Thursday, March 30

MrGhost goes to Work, Part 2, Why the heck are my post titles in Spanish?!

Jueves, el día antes de viernes
Yesssss! It's Thursday. Oh man it's thursday...someday over the rainbow... It's Thursday! And what does that mean? Nothing! Exactly nothing. Just like the past 3 days of work and just like the days to come. So to make this Thursday more exciting,I'lll try to summarize the week.

On a Thursday, you can reflect past your whole week and see how much you achieved. How much you learned at work, about life and relationships. Most probably your communication with yourcolleaguess improved. Probably you met the deadline, and the project is finalized, or launched. Maybe you made a lot of people happy because of that. And certainly the vendors can get a good night's sleep if all the programming work is done. On a Thursday also you can rejoice of the thought thattomorroww is Friday and the weekend is finally here. Yes, you can plan your weekend, maybe catch a movie or two. It'll be good if you go for a Friday night show so that you can spend you Saturday morning resting. Then maybe you can do some housework, gardening, wash your car or bath your dog. Thursdays, where would we be without you.

Thursdays, a day before Friday and a day after Wednesday. Probably the most underrated day of the week is Thursday. People don't realize Thursdays are full of expectations, magic and fun. People are happy on a Thursday simply because it's a day before Friday..That is until your boss comes to you and...

Jefe de la señora: Hiii Ghost.How are you? Hows things?
Gp : (Hey madam boss, wazzup wazzuppp!). Oh, Hi madame, I'm fine, things are ok.
Jefe: Good, I knew you wont have a problem. I knew it even during the interview.
Gp: Oh, it's nothing. Everything is hands on, I just do what I got to do.
Jefe: Take a break Ghost, were just in the middle of the project. But I know you can handle the
Gp: Hope so... :)
Jefe: So Ghost, what's your plans for the weekend? Movies? Guys always have things to do...
Gp: Oh yes yes, a few plans, here and there. (Oh...NO...I smell something fishy here...)
Jefe: Say, how bout come in on Saturday. Do a few reviews.
Gp: Ermm...hemm..Wel..
Jefe: You know, the faster we finish all this, everybody's happy...we can relax...
(Oh dude, I'm so gonna torture you 'new guy!')
Gp: Well, sure...full day or half d..
Jefe: I was suggesting to the supervisor that the team do a full day.It'll be nice, only you guys
and the office wont be crowded...
Gp: (what about you! you! you!!!) Hemm, yeh, that'll be cool, I can always reschedule my plans
(I have no life,
Jefe: Sure you can...oh wait! gasp You're not married are no yes, no girlfriend(s)...guys never know...
(Jefe grande buts in)
Jefe Grande: Hahahaa...guys ah, have wife, no wife, have kids, no kids, will do work anytime
anyday. Were committeded, driven, you can count on us...yada yada yada...
Jefe: Yes sure sure, I wont argue on thisI'm'm outnumbered...hahahahaha
JG: So ghost, always remember, when you're new, you have to impress the people, then they
respect you and you get your contract extended...Then...Then...Then...
Jefe: SoI'll see you Saturday. Good, have a nice day G!
Gp: Sure, same to you woman!
Jefe: What...wa..
Gp: I mean.Have a nice day madame... (then continue to repeatedly bang my head on da
There goes another now you know, about Thursdays. Now don't get me started on any other day...
( this is of course a recreation of a black Thursday. If you have a boss who speaks hip-hop, damn hell I wanna work there, so buzz me!)
La India, aquí vengo
On a totally unrelated note, I have an announcement to make. We from this part of the Indian Ocean sea board, from the 'boleh' land, land under the wind, land with rainforests, land beside Singapore, are proud to say, that we are exporting one of our finest blogger for a few weeks vacation to India. Need I remind you, this blogger has a huge following, very very famous one, so everyone should treat this trip as an official Vacation. This means, she - the blogger, should at all time's be considered a celebrity blogger, a royal blogger from the land of the tigers which are also near extinction... She have posted her detailed itenarary a week ago, and would be going with her mom, who are hell bent on watching Kanada serials, which is of course an entirely different matter. On this royal-vacation, she-the all time blogging queen of this land of palm oil, have planned a few blogger meets, or meet the blogger session, which of course I believe under the special endorsement of her majesty, will be a fun affair. It has been noted in popular circles that she even have a few fun and games stuff planned...
Also, through some unofficial but trustable sources, it has been established that the royal-blogger on a royal-vacation to India, is actually on a mission to find a husband. Yes, you heard me right dudes, she's coming there to find a mappilai, hubby, someone to marry! While this issue is highly controversial in some circles, popularity poll's show that she might even make up her mind in this short duration of a vacation. This indeed brings immense happiness to all the people in this great land with many many tolled roads and highways. So my humble advice to all the fine desi-bloggers that she, the royal-blogger would meet, is that try to look good dudes! When I mention good, I mean, THIS good. So the best of wishes to all the bloggers in motherland, hope you get to meet the royal-blogger, and make this a memorable cross oceanic friendship and peace meet. May all the official deals signed signal for a...wait...wrong post. May all the friendship built be lasting forever and hopefully all the guy's would ensure the safety of our finest blogger on a mission away. It is also noted, that through a press statement by her fan club, the entire people of this land of Parameswara and all the past kings will be saddened for the time's she's not posting. That would be long indeed and we shall sorely miss her.
Tenga vacaciones felices Visi!
Porqué son mis títulos del poste en español
Actually, I started posting with Spanish post titles coz I was trying to lay low from the office. Yes, you dont want them googling and finding out and killing the 'new guy' izzit... An apart from that, Spanish is a beautiful language, and also I love all those Spanish soaps. They're by far a thousand times betterTamil tamil serials. So there you go, that's my reason. Have a Happy Weekend!
(Jere means boss, Jere Grande means big boss, Jere de la senora means lady boss and for all the other words, get the translations from; [BabbleBabel])
Tenga un fin de semana maravilloso


visithra said...


adapavis - wait u - first the trips not yet - second oiiiiiiiii - third - u wait u - am gonna bully till u cry one day - grrrr

ada-paavi!!!! said...

visit first on a mission to temples, gods blessings to find good husband, then searching for husband, adu dhaan, thts why she goin to all kovils in india, vendhuthal pola irukku, nala purushan kadaika

visithra said...


u nother one - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa both of u grrr nonsense

Ghost Particle said...

[vatsan aka ada paavi] you got that right...she planned everything nicely...hahahaha...

[visi] too what am i going to do?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

gp chk my comment in visit's blog will ya

Nahuatl said...

Booo hoo.. somebody [dude] is going to be ruined :P

Ramses said...

Nandri GP for dropping by me blog.
>hip hop bossw wanted=a!sooper!

>paavam visithra!...

my empathy!

Keshi said...

Visithra indeed is a royal blogger, adore her!


Ghost Particle said...

hye guys...hahaha....oh man...its a bummer...visi is maddddd....

Jeevan said...

When I was in school, I used to count the days from Monday, how many day is there to go for weekend holidays. On Friday I will be very sincere on the studies, because it’s the last day of school for weekend, so my mind will be very happy, to enjoy the weekend.

Hope to meet the Malaysian Royal blogger. Nice conversation with u r Boss.

visithra said...

i am?? nah good joke ;)

visithra said...

u should have cooked up a family event - humm u need lessons


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