Saturday, April 8

Miracle Man, II

stood a man,
with all his dignity,

he was a cultured man,
a 20th century man,
brave and bold,

he lived to see,
war and peace,
men killing each other,

he lived to see,
freedom won in pain,
and forever hatred among men,

he walked miles,
to forget his past,
to erase the memories of blood.

the miracle men,
they worked and slaved,
they fought and cried,

they buried,
another son,
another brother,
another father,

the miracle man,
erased his memories,

but history,
remembers him.


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starbender said...

That was really beautiful!

Jeevan said...

Life is like a war place, we should live and see

anup.777 said...

very well written man!!! :)

Hope u r enjoying ur weekend! :)

Marutham said...

WOW, another excellent post from you!! Your lines are Very true ... You rembr the TAG! You Err'ed but.... :-/

Demi Goddezz said...

wonderful GP

kG said...
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kG said...

I love the tone of your poetry. It seems to tune me mentally into a 1400s kinda time though its a 20th century one(?); maybe a historical figure?

But but.. I'm kinda blurred by some details of it. Hmm..

Keshi said...

In History lies His Story indeed :)

Great write-up...


Princess said...

Human race evolved only to fight among themselves and die in vain.

Nice poetry.


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