Thursday, April 13

Metroblogging: Kuala Lumpur

Hi guys, it's about time that Kuala Lumpur get its own Metroblog blog. We need a minimum of 10 bloggers who can blog about 3 posts per week to get this project started. So if you are from KL, around KL or work/live or study in KL and are genuinely interested in blogging please email me with your details (blog name/ url) or comment to this post and I will forward your information to the founders of Metroblogging. Hopefully we can get this started soon.

[+] Metroblogging

Thank you.


Known Stranger said...

hey.. i am not in KL. need a sponser to work. could you help with some consultancy for an employment. then metro blogging let me rock

Known Stranger said...

hmm.. stories not my cup of work buddy.. and i dont write poems. i just scribble.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

hey gp, get me a job in KL n ill join dude ;)

visithra said...

im in


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