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A House for Mr.Ghost; Part 9: Requiem for a…


A chat with my mentor revealed some ideal’s of our lives that constricts the direction and views of the field of science. We tend to focus on the individual trees that we fail to comprehend the forest at large. Strange enough, a simple principle such as this have the command to reenergize the faculties of our thinking, and at the same time, influence positively our lives, but again it is not practical to be followed. We simply can’t do everything at the same time or even during our whole lifetime.

So what does science mean to us all. Science is not a tool, but it is a worldview. We are here because of science and we did not create science. Life is the tool created to decipher that worldview. How we postulate, experiment, deduce, communicate and finally relate the structures of this universe builds our knowledge and increases the information flow. In a typical sampling of events or discoveries, a group of people will play roles to document science and give it a record that would populate the universe forever. And now the lives of the observers and scientist doesn’t matter because life itself being a tool, it can be replaced by better tools. We are merely meandering tools in an edgeless universe with a singular purpose.

Requiem for a life means that we must strive to better equip ourselves with the needs of the new age and new generation. We must rebuild our tools, and gather the forces and people. What we are doing now is foraging the forest for trees that stand either at the edge, or we delve deep to find the single ones. Often during this inquiry we dismiss the relation of the system or tapestry that builds the whole existence. This unique idea can be applied to any field that we work in today. Be it in school, office, or a laboratory, if we keep everything in perspective of the objective, building from the smallest to the largest, any problem and goal can be solved.


Death is a gift from time to everything that exists in this universe. Depending on personal beliefs, death has different meanings to different people. Life being a journey is accompanied closely by death as the continuation of life. How we construct death and relate it to our individual lives gives the exact meaning of death. And from another perspective, how death relates to the people around the world and us in general constructs the tenets of modern day cultural and religious beliefs.

A requiem to a death asks us how to handle death. How do we relate to death and how we communicate death in the interconnected world where everyone is aware of each other and also try hard to scan through life to find meanings. Death gives us a reason to be alive, a reason to learn and a purpose for us. Knowing death is inevitable as life itself is, we have two forces in equilibrium that carries us forward each day to achieve our goals.


Jeevan said…
Science have no end. well writen.
Keshi said…
death is is life.



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