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Soy Triste even imagine I'm still in office, to even think that I've wasted a good 50 USD for the past week on metro since I cant figure out how to get to job properly, to even say that I hate the job because of all the lazy buggers here, to not being able to cry when I'm sad...

...So don't cha worry about
people hanging around
they ain't bringing us down
I know you, and you know me
and that's all that counts
So don't cha worry about
people hanging around
they ain't bringing us down
I know you, and you know me
and that's why, that's why I say.
- chorus from the song stick wit u by PussyCatDolls.

...and being so damn lonely going through all this...


Nirek said…
my day was also bad and disgusting! it may be monday-blues la!
how there?
Nahuatl said…
You are lonely when you feel lonely. It necessarily not be the truth.
Can't you see right people? It's because you have turned your back to all.
Just because you are 26 and you couldn't get exactly what you wanted.. does that make you a loser? I think not.

I am here.. will always be. But don't talk to me just because you want someone to hear you out. You are not a girl. Grow up.

No more comments. Talk to me when you really want to change urself. The problem is not what happened. The problem is mostly in attitude towards fighting odd times.
Vanathi said…
Take care...
Jeevan said…
hope it will be okay soon:)
Vincent said…
Come on GP!! You're stronger than that! There's no reason to be lonely. Think of the things you could do during the commute, listen to music, radio, read or think of a novel idea to blog.
The only thing that matters is your job. If you like the job, you should stick to it by all means necessary, even if it means a 1 hour commute or picking up road rage fights with call center cab drivers.

Cheers GP. Its all gonna be alright. *hugs* :)
visithra said…
U heard the hitzfm version? I so the love it ;) work is always gonna be neverending - ive already told u move before it gets u even worse

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