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What on Earth! Part 2 [Answers]

Here are the answers to the WOE II Quiz;

[1] Is the Tiananmen Square where a bloody pro-democracy protest took place in 1989. The protest turned into a massacre by the Chinese Communist government and more that 800 people are estimated to be killed. The following image is one of the famous images from the crackdown that followed the rally;

[2] This is the satellite image of my apartment! :p

[3] The city of Miami! The islands that appear in the images can normally be seen during CSI: Miami and other movies shot in Miami.

[4] Yes the city is Berlin where the famous Berlin Wall stood. After the fall of the wall in 1989, the two Germans were unified in 1990. The image shows the newly constructed Berlin train station to be opened before the World Cup Finals.

[5] This is Anfield, the home stadium of the Liverpool Football Club. And am not kidding in saying this is one of the greatest football club in the world and the best from England because, Liverpool has won more league titles than any other English club in existence and more champion league titles than any other team in England.

[6] This is the satellite image of CERN, The European Organization for Nuclear Research. Currently it hosts the largest physics experiment in the world, which is the LHC (to be completed in 2007) and is situated near Geneva. The particle physics ring or collider ring itself runs bellow both Switzerland and France.

[7] Mount Everest. This is actually a tilted image from Google Earth, somehow the terrain image is not very clear.

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Jay said…
I read a book written by a student who was present during the Tiananmen Square stuff when I was in high school. It stayed with me a long time; I recently reread it. Powerful stuff. Makes me grateful of where I live.
iivcruzcarmo said…
Thanks dear friend!
I've been very busy, but now, I’ve restarted reading your very good and useful posts. Thanks for the email and as soon as possible I'll send you something written by me, specially, for you. It's always a pleasure to see you coming to read me.
The best for you and a kiss plenty of friendship
joaninha said…
I don't understand why my name is changed, but I'll much more careful next time. A kiss
Jeevan said…
Very very Informative, you appartment looks like nice. Yes I have head about that Tiananmen Square protest were they kill 100’s of students by rolling the tanks on them.
I think this would be the shortest post ever in your history... Tht was a very informative post though...
LifeMoments said…
How things change....look at china now..
Known Stranger said…
what on earth - ? the most terror species who not just kills others for food but to list himself on endangered species
Keshi said…
WOW brilliant!

Now I know where u r :):)


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