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What on Earth! Part 2

[-] The What on Earth quiz is back...powered by Google Earth! (who else?!). Here is your chance to prove once and for all (or atleast until the next quiz) that you're the King of da Earth! There are no rules, do whatever you want, google it or call your high school geography teacher but try to guess the names, location or the function of this seven places from around the world!

[1] One of the most violent pro-democracy rallies took place here in 1989.

[2] A Particula de Fantasma lives here.

[3] Will Smith kicked ass in a movie set here.

[4] An amazing new train station in a city where the 'great' political wall fell in 1989.

[5] The stadium of one of the Englands and worlds greatest football team.

[6] The biggest particle physics experiment on earth is here.

[7] This is easy, guess the most famous mountain on earth.

[+] The first ever what on earth quiz;[WOE-1]

[+] May the best blogger win the title of King of Earth II. Enjoy!


ada-paavi!!!! said…
tianamenn square and berlin wall and everest and MAN U's home ground dunno the name
Jeevan said…
Nice Views, i have try this Google Earth, when i have Win XP. I can guss only the last one as Everest.
Keshi said…
Google Earth is too much cos I looked up my house and I was scared it might even show my clothes line :):)

Paurna said…
my answers are same as srivatsan's.btw is that last pic really from google.seems so unrealistic
visithra said…
2 independance day? - manhattan? Central new york?

3 berlin?

4 i dont agree but place should be liverpool

6 everest
visithra said…
err ure numbering is wrong

u got 2 number 3s ;p

so my 2 should be the first 3
visithra said…
3 washington? los angeles? im not gussing again ;p
HEy, Most of these answers except the second are available after doing a google search...Ofcourse no seraching required for "berlin wall" as the clue is pretty contained...The last one too is a piece of cake.....Good...MAde me do some more googling today!!!!
Princess said…
I don't know all of them except I guess the last one is Mt.Everest.
LifeMoments said…
Does the management know this is what you do will working,,,,,,you just wait..I talk to your boss

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