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Barefoot Summer; Lost Voice(s)

A sad loss of life.

(Photo taken from Nanyaar)

Read about it here;[JusticeProtest1];[Farewell];[Justice3].

On April 20th, 2006, an Indian student, Prashant Anchalia fell to his death at the University of Yereven, Armenia. Due to severe negligence in the part of Armenian medical authorities and the university itself, the still conscious student passed away.

The Indians students of University of Armenia is requesting help in highlighting the issue and addressing possible solutions to prevent such incident in the future. I request anyone who has the slightest concern towards the great injustice done, to address this issue in your blogs and website and please spread the word to make sure the death of Prashant doesn't go unnoticed.

The core of the issue lies in the fact that millions of foreign students around the world does not have proper protection by the laws of the countries they study in. Basically, they are all considered foreigners with the same rules and regulation as workers who migrate. And this death is not the first and it will not be the last unless we act today. Please take steps to convey your support to the students in Yereven and also lets take action today ensure that the lives of the millions are not in danger.

There are many horror stories from universities around the world, particularly from third world country universities of harassment, rapes and murder of foreign students whose truth remain hidden in the dustbins of politicians. The home countries protecting their economic and political interests often turn a deaf ear towards such incidents and the students themselves who try to raise a concern are subjected to political harassment. As we speak and convey this issue, there are still students in countries like Russia and Ukraine who are beaten up and robbed.

Students should and must have special rights in any country. Students are in the forefront of the next generation and carry the dreams and hopes of parents and their home country. As much as we strive for the freedom of internet and human rights, we must also stand up to speak of the rights of students of all age. Beyond borders, colors and religion, the same tragedy can happen to anyone.

Understanding the pain and struggles of these students who take to the streets to fight for justice, and understanding the pain that the parents of Prashant is going through, lets come together and voice out for justice. There are several organizations that you can contact to convey your feelings and highlight the issue. Send a message to the International Secretariat of Amnesty International;[VoiceOut], the Human Rights Watch;[HRW] and United Nations;[UN].

If everyone thinks that students around the world, be it at their home countries or foreign students should have their own human rights watch, declaration and justice, then let us gather our might and voices to fight for our fellow friends. If anyone wants to start a blog, website for the truth to be heard, and justice to prevail do let us know. Lets speak for peace together.

Everyone should know of their rights as the citizen of earth;United Nations Human Rights Charter.

Rest in Peace Prashant Anchalia.
May God bless the souls who left early on an uncharted journey.
Your voices and life will be redeemed.


Hey....U just highlighted something I didnt think existed. It is a shame that such incidents occur!
Keshi said…
I read this in Nanyaar's blog...was a very tragic story!

How can anyone be medically neglected based on his/her citizesnhip? I dun understand why no one attended Prashanth promptly?? I mean did someone say that he should not be treated immediately, if so why?


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