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April Tears. Revisited.

April Tears

miles away in the northern land
once in April the sun goes down
under one grey roof a house grand
silent rooms with six doors brown

one brown door beautifully old
stood there for years of twenty
behind it on a bed lazily cold
a manic mind between dream and reality

this reality unable to hold its tears
from it floated images and noise
in it stood souls and devilish seers
with many claws and immortal voices

among the sacrilege and heartbreak
rising from a rubble of sorrow
unwillingly waiting for daybreak
my soul crippled and insanity grow

time creeps slowly past
stealing hours of daylight not coming
switching between love near and lost
unable to hold the many hands drowning

watching this my eyes cried of tyranny
I scribbled to God an invisible letter
and in unconscious wishes among many
asking him to save my love my brothers

- Gp 2005 - 24/04/2005

[-] First published a year ago. It reminds me of so many things lacking in my life, and everyone else. There is so much sorrow and pain that we are unable to resolve, even if we can hide it. We want to do so many things, but we 're unable to understand the truth and believe the rationale. There are so many people we want to save, we want to guide along the path, but we are helpless.
[-] Have a nice weekend, and travel safely.

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Nahuatl said…
Bro... I don't have words to say what I feel inside. I am very lucky to be your friend!
Lotsa hugs!
Nice poem..Haven't seem any of your poems...Should me tht I never looked at all your archives...Wht you said is something I totally agree with....So many things undone as we have our hands tied...Hey, you scribblez a letter to God....If you scribble, you know tht I get it...Write neatly and God will it!!!! Ok. it was PJ from my end and Nayan will vouvh tht I still stink at jokes!! :)
Nahuatl said…
You smell somthing?? *looks at above comment* hehehehee
Jeevan said…
Good poem, friend:)
Kartoshka said…
Hey, how are you. Srry, college work load takes most of the time out of the day :)
Keshi said…
I love the way u have written it...brought tears to my eyes I swear!

** It reminds me of so many things lacking in my life humans we r so powerful yet so sad ha.

Fred Lessing said…
Good imagery, good idea, but language-wise not as powerful as many of your other poems.

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