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Paper airplane, Part 2; a Lost generation, a Zen Lunch and a Life

A Lost Generation
This may sound like an anti-thesis, but do students really need all this new age ultra-soft materials in their classrooms? What is education in it's purest sense? The real goal of going to school is to learn something we have not learned before. And in it's subsets, to understand what we have know or seen but cant comprehend. And further caught up in the tangled map is the idea of a 'teacher' who is a 'learned' person who must be able to show this students the correct direction. To mobilize their minds into working, moving in tandem with the rest of the world.

Now, in this fractal age, the students are lost. Lost like never before, because 'before' they had saviours in the form of teachers. The old school teachers who taught because they wanted to see a new future. They gave birth to a new generation who could develop and build a new future, a world of free thinkers who, while ultimately subjected to political oppression, managed to build a world for all of us. But strangely that world collapsed because politics had an upper hand, and in reality, there are no more old school teachers. The ones who you stayed up all night to make a teacher's day card or shed all those tears when they retired.

What's happening now is that everyone wants a piece of western education, an education that did generate a civilization beyond any eastern dream. A civilization, that theorist and philosophers would agree that should not have existed if not for a system that enabled their children to do what they want. In short, it asked to create their dreams not wait for it to come.

Imagine children who in a short decade matured enough to build a space program's that landed men on the moon. How could you justify a dynamic autonomous system which gave birth to geniuses by making the education here 'easier' for everyone. It doesn't work that way. When Armstrong risked his life on a mission that would inspire millions of children around the world, he knew he had been a child too, and he had looked up to the sky and saw a possibility. But when you risk everything and provide everything and then at most times shut their brains and minds inbetween nationalist walls, how would this children of today wake up to a tomorrow that would carry them to the next level?

What western education really taught us is that when you gave everything, when you let open the doors to heaven, you must also be ready to accept the consequences. They were ready with the tools, but we in this part of the world don't have the tool. We never planned for a tool because we cant build a generic tool for the students to utilize and ultimately realize their dreams. A textbook was sufficient for the space children of America because when they went out to the streets, there were a myriad of cultural influences. The Science Culture. And the scientific cultural influence.

Take a moment and think, what a CD and laptop that these narrow minded visionaries of today provide as an alternative to the textbook would result in? It will either create a bunch of hungry children who wants to know more or a generation of brain drained zombies who are lazy to take the next step. In both cases, we are not ready. Whats more scary is that, we the youth's of this age and generation are the last to sample both the old school education and the new age ball game. We are lost, well most of us because we did not succeed through the transition. We should have had an 'intelligent' infrastructure ready when we reach out of the darkness so to say of the classroom of the 80's and 90's. Not taking away the credit from the heroes who did take the next step and succeed but what about the whole generation. How to create a 99% success rate, or even a 100% success rate?
When the next generation wakes from their decade old slumber, they're going to realize that their foundation is not strong, they cant cope with the rest of the world and there is no clear way to reach back to learn what they have lost. There is no young generation when we will in a 25 frame world. Information flows faster than we can program's a subject, let alone teach a student to use that material to broaden his mind. And to think that we would have the correct teachers who will sacrifice their lives to bring up this generation goes in vain because there are no miracles workers here anymore. Let's face the fact that everyone does it for money in one way or another. You can ask a teacher to stick in the class for five days, but if you can squeeze another five hours then that itself would be a miracle. And apart from that, would they want to go the extra step on creating a dynamic learning environment for those students? And would the students themselves aspire to learn more that they were taught in the school?
The reality is, the so called western education is actually a life long learning process that involved a lot of sacrifice from the whole nation, who spend a lot of money to ensure that the next step will be a learning step too. In short, the students we never let to sleep. They were given the opportunity to excel and they were encouraged to look beyond the ugliness of this world because they were the key to a better world. The educators, the policy makers and the parents had the passion to go the extra mile to fight for their rights of a proper education. We in the other hand lost our rights when we opted for the easier channels. We created a generation who admired the commercial value of the space faring nation rather than the substance they are much celebrated for.
What is lost, we can never salvage, for our opportunity is closed in its spirit and totality.
A Zen Lunch
Over lunch with the developers, it dawned upon me that not many professional actually subscribe to an actually religion. This could be a generalization, but most of them seemed to be floating in a world of romantic idealism and eastern zen moments. Indeed apart from the many popular religions, this one zen revolution and Buddhism in general preached that one thing that set's it apart; non-violence. The fact that many should realize is that even after many decades of Chinese oppression in Tibet, the Buddhist never lashed back at anyone. They never flew airplanes into China, they never blew up anyone. They absorbed everything negative, they preached everything positive. They never stood in our way and forbid marriage. They lived the lives of solitary particles. In away they are the perfect mirror of particles that build this universe. Learning to exist for everyone and for yourself. The moment in time and in space, where everyone is in synch with the universe, so they would be able to feel the pain of everyone and happiness of everyone.
Now how do a scientist realize this idea, a spiritual geist when the scientist knows the very fundamentals of the universe. Does this mean that we are all operating in the same level, no matter what we do or where we are?
A Life
Nothing much in this life except that we are continuously learning and changing. There are moments we realize the truth and there are instances that we fail to understand. We are not solitary beings in this world of chaos, nor are we special to change the course of destiny. But whe were given the powers to write history, as we live it. This great power comes with responsibility and the ability to observe. Any-way you look at life, everything points in the direction of us being the observers and the universe is created for us to live and understand. A funny anthropological adventure through space that would take billions of years but yet out lifetimes are confined to a mere 70 to 80 years. Either the creator was over compassionate as to enable everyone to have a share of the fun or that evolution spared us the pain of waiting to experience the end times. In between all this there are still a few who claim they are special when it would have been sufficient if they were heroes unknown. If each one of us change the immediate space around us, then imagine the collective achievement of everyone. If each of us realize the importance of writing a future and learning a history, then there will be lesser pain and more acceptance. So are we ready to stop the race and pace together for the benefit of everyone?
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