Thursday, March 9

North Season, II

I don't have the power to see through your heart,
never had the reason to move beyond this line,
lost my dignity one day a lifetime ago,
no direction exists in this road I'm on,
life is a macabre of death and being born dead,
voices mute to the pain in the chest,
some naked image of a soul living in pain,
I cried for years not to relive this life,
this is not a story of love lost and found,
deep dark visions cloud my mind,
insanity in this land of white and red,
no hands my friend, no hands to help us,
they don't understand the demon and angels here,
fire upon fire burning the green forest into oblivion,
in a far land I see corpses under a willow,
death is not far, it lives in us,
those clouds you call God floats ignoring,
people around me rushing through unknowing,
inside the mind lies a freedom locked,
so blind were our minds that when we bleed we forget,
lost are we in this search for truth,
dare you touch my eyes when it's blind in anger,
the devil he stands beside me as a friend,
God ahead of me as a punisher,
where are you my true friend, you don't exist,
gather around lost children, don't run,
I stand here on the shores of eternity,
there is not cure for this pain inside,
for even the road to heaven does not exist,
walk into those deep waters that don't reflect moonshine,
freedom is a word with no roots no soul,
you would never understand me my friend,
I'm lost in reality and in life.


* something from the mind of a manic depressed drifter. I do understand.
* The first Season, North.

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Hey..This sound slike osmething from the mind of a freedom fighter who has seen too much negative things in life and are clouded by negative illutions....Depression does make us think strange things I swear!!!!! :)

senthil natarajan said...

is this an extract or ???
has deep meaning.... awesome it is

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Tht was a loveley poem.. And written by u?

BTW, u something something happeneing?? Athu yenna antha something somehting???? R u gettin marid? Or ur first child? ;)
Jus a baseless guess..forgive me if tey r absurd

Jeevan said...

nice poem GP

Maran said...

Depression make me eat a lot!

Nahuatl said...

Come over here... you need a doctor. I am gonna kick your ass so many times that you will wake up to the "actual" reality. Face up... there are better things to do.
Depression is a phase... for you, its a disease.

Vincent said...

Nice poem GP, but I think there's more to it than meets the eye.. Whats up bro!

Marutham said...

Nice post! Enna dhideernu ippadi oru post(POEM)???
Ever noticed the comment for your post dated 2'MAR ??
Where is your list somberi frend??

Marutham said...

And...Enna enna idhellam?? Don't have the power, Pain, Death,dark visions,bleed, punisher,lost....?!# Lot of negative energy!! Enna idhu CHINNA PULLA THANAMA!!! Grow up. Learn to overcome these silly pullbacks, they are just lessons to be learnt from .Leave those behind once you have learnt the lessons...don't carry them with you. Or ur back wouyld become heavier and not allow you to climb the elevated path of life! IT PULLS YOU BACK.So leave those luggages then and there when u know it is heavy for your heart to bare!!! CHEER UP!

netajovi said...

great poem...very touching...lots of meanings to it...u wrote it?

Matty said...

Arrow goes forward only after pulling in to backward.
Bullet goes forward only after pressing the Trigger backward.
Such that,
Every human being will get happy only after facing the difficulties in their life path..
So don't afraid to face your difficulties.

They will push you forward.

Keep going! cheers ;)

Ghost Particle said...

Thanx everyone, love you all, will be back soon!


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