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Yuri's Night + World Space Party / El Bulli / Tony Bourdain

Yuri's Night + World Space Party

Yuri's Night | World Space Party | April 12

Looks like the World Space Party ended without anyone knowing there was one. How did this one get out of my radar. Yuri's night and the World Space Party was held yesterday (April 12) to celebrate the 45th year anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's space flight and 25th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle flight.

El Bulli

El Bulli, the 3 star restaurant of the enigmatic Ferran Adria is once again the best restaurant in the world. Of course, none of us can imagine dining there as it's fully booked forever and is only open 6 months in a year. Having explored both the science and art of food and eating, Ferran Adria is one of the best chef's in the world. I did blog about Ferran once, after watching the Tony Bourdain feature on Adria's famous Synthesis of the Arts menu;[FoodInfinitum]

[+] El Bulli

Tony Bourdain

Tony Bourdain, the reknowned celebrity chef is currently in his new Travel Channel program called;[No Reservation]. Last Saturday the series featured Tony's visit to Kuala Lumpur. I think he's the only realistic down to earth 'traveler' currently with the Travel Channel. The KL program's itself was well done, portraying a raw take on Malaysian culture and food. The first part of the program's featured Tony venturing to the hawkers stalls of Kampung Baru with Malaysia's very own celebrity chef - Chef Wan. Luckily Chef Wan is in for not more that 10 minutes, didn't want him spoiling the fun. Next, I'm proud to say, Tony went to Batu Caves. Yes, our very own Batu Caves, the popular Murugan Temple in the cave, and now called the 7th house of Lord Muruga. But to my horror, after his visit, still looking majestic in a red pottu and thirunur, he went to a hawker stall and gulped down a bowl of *gasp* Cow penis soup. This could be one of those universally weird moments, so freaking dumb and of course, the next time you see something called 'Sup Torpedo' don't even go near the place. So the story ends here...coz I'm still dumbfounded by the whole thing. But who could blame him, after all, he's a traveler and it's his job to sample the world. Sigh.


Jeevan said…
Hi GP:) Wish u a Happy Tamil New Year.
ashok said…
GP..இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துகள்

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