Wednesday, April 12

Barefoot Summer, II

Here are some comments from the previous post that I thought would be nice to share;

Nayan said...

I can understand very clearly. Few years back, one of my close friend's dad had a bad road accident. He was hit by a car. He was taken from one hospital to another because everyone said its police case and until police decides something, they can't risk to get involved. After 2-3 hours, he died due to excessive bleeding. If proper action was taken at time, he could have been saved.
This happened in India.

Brother, ignorance is cheap. It doesn't belong to the country u live in. It is everywhere because we prefer to turn blind and live in dreams which are safer. You are right that small steps are needed to make it huge.

You helped me in deciding something. Thanks :)

April 10, 2006 8:55 PM

Jeevan said...

This type of problem my uncle also face. My uncle was suffering in fever for half –month. We have also admitted him in a private hospital, the hospital has checked the blood and said it can be malaria fever, even after a week also the fever dint go, so we decided to take to home and see in another hospital. After discharge him from hospital, he gone to unconscious and suddenly we take him to hospital, they admit him in ICU and take scan and blood test, and they found that he was suffering form Brain fever. The hospital where he was for a week, was not gave him proper treatment. Because of there contempt he was died. The doctors can’t do any thing in the final stage.

Every one should take Health insurance policy or loan, to take care of them. We donÂ’t know when and what will happen to us, so we should be ready take care us. All life are life, we cant separate this is rich life, this is poor life. The doctors should realize this. This post inspired me to write some information about the medicines. Hope to blog, if I get any information about the disease and medicines or first aid.

April 11, 2006 12:40 AM

kG said...

If it makes u feel betta bro, here some to share. A few years back, A friend (aheam.."friend" ) of mine got admitted to ** medical centre for severe migraines. An MRI was ran and discovered that there were several tumor growths in her brain and many more along her nervous system. This condition is referred to a neurofibromatosis. Its a mutation of a gene. Clearly, a neuro related problem.
Well..trustingly, We admitted her into surgery in ** medical centre, and what did we end up with? Partial facial paralysis and leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.
the removal of the acoustic neuroma cost her balance. But that is to be expected in such a procedure. Mind you, these procedures were carried out by the hospital's HEAD NEUROSURGEON. Theyre lucky we're not suing. Initially we planned on it, but after realizing that it brought us nothing, we withdrew our lawsuit.
So this just goes to show the incompetence of many Doctors. I am not generalizing, but justifying. The misfit that caused my friend these damages bears no responsibility towards his actions.
Its truly something to be ashamed of. We are currently resorting to an overseas medical institution to help us with the correction procedure.

[-] Thank you for all your replies. I hope we can make a difference and share to the world these stories that needs serious attention. Why should we back off and simply watch, we can act in any way possible. Please relay any medical/ emergency situations that happened because of Hospital negligence in you blogs. Write regularly any stories you hear or find on the net/ media.

[-] My relative is still unconscious, his brain inflammation is recovering very slowly.

[+] Here's is a posts on medical blogs that I once posted in 2050;[HealingBlogs] about medical/ patient blogs from Malaysia. If you can find sources of websites/ blogs/ or community programmes from your country, do post it in your blogs and drop me the links, and I'll update it in the 2050 blog. If you want to be a member of the 2050 blog, then head there and drop me an email at;[]


Keshi said...

Some very interesting thoughts and real-life experiences from ur friends that gets us all thinking...ty for putting these up!

(I already read few from ur last post's comments section :))


Ghost Particle said...

thanx keshi!


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