Friday, April 7

Miracle Man, I

here lie a man,
who discovered the meaning of life,
who solved all the problems in his life,
who fed the hungry and the sick,
who loved with all his heart,
who touched and cared for the poor,
who lived every second of his life,

here lie a man,
who does not exist.

here we bury,
a prodigal man,
so one day,
we may not become him.


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Jeevan said...

Miracle Man is an example for life. good:) Happy Week End Friend.

Jason said...

absolutely stunning words!

Ramya said...


Princess said...

A really good poetry.

LifeMoments said...

"here we bury,a prodigal man,
so one day,we may not become him."

Honestly why did it have to end that way.....sobs!


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