Monday, April 10

Barefoot Summer

Have you ever had one of those weekends that you wish never happened, or you wanted to avoid because it's too heartbreaking. I was out yesterday to visit a relative at a hospital. Sometimes life decides to throw one of those surprises at you that you cant quite digest. So I went there and found out that the person was in the ICU (intensive care unit). When I talked to his father, the details scared me. I went in to look at him. He's laying there unconscious for more than a week and the doctors took out his cranial cap to ease the brain inflammation. This is not even half the story.

The irony of the whole thing is that, he banged his head on the seat belt holder on the side of the car while trying to avoid an accident. And worst still, he was conscious and even walked to the hospital emergency room. It took them a good 13 hours to transfer him to a hospital with a neurologist when they found out his head swelled up. He lost consciousness when he arrived at the emergency ward. The 'state' hospital did not have a proper brain doctor, did not scan the head because obviously they are careless, and internal injuries doesn't show up until much later. Now I'm left wondering if the main government hospital's even has MRI machines since I cant find any info on the net. And where did the 5 billion they spend on new equipments and hospitals went if the people cannot get proper treatment. And why is it every time something serious happens, we have to end up at private hospitals with hotel charges rather than setting out to treat patients at the first place. (I did send an email to the newspaper, let see what happens.)

I just want to know whether there is a policy anywhere in the world, where a person who is involved in an accident get a full checkup which includes the USD 200 MRI scan or do they wait until people are pretty much screwed up before firing up the damn machines. Now I feel really dumb after all those times I bragged about mechanized medical treatments and stuff. In one hand we do need doctors, how sick and 'lawyer' like they have become is the second matter. In the other hand, we need equipments to help the doctor do their job. But how does the administration handle doctors and equipments while not neglecting swift treatment on patients. Do we need an administration in the first place who obviously doesn't know anything about medicine because basically they're BA graduates?

The second part of my Sunday trip took me to a 'nerve research center' which apparently is the name for the asylum at the city hospital. Have you ever had someone that everyone spend their whole damn life telling NOT to do something and he still does it and end up all...Screwed up. Yes big time screwed up. So it was a sad visit, seeing him there and then it was sadder still to see a lot of young people who lost their minds. No pun intended.

Is it the society who doesn't give enough love to people, or is it people taking advantage of the situation and ending up overwhelmed by life (or is it a fact that 1 in every 3 of my countrymen have mental problems). Like a scene from the movies, the place is full of mentally challenged people, all lost in their causes and thoughts. Fascination mixed with pity and fear keep surfacing in my mind like some psychedelic magic show. Another fact for me to remind was that the care provided for these people was lacking seriously. The cleanliness of the place, the way food is given and the general treatment of the people. There were no clear segregation of the patients, according to the degree of illness, there is no doctor in-charge at any given time, the attendants did not give a damn, and the worst of all, the mixing of patients in police custody with the 'normal' mental patients. Come on, some of them are faking it, some of them just cant stay in the slammer so they get crazy, but what chance do they have being cuffed to their beds, while you have other aimless angry patients simply walking around.

I wont go further, but here's the deal. Spending any amount of time pointing out mistakes wont change anything. And trying to change something while being outside the system wont be easy. And by saying outside the system, I mean you, me and the patients included. The system is like the politicians. Its the administrations mistake in not planning for a 'medical mitigation' scenario. An easy example would be the bird flue case. We are all caught naked. So, when the government decides to spend billions of dollars to improve healthcare, that means billions of dollars for the vendors to supply healthcare and not a percentage of educating people outside the system. So the power is in our hands, we choose where to seek treatment and at the same time ensure that we get the same quality all the time. Sounds easy? Well not at all, by going to the private hospitals, another problem crop up. The health insurance, health care plan or any scheme that can provide the most during emergency must be checked into too. That means, having a policy is not enough, you must make sure that the policy covers every part of your organs. It's that serious. You don't want the hospital to say that the policy doesn't cover for your liver transplant or you have find the donor or such. Basically, when doing an operation you are covering the education of the surgeons children or pay his monthly BMW loans. Not to say they don't deserve it, but to say that the system, yet again, made them the greedy monsters they are.

Who has the rights to choose which patient is important. This is not new, but in general, if a beggar walks into an emergency room with a broken foot, he's probably going to die there. Forget about euthanasia, mass murder happens in all countries. The beggar is uneducated, he's better off dead. But what about a politicians brain dead son, treated with some machine, which apparently the hospital only has two. The other is broken. There is a long line of about hundred people needing the machine too. Or, how do you explain specialists who only makes Monday visits to hospitals because his clinic has regular 'customers'. Wait, the regular customers are you and me. It's a sick circle.

No one deserves to be dead, crippled or crazy. Either we made ourselves to be 'dead' or it was caused by someone else. But don't you think we can provide more, and have the final say in things. Do something now, don't throw away the Sunday paper medical references. When we overwhelm the system with the naked truth, then the change is bound to happen. Sadly we live in a society where change comes with a million dollar poster campaign and buffet dinners. And yes, paying the monthly car loans for hospital directors. You know what, somehow now I'm happy that there are less Indian hospital directors in this country. The blood is in someone else's hand nowadays. Everytime someone dies in the hospital, everyone goes for a vacation. The Indian dudes are left to answer the papers.

Your life is yours. So is everyone else's. If you cant face the everyday traffic, then don't venture beyond your means. In every aspect. This country has one of the highest road mortality in the world. So we don't have guns, but we have killer cars. Next, make sure, for any kind of accident, try to get the maximum amount of treatment or atleast diagnosis in the shortest time possible. Get that scan done even if they say the machine is not ready or the photographic plates has run out or anything. Make noise. Don't listen to the doctor when he says it will take time to heal. Yes it does, but doctors are supposed to make it faster and safer. Once you're in a medical situation, DON'T ever eat any medicine or any injection that the attendants administer unless the doctor says so. And ask why is it given. Often, but not in all cases, and I don't have proof of this, the injections are given to make the journey 'home' faster. Less work for government doctors, because they're underpaid and a bunch of sorry ass fu***ers who went to medical school to buy a BMW. Not in general this is.

After all this, after yesterday, I am scared of life. More now because we are fragile and powerless. We're helpless the moment we are crippled. And because there is a clear line of knowledge in medicine between people inside and outside the system. Basically all we know is to take aspirin when we have an headache. So the things to address is knowledge but not everyone can become a doctor. Not everyone who wants to become one ever becomes one and everyone else becomes one. Its the case of the best presidents are either driving cabs or cutting hair. Simply put, do you want a doctor who has aspirations of being a millionaire versus a doctor who cares. The core idea is that every one of us needs to get information on what to do during emergency and at all times be prepared. So if you have any information pertaining conditions, medicines do blog about it. Now we have a tool for communication. Sometimes during emergency we cant discern every possibility because of the situation. Let's see a change, and atleast the next guy wont be so helpless. Let's give hope to the people.

[-] Somehow, I think this will turn into another series. I just hope my blog wont become a mega-serial.
[-] As of today, the relative in ICU is still recovering, the doctors are waiting for his brain inflammation to subside. On when he can regain consciousness is not known, but there is hope that it is not a permanent damage.
[-] I 'want' to believe that healthcare is better in other countries, but the limit is that because we are humans we make mistakes. Doctors can claim that too. So does the drunk driver, the road bully and everyone else. If changes come in small steps, I hope I've taken one, and you the readers have taken one too.
[+] A cancer that wont go away because of some b******s who keep on trashing my people;[S2S];[MK];[TS];[S2S-2];[GoogleSearch];[GoogleNewsSearch];[GoogleGroupSearch]. Anyone who followed the case would have known how cheap human rights for colored people have become in this country. They're dangling dead bodies to mock us. Truth will prevail one day. God bless.


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Tht was a very bad and sad story. These kind of negligence is growing every where nowadays.

Nahuatl said...

I can understand very clearly. Few years back, one of my close friend's dad had a bad road accident. He was hit by a car. He was taken from one hospital to another because everyone said its police case and until police decides something, they can't risk to get involved. After 2-3 hours, he died due to excessive bleeding. If proper action was taken at time, he could have been saved.
This happened in India.

Brother, ignorance is cheap. It doesn't belong to the country u live in. It is everywhere because we prefer to turn blind and live in dreams which are safer. You are right that small steps are needed to make it huge.

You helped me in deciding something. Thanks :)

Jeevan said...

This type of problem my uncle also face. My uncle was suffering in fever for half –month. We have also admitted him in a private hospital, the hospital has checked the blood and said it can be malaria fever, even after a week also the fever dint go, so we decided to take to home and see in another hospital. After discharge him from hospital, he gone to unconscious and suddenly we take him to hospital, they admit him in ICU and take scan and blood test, and they found that he was suffering form Brain fever. The hospital where he was for a week, was not gave him proper treatment. Because of there contempt he was died. The doctors can’t do any thing in the final stage.

Every one should take Health insurance policy or loan, to take care of them. We don’t know when and what will happen to us, so we should be ready take care us. All life are life, we cant separate this is rich life, this is poor life. The doctors should realize this. This post inspired me to write some information about the medicines. Hope to blog, if I get any information about the disease and medicines or first aid.

kG said...

If it makes u feel betta bro, here some to share. A few years back, A friend (aheam.."friend" ) of mine got admitted to ** medical centre for severe migraines. An MRI was ran and discovered that there were several tumor growths in her brain and many more along her nervous system. This condition is referred to a neurofibromatosis. Its a mutation of a gene. Clearly, a neuro related problem.
Well..trustingly, We admitted her into surgery in ** medical centre, and what did we end up with? Partial facial paralysis and leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.
the removal of the acoustic neuroma cost her balance. But that is to be expected in such a procedure. Mind you, these procedures were carried out by the hospital's HEAD NEUROSURGEON. Theyre lucky we're not suing. Initially we planned on it, but after realizing that it brought us nothing, we withdrew our lawsuit.
So this just goes to show the incompetence of many Doctors. I am not generalizing, but justifying. The misfit that caused my friend these damages bears no responsibility towards his actions.
Its truly something to be ashamed of. We are currently resorting to an overseas medical institution to help us with the correction procedure.

Keshi said...

gosh that sounds terrible...u may be surprised that even countries like Aus have many cases of medical negligence...even tho the conditions and care in hospitals r pretty good...but lack of expertise and care from doctors/facilities can take it's's really really sad!

I hope ur friend recovers let us know his status.


Ramses said...

MEdical negligence cant b contained. i agree with ur suggestions..t doesnt help if awareness isnt created...

but the worst of it all is...ppl dont even knwo the long term effects of taking even an aspirin..if the levels are so low..then we hae a long way to go..before we can think of educatin them abt hosp and the meidines/injecctions they;re administered tehre.

Shiv said...

Hoz he now??

Ghost Particle said...

hey guys! Thank you for the support, we should all do more.


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