of the crippled earth. Nothing much was left for humanity after the 28st century. The later centuries of the millenia saw drastic reduction in the population, down to a few billion compared to the height of a dozen billion in the year 2500.

Daggers and missiles, sweeping human fear and tears throughout centuries, gave no forward to what will happen. Not the cold war, not the oil wars, not the religious wars, the youths of the latter 21st century received their call and rewrote history. Deep roots were severed, as masterful surgeons and mechanical geniuses rebuild the sapiens, and star ships, so that we can fly away. A future where we are the intelligent beings, scattering the galaxies with our messages of existence. Matter and waves are mere tools, supplements to rebuild civilization of planets in cataclysmic solar systems, with earths the size of Jupiter that defies old school science.

We used binary mercators, and plastic sentience to signify that we reached a new dawn, where we stood for one dream. What skies we learned to be blue, what planets were drawn to the lines of feathers tipped into ink, flowing through ages, has finally reached a new dawn. We touched the horizon as the observatories flashed in their singularity webs, the message that we raced to the new worlds. Its the discovery, the spirit on fire to live our wishes. This new horizon, in it we are building memories of entropy, of our new existence in the mirrors of fire.

~End, Chapter 1~

[=] This would be a bold new venture. I'm writing my own science fiction short, short stories. This post served as an preamble of the series of stories. Like it, then leave me some free-electrons will you. It wont cost a thing, but I will become a better writer!
[=] The first series will be known as Mirrors of Fire. It's about leaving earth in the future and colonizing other systems. Wont dwelve too deep into hard sf, it will be readable.
[=] My collection of creative materials can be found at;[] but the blog itself will be offline from the list. This blog will have all the updates necessary.
[=] The CosmicCode Blog is online! The first article is in.
[=] Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, May 25

Rain, Book IV

Serenity, The Voice of Rain

out of a movie scene,
rain cascading in a,
secluded Brazilian town,
everything was sweet serene

floating diamonds everywhere,
flying, drizzling over everything,
invisible emotions in mists,
no soul braving nights here

judge no silence,
in this wet green land,
wandering lovers insight,
along with fairies in dance

on the porch once
stood lovers hugging,
faint moonlight,
we were in trance

soft rain in frame,
like snow during,
Antarctic nights,
warm spaces near a flame

so a memory we have,
no matter a monsoon,
or a evening rain,
what the heart crave

rain, a film on a face,
below the eyes,
under the ruby lips,
fingers tracing innocence

mirrors keep time,
of slow rain seconds,
our age in years,
and journeys to come

imagine this a time curve,
starving a soul in solitude,
answer my dreams, tonight,
in rain, this a story of love...


[-] So imagine a night of rain, a soft breeze, touching you, a flame near, a distant mist in a secluded town, and a lover you imagined. Imagine me, this dream and imagine it to be real.
[-] Stuck in the office, that explains the poem, it's raining outside of Persians and German Shepherds.
[-] Another of my old poems below. Maybe you like it. Thank you.
[+] This will be my Haiku+Friday entry...Which evolved into a Poetic Friday. Dream whatever you want, there is only so much time. Post your entries dreamers!

Street Child. Revisited.

Street Child

on the streets of light
lived with failing might
one hungry boy and a girl
in a cold damp corner and a will

up high in the house
near a warm fire with a cause
one man with a white paper
wrote a story of a child proper

two souls from worlds far apart
one lived on, another depart
left the girl and the white story
long black night and a girl hungry

the white story wrote
a child in paradise
as the black night swallowed
a nameless boy died, the girl cried

this street child on a cold night
deserved a paradise or a fight
that white story child loved more
the other street child ended sore


a boy and a girl
born to a mother like pearl
the newborns knows not more
than maybe the mothers love

as the mother with children in hand
savors the cold water of the land
one white greed and hate
plans day and night their fate

one day the green hills and blue skies
turns dark with rain and clouds
from hell came the machines of war
death and destruction near and far

and when the mother awakes
not from slumber but bomb quakes
her time slips from her today
slowly snatching her children away


this street child’s story
sings in ears but not merry
one mothers burden and pain
stabs deep in our souls and vein

all our love and passion
to live without separation
one girl wishing her mothers womb
the boy lay dead without a tomb

in a world with gray days
wander mothers with end ways
from a world with a sky blue
sympathy from hands not true

white men with cold blood
don’t stop when all children culled
what greed drives your nation
death and the streets our consolation


remember the story of the street child
the one who died and his sister cried
its a true story in many streets
you and me and mothers left in weeps

and that white story the man wrote
its for the country of the blue people
who wants to watch the world burn
while the street children forgotten in the urn

white story man separate countries
the black night child dies centuries
so two child, one white one black
one in paradise the other on deaths stack

you and me and the century men
watch from afar children burn
the powers of voice silenced
by a white story we so wanted


one season in the night or day
the street child will come our way
our son, daughter, brother and sister
trapped in a century deadly sinister

come man and woman of lost souls
my pain in the hearts the same as yours
reclaim the lives of our times
want not one day our child lives on dimes

this century of blood and death
let not it be the white stories catch
the only blood that flows
will be the ones of true loves'

come street child of mine
a name will I give you to rhyme
today you will be my true child
a boy and a girl, a story told

-Gp 2005- 14/03/2005-

[-] Wrote this last year, posting this coz I have nothing to post today. Hope to get some comments!

[*] Street Child concerns the future of today's children. How wars ravaged lives and countries, how men's greed can destroy humanity. Wars doesn't particularly portray military politics, but so do wars within us.
[*] The colours in this poem attributes to no particular person or race. Today, anyone can fit in this slate, this 'role', this elegy. The mention of white and black, either as a story or child or man is to describe two extreme differences, black and white being at extreme opposites. Greed, lust or hate doesn't choose colours, it can develop in anyone. In our fast life today, we fail to stop and take charge of our destiny. We love to dream the destiny of material, not knowing that our relationships are failing, our loves are lost and our children further pushed into their own world void of feelings.
[*] Most of my writings are experimental scribbling, still finding the right form. But sometimes I think I am matured enough in my description of real world problems, of love, pain and sorrow. My dreams are not of a material future, my dreams are of friendship, love and family. Something that I lost and gained and keep on loosing many times. But I live on, in knowing that my troubles are not great compared to the children on the streets of Africa, Asia and South America who sleeps without shelter or food. Of mothers unable to feed their children, of countries deprived of life.
[*] Sometimes we think tragedy brings us together, how we helped the victims of the tsunami, how the whole world hand in hand send food and money to them. But we fail to realize that for decades, on any normal day, children and women die on the streets, abused, in famine, killed. Many of us know, many dont, how our economic and material needs, in some strange connection continues to deprive the lives of peoples in countries far away from us, how a few signatures on white papers dump chemical, dangerous medicine and tainted food in Africa. How our need and greed of brand names forces hundred of millions of children in Asia labor in factories, when they should be in schools. How political superpowers 'buy' and fund the death politics of third world countries. How long will we shut our ears, and eyes to this?

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Wednesday, May 24

The Power of Dreams

Have a minute? Let's look into the future...


[+] ASIMO Video's ---> you wont want to miss this.

[+] Wiki-ASIMO

[+] Asimo-Us

[+] Honda's Message to the World;[Global Ads]

Tuesday, May 23

No Love Here

Something disturbs me, something been disturbing me, deep inside this thing is unsettling. Often, in my life, I've discovered people of all walks and faith. They seem strong, able, independent, living a full life. Knowing sorrow and confronting it with ease, brushing aside fear, living a world worth of a king. They have families, they are wanderers, ambitious, lovers and fighters. They pose a life infront of me where nothing seems wrong. They're unbreakable.

Often again, I confront them, to learn or to share a few things lying around, hoping that they would have picked it before and learned it. I wanted to learn their wisdom, because simply I cant touch their serenity. The strange thing is that, they're very confident, they don't do anything wrong, they help because they want to, they like people, they love to share. They have directions in their lives that I cant match. They're secure, they did more that I ever did in my lifetime. These people, you would have met, the warm and happy faces that light up the day, the legends on the side of the road when you feel like giving up. They lead us to the future that's inevitable.

What to discover of this life, if it fulfilled to fill every niche that it fits us together where separation is not in sight. What I found is that behind this faces, in between their words, they walk and their breath, there is insecurity. No, more that that, they are not humans. They are something different. Behind those sane eyes, I saw lights that never was, they have hollow souls. These people, the touched me for years, they left me the moment they met me, but I never knew. But now, I discover, one by one, each one of them have fears, have greed and unfulfilled lust in them to own something and destroy themselves. Why are they so lost, where are they heading. You can see them like this ever, you have to be the one who discovers this identity hidden in the wind swept hills of their heart and emotions.

If you approach them, be it lovers or children, parents, God, they have something hidden in them, that will reveal ever so swiftly in seconds, and will disappear forever afterward. It wont last long enough for you to discern their true self, but if you are in the lookout for such a mistake in a perfect person, then you will learn something that will scar your soul forever. One scar too many, in this life so early, never did I want to see all this. Of people you trust, who carried your life this long, who guided you, they're actually dead lost. They found ways in others who before them did the same thing, lived a pretenders life, then and now not seen by any of us, but they are evil. They are the ones who will kill you for eternity, through the ages, their colors will evolve into every corner of existence, and they will permeate every part of your soul, eating you away into oblivion.

Is it strange now, that I see this people, they are your soul mates, my friends, your brothers, my sisters, they live their lives walking on a thin line to nowhere, and yet they can stand strong in front of you owning the world. Finally it will look like you are the right one, the one who knew it all and yet you suffer the most. Where are this people headed, who are they to touch your lives. Have you ever met them, you will now I guess, no you cant see them, because they're invisible.

There are good people among them, they are helpless but they are brave and they never turn you down. They guide everyone towards the light, and when you can see, they return to the dark. Why do I love the night if not because I want to be this dark knight and ushers in an urban world where there is no love no salvation. They are god's too you see, the Gods that you never though would be able to touch and guide you, because they talk so they are no God you pray too. What are faith if not the believe you have on them, the trust you have on your mother, the same faith you show towards the ones you love, but will they answer you're calling in the other times when you meet them.

There is no love here. Someone stole it long ago.

[-] definitely not fiction, but it's true if you can see it, you will deny it if it was you, you will understand if you are helpless, I know, and I'm mortal.

Monday, May 22

Google Lunar / Everest Revisited / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle / The Sultan's Elephant

Google Lunar

This is really old...but quite cool. If you're familiar with Google Hoaxes then you would know this. I wrote in to apply for a job at the Google Copernicus Center and here's the reply;
// Thank you for contacting Google about our Copernicus Research Center.

We've received an overwhelming response to this opportunity and are not
currently accepting additional resumes. We will, however, keep your
information on file should we have an opening in the future. At the
current staffing levels, we anticipate that we may need additional
applicants on or around April Fool's Day in 2104. Until then, we
appreciate your interest in Google and your taking the time to write


The Googlunar Recruiting Team //

Everest. Revisited.

[+] Malaysian, Ravi Tharmalingam summits Mount Everest on a solo mission on the 15th of May.[Read More]. Very little news of the feat actually;[ME-1];[ME-2]
[+] In 1997, N.Magendran and M.Mohandass reached the summit on the first ever Malaysian Everest Expedition.[Read More].
[+] Another amazing achievement when disabled climber Mark Inglis summits Everest last week;[ME-with Video];[MInglis]
[+] For breaking news from Everest;[Everest];[MEverest]

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Google celebrates the birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in style with a special Google Doodle today. Conan is best know for his Sherlock Holmes stories and some other groundbreaking stories that remained popular till today. Being a prolific writer, Conan wrote in multiple genre's spanning nearly 40 years that included science-fiction stories from the Professor Challenger series.
[+] Wiki-Conan
[+] Official Site

The Sultan's Elephant

This show is really cool, I must been away in a cave somewhere if you've missed this...simply amazing. Saw in the news two weeks ago. Thanx to Anna for the links.
[+] The Elephant
[+] BBC Vids / Pics

Saturday, May 20

Dreaming of a future time

...the terraces of time never left us long behind. It wanted us to follow it, maybe slowly, it wants us to try to reach something that we know we cant ever, and it knows that we cant ever. Strange is this destiny of time that humans never came to grasp, never able to explain the direction of its flow. The flow that breaks in a chaotic set of infinity, interwoven with all the souls of men and all the souls of women who in ages since the creation of brain managed to look up to the sky to trace the edge of the limitless space. How once in an eternity someone peering through the looking glass of fate and time managed to catch a glimpse of that rare beings circling stars well beyond our reach and manage to dream a thought in a million that there might be more mortal gods around.

So beyond this lakes of grass and golden beaches, where the sunlight reflects the layers of fluid that the stars fell upon the nights before, we stand again and again throughout time to trace more of these maps in the vacuum that might hold answers of our origin. What these origin might tell we not know, but why in the visions of sages who meditate tell us of being able to see the edge, and the edge being gods who are immortal this time. Isn't that an excuse not being able to dream a faraway future, a history beckoning to be written in the classrooms of tomorrow among the hills and valleys of Mars where one day we might set foot.

In between these footpaths in the sands of time and destiny once more where this time we will touch the next heaven and the next in strange prime number times that we might one day wake up in another system bordering other galaxies that we might wonder how far our footsteps have taken us. And then we see the long trail in the dunes and lake edges, that we remember the ghosts of the past called culture and language and be relieved of the thought that we made such a leap that finally no blood shed on the soils of broken dreams of earth are wasted ever because we made it finally.

In the final years and days of these artificial histories set against time and boundaries of imagination we must strive to make it no matter what those old tyrants wanted to stop us from doing, because they had a dream of some immortals asking them to look inside and go blind. Wandering these star systems in the future one day, will our children ask why we took it this long to get there only to be told that the sacrifice absolves any question they might have of our frailness to reach the edge of time.

Time yet again, our master and our destiny holds nothing against us, but dreamers are we, we push time to the edge in the hopes of drowning it and seeing how it dies because we cant dream further than the boundaries it sets us. Then again in the past lands on men where they fought over liquids of black that they failed to realize that they were lost in this land or their making, that if given time and space for those who wanted to change to change, we would have reached here and finally there a long time ago. Nothing is late now, we are here already aren't we, dreamers, humans, everyone, so now let us take again the next trail in time, we follow where it takes us, it guides us, because amazingly, we dreamed of time, and we created it, and we must follow it.

-gp-2006-chapter -

Friday, May 19

A Beautiful Morning

the morning sun
there a bright eye in the sky
looking at you

the morning sun
yellow and gold flakes
will it be there the day tomorrow?

[-] Its a beautiful morning today, so lets have a Haiku Friday! Whose game?! Tag yourselves!

Wednesday, May 17

A Wandering Mind

so we sailed the seas,
in search of that one moment,
in the highlands of earth,
we found creatures together,
in unison over a religion,

we sailed the seas,
through the ages,
of men and women,
who failed to see unity,
that was in truth,
a religion

again we sailed the seas,
to discard this mask,
together with its evil,
and tears of blood together,
there is no unity now.
ever again.


[+] Something of hope and desires which are sadly very far away from us today.
[+] Champagne Supernova. Revisited.

You'll never walk alone

Liverpool Anthem :

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high,
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm,
There's a golden sky,
And the sweet silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind, Walk on through the rain,
Though your dreams be tossed and blown...
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone... You'll never walk alone.
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you'll never walk alone...
You'll never walk alone.

[+] Probably the only club in the world with an official Anthem played in Anfield and every single stadium they fight for glory.

Monday, May 15


Oh dreamer, dream me a world tonight,
A world where I can fly and love,
dream me a world without sorrow,
but dream me a world with pain,
for pain I can withstand,
but not sorrow.

Dreamer, dreamer girl,
Your eyes, will dream me a world,
tonight, as I walk the dreamland,
I want your soul,
to be by my side,
guide me on this flight,
to the edge of eternity.

Dream me a world tonight,
that never existed before,
dream me a world with parents,
and children and friends,
dream me a world where we are,
one and forever.


[-] Something out of nothing. Feel strange that I get inspirations that doesn't last more than a few seconds, leaving me to finish the verses with great difficultly. Tell me what you think...
[-] Sueno is Dream in Spanish.

Liverpool Nation; Where Legends Live.

You have to be a Liverpool fan to understand and live football. A year ago, this month in Istanbul, Liverpool FC, 3 goals down in the first half of the UEFA Champions League fought back to win the Cup for the fifth time. It was one of the most amazing comebacks in football history.

"I said: 'Don't let your heads drop. We're Liverpool. You're playing for Liverpool. Don't forget that. You have to hold your heads high for the supporters. You have to do it for them.
'You can't call yourselves Liverpool players if you have your heads down. If we create a few chances we have the possibility of getting back into this. Believe you can do it and you will. Give yourself the chance to be heroes'." - Rafa Benitez at half time; 2005 Champions League Final.

Two nights ago, Steven Gerrard, the greatest LFC Captain and Rafa Benitez, reignited the Istanbul fire. The LFC team came back from defeat, to persevere, and become unsung heroes who went on to mystify and inspire everyone to lift the 2006 FA Cup. Its been an amazing year starting from the Champions league title to the FA cup. All hail the true football heroes of the world. The best club ever from England. Liverpool FC is Liverpool Nation!

[+] Rafalution
[+] Wiki-Anfield

Friday, May 12

One World; We are Travellers.

The Four Noble Truths of Life

Life means suffering
The origin of suffering is attachment
The cessation of suffering is attainable
The path to the cessation of suffering is the Eightfold Path

The Noble Eightfold Path

Right View
Right Intention
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Concentration


****** Point of Origin ******

There is so much to achieve in life, so many things to do, so many places to see, so many people to meet and love. Why waste our lives with hatred, violence and suffering. Let's live our life and respect this creation. Let the change start with us, and then the world. Religion or God never punishes us for what we do, we are responsible for what we do, what we call the Karma of Life, the cycle of life. Think of this as a closed system, the deeds and efforts comes a full circle. If we want to be someone, or want to help someone we do it with sincerity, we do it passion and love. We must be happy to see the other person happy, we will be satisfied to see the other person smile and be alive. A life is born because we have roles, we have a direction to follow. We are here to see the evolution of the universe, our culture, language and most important of all, our connection with everyone else. Attachment is love, but sadness and sorrow is not attachment, its fear. When we cast away the fear, any attachment will turn into love, to passion, and any passing will still be of love and for love. We will free our spirit, and our thoughts and roam this vast space with one though and one view. If we want to achieve that in our life, we must believe and trust in the idea of one world. Its a world where we live for everyone else, and everyone else lives for us, its about connection and attachment and ultimately its about love and care. So why don't we start to see the world and every being as equal to us, and realize we are all travelers for some purpose that we will achieve someday. The purpose is not clear, but how we do it is clearly in front of us, around us and within us.

Thursday, May 11

Fantasma En La Máquina

Oh my God the bloody Spywares are killing me....dont you just hate it...I spent the last 6 hours trying to remove it with the help of the Black Book Dude (BBD) and still the damn thing keeps popping up...I've probably installed every other scanner on earth...buggers...damn you bad hackers...leave us alone...we are innocent people trying to make money to feed ourselves! (and the family ofcourse...) so go attack someone else...maybe those bad guys in EYE-RAQ! ANd EYE-RAn and ICE-RAEL and PALLASTINE and CHAINNA and MAYANMAR...those who have Nukelar weapons hidden in the Busshes.... :p

[-] Found the dog pic on da net, dont sue me if its copyrighted...

[-] The post title is Spanish for Ghost in da Machine.

[Updates] Actually the only way to really clean up the menace is using a registry cleaner together with LavaSoft and Spybot. And that too you must do in SAFE MODE. Restart the pc in safe mode (if you're using an networked or office computer which is password protected, try this; Login using 'administrator' as the username and 'password' for the password field. It works most of the time). In the safe mode, the spywares and malwares doesnt load and you can clean them up and then restart in normal mode and run the spyware cleaners again. Protect against more attacks by regularly running it (everyday) and also have real time protection. Thanx to BBD for the help and Anna and Nayan for the tips.

Wednesday, May 10

Rain, Book III

Rain, From A Saturday

what the rain brings
but not life and new
what flows into the seas
and the souls we call rivers
are simple waters of eternity

what the rain dreamed a day ago
thunder and lightning
giving you life and love and
translucent passion on rainy evenings
while calling for a voice unheard

what you seek for a rain
its soft breezes
sending you to heaven
its thundering echos
to exorcise your fears

what the rain wants
we may never ask
but the rain wants a soul
what the water saw for centuries
it wants humans to love.


[+] Rain Book I
[+] Rain Book II

Girl From Chennai. Revisited.

Girl From Chennai

under the night sky
embraced by the sacred moon
tiny speckles of rain
melting on the skin
melting the heart together
bonds of art and love

girl from Chennai
eternity should not mean forever
your journeys will remain
with you, and in moments me,
our 'payanam' together
navigating this electric timescapes,

forward the future,
runaway from the past,
painting our skies red,
and all colours divine
a beautiful coincidence,
this gathering forms a Trinity

- Gp 2005 - 24/03/2005

[+] Another of my previous poems...wrote to a friend from Chennai...

A spooky 19000 and A WWF Jungle Adventure

Hemm...this could be the first time I logged in a found the hit counter in round numbers...19000 to be exact. What a coincidence.

And...I'm part of the WWF Forest Mosaic!

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Tuesday, May 9

Mr Ghost goes to work; Meetings!@&#^%*&

Ok guys, tell me honestly, no...swear on your blogs! Do you like meetings? I personally think it's a blatant waste of time, energy and company resources. I waited a full hour for my 20 second 'discussion' with everyone. 20 seconds!!! Its like, ok guys, we have to change this, and that, and buy this, and send the report for this, and make sure everyone follows the deadline for one hour...and then...and yes Mr Ghost is incharge of the language e*diting so everyone send all language and content matters to him...and then meeting ajourned. WTF. Dammit it people, if you wanna have a meeting to change the course of things, to increase productivity, have something important to say la.

I have a few ideas on how to increase productivity;

[1] Have a 4 (FOUR) day working week. Yes, you heard me right, four days you torture your helpless employees, ask them to work 7 to 7 or 24 hours it doest matter, then give them a 3 days holiday. DO it on a rotation basis, something like technicians in fabs, they do that all the time. You will see happy people all around, and I bet the work will get done in time. Oh yes, the salary must be the same.

[2] Give all the employees windowed cubicles and/ or rooms. This will improve productivity, and general happiness/ responsiveness of employees by 45.678% that's real good in human terms. And for better results, all managers, ceo, coo, cfo, cuckoos will be given cubicles in the middle of the floor instead.

[3] The free flow of coffee must be accompanied by a freeflow of food. Have a buffet service with a themed restaurant style. Have different foods from different countries every other week and also stock up on alot of M&M 's and Haagen-Daaz. And for added incentives throw in a bar that opens on weekends. (if not for space constrains, I would have added in an office theme park).

[4] Last but not least, legalize IM's, Chat clients, downloading, P2P, Filesharing, porn...etc. Ok maybe not porn, but legalize all that and almost miraculously you will have full job attendance, less sick leaves and all. Put in a plasma TV on every corner for enhanced effects.

Have a nice day friends, I have to get back to work now, hunting season just began.

Monday, May 8

Barefoot Summer; A Full Circle

It was a bright and happy Thursday...errmm...It was a great Thursday....hemm...It was the day before Friday...It was a dark Thursday...oh cheese cakes and Brazilian coffee! I cant get this right...

It was just another Thursday morning, with the sun shining, the bird chirping and the nasi lemak sellers waving by from the road side. I started the day with a 30 mile journey to my office on my bike. Nothing prepared me for what's going to happen next. Probably the only indication would be the time it took me to get ready that morning. It was already 8 am when I left my apartment and had to get to office in half an hour. About halfway to my destination, severely intoxicated with thoughts of Port wines, the Bee Gees and Kaavya (mail me if you're read this Kaavya... :)), tragedy struck.

What was supposed to be a routine ride turned into a massive accident. A lady drove her car into my path and I hit the back of the car throwing me into the air. I landed heavily on my knees and badly bruised it. The bike spun with my right arm still on the handle bar and the next thing I know I was face down on the road with vehicles whizzing past. Luckily a good Samaritan stopped to help me to the side of the road while the lady panicked and started calling everybody except the ambulance. Probably the only thing that saved me from 'the end' would be the brakes and my helmet. As I sat there with my knees bleeding the muscles of my arms decided to go to sleep. Strangely I felt like a chicken with its wings cutoff. After a few minutes, I came to my sense and examined the wound below my knee and honestly thought the bone is broken. Blame me for being naive, but I held to that self diagnose until the real doctor examined me a few hours later. I stood up from the scene of the crime and started to walk around aimlessly because no one wants to stop to help. God Bless Jegan (a.k.a Bob) who came to my rescue and took me to the hospital. Oh yeh...was so 'excited' that I had to snap some pics of the accident, but only this one is safe for viewing. Do also remember that in case of emergency, please sms as many people as you know of your situation and location just in case you pass out after that. Store the messages in your preset settings for easy access. Atleast you can be located in case you go 'missing'.

It turned out to be a day of waiting as I had to line up to register myself and pay a fee before the doctor had a chance to treat me. That too after spending another hour waiting for the triage to examine the degree of my wounds and assigning the oh so belated title of 'TRAUMA EMERGENCY' to my medic card. The doctor, God Bless him too for not wanting to put me under the knife treated me swiftly 'after' scaring me to death with his medical lingo. When you spend a good part of your life watching ER and all those medical drama's, words like a knee-tap, ACL tear and thrombus (a blood clot) instantly means pain and a slow death. The rest was history as they say in the movies. Just that my history for the past few days was painful. My knees are partly healed now, thank God. And a sincere thank you to everyone for your wishes. And a big thank you for my personal bike repair 'towkey' for repairing my bike.

The moral of the story; if you're a bike rider, please do wear your helmets. It saves life. I know there are a countries out there where wearing a Helmet is not required by Law but in serious trauma it saves your head. And next, dear lady drivers, face the fact, the world is against you, so does the traffic. Please DON'T stop suddenly, don't come into someone else's lane, if there is an emergency, please slow down you car, put on the hazard lights and stop. Slowly. No one will be angry at you and you wont kill anyone. (I'm not generalizing, but its true!!!).

For the general road users, imagine this; when you buy canned food do you put your eggs in it? I assume no. That's the same situation on the road, the canned food are the cars and the eggs are the bikers. So please do respect the bikers. Everyone wants to get to work, but that doesn't mean you cant stop to save a life. Maybe in my case it was minor injuries, but the next person might die. I waited 3 hours before the doctor treated me and this country is gearing towards a developed status. There is no justification in building billion dollar hospitals when the management sucks. When the nurses don't know simple first aid, when the doctors cant differentiate between a fracture and a dislocated knee. Remember, save lives, whoever it is, whenever you're needed because when the circle is completed it might be you who needs help.

Saturday, May 6

December Fireflies. Revisited.

December Fireflies

Sometimes, somewhere,
I think there will be fireflies flying,
Shining their enigmatic light,
Illuminating the field,
and your grave.

Sometimes, here,
I wonder whether fireflies are real,
Whether they shine in joy or pain,
Whether they resemble our feelings,
Or maybe they are the dead souls of you
and in time, me.

Sometimes, then,
A long time ago beside the river,
The clear water reflected a dream,
One vision that would come true someday,
Then, that was the time we were young,
and full of dreams.

Sometimes, now,
I cry for you,
I don't have anyone to dream with,
I don't have you to guide me,
or walk along me, as we reach that dream,
Happy days are rare,
For there is one less star in the sky,
Another painful memory in me,
This cold December night,
I remember of you,
and myself together.

- Gp-2004-

[-] My first published poem back in December 2004. Since I have lots of new readers, enjoy this 'reprint' and wait for my first poem collection to be available in a few weeks.
[+] My dear bro Fred and fellow musicians from around the world composed the poem into a song for the Ghost Particle Project. Download the song for free here;[DAYMOON-GPP]
[-] As mentioned by my buddy VJ, I'm involved in a small accident while on the way to work on Thursday, will tell all about it next week, till then have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 3

MrGhost Goes to Work, Part 5; Why is the damn AC not workin!?@#(*$%^

Here's a few more questions and observations...

[1] Obviously the new guy wont get a windowed cubicle/ office anytime soon for the next million years...but my dear smart there a way for me to get a window view in the office?

[2] What do you do when sometimes the whole office smells of... errr...smelly socks!?

[3] Why is that everytime you change your cell number people assume you gave the older one to your girlfriend? (not that I have a girlfriend... :( )

revisiting the previous post in the series;[4]...Here are some answers

[-] Wednesdays are definitely the best day of the week because there's only two more days till the weekend and it's midweek and everything is slow on this day.

[-] How many editors it take to change a light bulb? About a million because the plan will undergo changes and editing for a billion times before anything me on this.

Some observations

[-] I can hum the whole Santorini tune by Yaani while on the way to work! Just that don't make it so loud when you pass a car because if they have the window open, they might be scared. (I know)

[-] The Management/ Admin department never stops eating and sleeping because they have the least work!

[-] The dude infront of me is a whinny ass with the brains of a mule and he controls my pay :(

[-] If you hold your breath real long, you dont die, but maybe you can get a half day leave! :p

[-] Now STOP reading blogs and GET BACK TO WORK!

Have a nice week ahead folks...

Tuesday, May 2

How Ghost got a ride, got wild and fell down to earth.

Road Trip!

The thing about holidays that sucks most is all the traveling. And that's another reason why I don't go home on short holidays. But then again, you have some smart ass buddy of yours convincing you to follow him back. The next thing you know, you're reliving your worst nightmare. Waiting for a bus that should have came 2 hours ago, together with a few hundred angry people with the same predicament and an 'optimistic' dude whose hell bend on getting home. (this are the priceless moments in life that you wont want to miss).

Ofcourse, it gets much better if suddenly everyone decides to ask you why the bus is late, or where you are going and such. Somehow I discovered an affinity for this and also for muggers and bus stop shamans whom most of the times manage to swindle some money from me. One caution if someone you don't know approaches you; stay atleast a meter away from them and don't let them touch you, because Asia is full of black magic and you don't want to caught in a spell. (am not kidding).

So finally the bus comes and you have no idea that you will spend the next 7 hours on a 300 mile journey, and...Yes you forgot your sweater. I'll leave the rest of the journey to your imagination.

Idli Politics

I love idli, that mysterious Indian breakfast dish caught in a huge identity crisis. It is both a thosai and idli at any one time. (you have to believe this; it's history stretches back to 920 AD!). Normally you use the same thosai batter to make idli. The sad thing about idli's are that you cant get a really good one at the restaurants or stalls. The best idli's are made at home, with the batter fermenting for more that 12 hours before being made into the magnanimous, soft puffs that melts in your mouth (and sticks on your fingers...). The last time I ate idli at home was in January so I've been scheming to atleast get a taste of it anywhere I can find it. Since work 'forces' me to get up and hit the road at 7.30 am I don't get to have breakfast at any restaurants. And when Sunday comes, I wake up way after breakfast is over, or I cant convince my buddy to wake up. So you can imagine how happy I was on the way home that I called home and announced first I want idli's in the morning! (and then told them I'm on my way home :P). So hitting the streets of funky town at 7 am, VJ and Biggie picked us up and we had some IDLI's for breakfast. And when I got home, there were more and more of it that at the last count I had 9 idli's on Saturday morning alone. (im not a thin surfer dude guy you may have realized by now...).

So why is this idli spreading its invisible force over me and pulling me or guiding me everywhere and anywhere? I don't know. Maybe it reminds me of home, of the festivals and of course of the meals mom cooks. Do you have one best food that you must eat only when your mom cooks it?

Ghost got a ride

The one thing I dislike going home is the annoying relative-visits. Some of them pesky creatures just have to know everything bout you that I resort to playing dead (asleep) or run way from home temporarily when they come. And there are the good ones, who care so much about you that you feel guilty meeting them. Its the case of disappointing them knowing that they wanted you to be this and that and you ended up being a bar tender kind of feeling. (I love to be bartender!). And no I'm not a bartender for those who are linguistically challenged and speed readers...I am an editor!

So when I got a call from my cousin that she wanted me to follow her back to the big city, I devised all plans to escape from the gallows. But as usual nothing works when there are greater forces at work. Worst still after I sold back my return bus ticket, she informs that her friends (read: girls) will be following. Ok, now here's the deal; you have the lifetime president of the inferiority Complex, ADD, Schizophrenic Association on a 300 mile ride with girls! Yes its that bad, honest.

The rain conspired with the devils to make the supposedly four hour ride into an 8 hour dreadful journey.

Got Wild

Naturally I tried to maximize on the situation. If I can get to drive the car, they will spend less time talking to me, or I can just sleep or act being sick that they wont bother me. But trust me, nothing of such works with bubbly girls who loves the city life (vs a self confessed ghost who hates humans).

Then I discovered bliss. I can actually relate to them! Or wait its the other way around, they can relate to me. Or its inbetween all that. I just repeat everything they say, and they like it. Really! And you know what, you can flirt safely in a car moving at 120 km without being hit because they don't disturb the driver! And the best of all, they like club music, so just loop the same CD for 5 to 6 hours and you can control any girl you want! So there you go, Mr 'nobody' Ghost became the party animal ghost. And I got free beans and donuts to go with it. Thank you.

So guys, if you, yes you, want to be Da Man in any situation you find yourself outnumbered by girls, carry this self-aid kit. Stock it with lots of coffee preferably from starbucks, donuts from those Dunkin Dude's, stacks of club music, new age and jazz (Cafe De La Mar, Buddha Bar, etc) and read all about Lost and CSI. Don't ever talk about TV serials...No young girls don't dig soaps (unless its the bubble forming kind), don't talk about their dad's or brothers and NEVER remind them of their schools. You are definitely doomed if you start rekindling their memories. Let the whole experience be sweet, smooth and you are the next Will Smith. (and no we are not talking about sex here).

...And Fell Down to Earth

what's the opposite of holidays?...Yes go on...No no, not death...Its work! (wait, work is death!). Yes, through some funny physics of relativity and time dilation, when you're having so much fun being yourself, time runs fast. You blink twice and its back to work, stuck in a traffic jam because of nothing, headache because of something, a desk full of everything, and a life leading nowhere. Some more things that you wont understand even if Einstein is your father is that how the weekend seems to approach fast, and ends faster, how everything after lunch is faster that the first 5 hours, how somedays everyone seems to be walking around in the office doing something except you, why your butt gets bigger when your other body parts stops growing (get a better chair?), why there are no Indian girls in office...!

The next road trip is still far far away...but I bet it'll be a reapeat...I'm so hopelessly helpless.

[-] A question; What do you do with your buddy if he shows his wife your 'funny', guys only road trip videos...?!!!

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