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Ponnarasi Tagged this miserable, tired, barely alive soul...

Movies I would watch over and over again:

Millenium Actress (Japanese Anime)

TV shows I love to watch:

Frasier (incidently, in yesterdays rerun episode, Bill Gates made a guest appearence)
King of Queens
Outer Limits
Thansformers (Cartoon)

My favourite foods :

Rice + 'Kirre'-Vegetable Curry + fried anchovies or fried fish or appalams.
Karuvatu Curry
Anything now actully since I havent eaten for 20 hours...

My Greatest victories :

When I finnaly realised I'm NOT in charge of my life anymore. It took me 26 years to find this out, and I'm so sad now. So damn sad.

Things that I hate:

The nagging sound from the dripping water pipe, my housemate, the morning metro, the evening metro, money, smoking people, my migrain and my mortal enemies and and my depression episodes.

Great Personalities I would like to dine with:

God if he exists to ask why the heck he created everyone and made them miserable, made them die, made them cry, made them suffer.
Einstein for defining my life, I would buy him a ZInger Burger from KFC.
Stephen BAxter for reinventing my interest in Science Fiction
You, every one of you...for being my blog buddies...

Things I dream often:

You dont want to know, I bet you'll cry and laugh and get depressed. There's so many that I wanted to start a post series on it.

I would like to tag

Anyone who wants to do this.

Ghost Tags:


Nirek said…
hey gp,
life takes us in bad turns and upside downs at times.
"When I finnaly realised I'm NOT in charge of my life anymore. It took me 26 years to find this out, and I'm so sad now. So damn sad." i too felt the same after missing the MBA interview.
Jeevan said…
Nice tag, i dont like karuvatu Curry, but i like your Great Personalities : GOD.
Vincent said…
We have quite a lot of things in common :)

Mahanadhi & Nayagan are my fav Kamal movies. I'll also add Virumaandi & Thevar Magan to that list.
X-Files- I can't wait to get all 9 seasons on DVD! Frasier, Seinfeld are my fav sitcoms. Have you watched LOST? I think you'll like it.

'Kirre', rice , Seafood or Chicken will just make my day!

The wierdest is,
"The nagging sound from the dripping water pipe!!! "

Now I'm totally convinced that we are somehow related :)
Hahaha dream.. Wt dreams are those??? Tht sounds quiet interesting :D

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