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'Rafa'lution; Sweet Victory

Rafa's Red army continued to march ahead into the Finals of this season's FA cup after a deserved victory over Chelsea. On a night that promised to be one of those famous Liverpool nights, in the Theater of Dreams, everything worked well for Liverpool as they held the would be League Champions and well funded Chelsea to a 2-1 scoreline.

John Arne Riise produced a sterling display to sink his trademark 'Anfield Express' volley to convert a freekick into a goal as the helpless Cudicini could only watch. The second goal came from the always reliable Luis Garcia reminiscent of the famous goal that struck Chelsea out of the Champions League Semi's Last season. Chelsea's consolation came from a confusion infront of the Reds goal when Didier Drogba headed in the goal. The Red's will face Hammers on the 13th of May for the finals of the oldest football cup competition in the world.

As usual Jose 'Moan'a-rinho in his usual stupid best did not shake hands with Rafa after the game and proceeded to claim that the best team did not win the game. Senor Jose, maybe you can build a real team when there is less money and prove to everyone that you have a decent team rather that talking crap. If my predictions are right, the self confessed Special One wont be long at Chelsea, maybe for a season more before he heads home. Adeus Senor.

Hail Liverpool, the Kings of Europe.

"My Language Is Football, My Nation is Liverpool"


F e r r a r i said…
Kings of europe

Liverfluke had luck on their side ;-)

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