Friday, March 17

MrGhost goes to Work, Part 1;'éí 'aaníígÓÓ 'áhoot'é'

Okay, I planned to write something long, but I'm too tired to even think, so my grampa Albert Einstein wants to say something;

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstein

[-] Somehow now I'm part of the commuter culture, The Domino's-office pizza party culture, the mineral water bottle culture, the cab culture (buggers I hate them!...10 bucks for a 10 km ride!!!), the wear you sweater in the office culture, the computer/ office big butt culture, the wake up at 5.30 am culture, the miss you lunch coz no one calls you for lunch culture, the go back at 2 am culture come back at 8 am culture, the feel like wanna wack the lazy buggers in the office culture, the 'can you plz gimme a ride' culture, the plan you salary usage a few weeks before actually getting it culture - (predominantly Indian originated culture), the always have to go to the loo coz of the over cold aircond culture, the cannot blog about work culture, the beautiful Indian girls at the metro hub which you wont ever get culture, the don't read newspaper don't watch TV for days culture, the don't know what to wear in the morning culture, the, the laptop culture, the hate fairwell parties coz I dont anyone of them culture, the smelly socks because of the moisture filled air culture, the stuck in the rain culture, the standing in the train during rush hour culture, the coming late to office coz the damn metro is late culture...

[-] I like the job, not love it, like it. Thanx for all the wishes! I miss you all! Nayan, Satu, Ponnarasi, Marutahm, Karthik, Visi, Slim-bro, Blob, Senthil, Still, stay cool people!

[-] Fred sent me this msg a few days before I started work, 'Listen to me today, listen to me tomorrow, be cool, don't be a hero' true so true

[-] There is one thing that make's the experience of riding the metro back home memorable; the collective sweat smell of a few hundred people...PRICELESSSSS!

[+] Today is St.Patricks day! Wohoooooo...I always wanted to drink green beer, but never had the chance. dang. So the Irish are the happiest lot in the world? I bet Finnegens in Bangsar would be packed today. Google has a beautiful St.Patrick's day holiday logo.

[+] 'éí 'aaníígÓÓ 'áhoot'é' is Anasazi meaning 'The Truth is Out There'. Mj called me from Turkmen'stein' yesterday and funny somehow it reminded me of X-Files. (it's pronounounced as 'El Aningo Ahoote').


Nirek said...

cool! so you hv joined the new job! thats greeeeat!congrats...
enjoying metro in KL?!

Nahuatl said...

No job is lovable.
And the job you would love to do, becomes unlovable soon :D

Take my advice.. never make your hobby.. your JOB. You will be bored of it then.

Nirek said...

I am also part of same culture, where you send a mail within cubicle and call them up to say you-sent-a-mail culture :)
Enjoy maadi!

sophie said...

congrats on ur new job..
St.Patrics day wishes

Jeevan said...

hope u are satisfied with the Job.:) have nice days.

Mike's Drumbeats said...

Hi GP: Even though it may feel like you are going off-track by taking this new job, enjoy the experience and learn from it.

Good luck, buddy!


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Wow.. Thts great 2 know tht u like this job. And wt abt the Colleagues? Do we have 2 assume u like the job becoz of the colegus ? :P Jus kiddin!

Marutham said...

Hi GP<
Welcome back.And seeing the last few lines of ur earlier posts...I wasn't angry !!! Seriously I was not ANGRY! And sorry if i sounded like that!So you seem to have adopted to this new job culture?What is the nature of ur job now?
Take care,

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hi, You are tagged. Pls check out my blog to know more.. Will be happy to see if u write ur tag.

Vincent said...

Congrats on your new job GP. Stick around for sometime and you'll start to like it.
More often than not, this holds true,
"People don't quit jobs, they quit managers"
Hope your new manager is a good guy :)

Ghost Particle said...

[Satu] So true bro, so many cultures in office, I hate the metro...always late to work man!

[Nayan] Ill take the advice, but it's too mentally tired with this job...only 2 week here.

[Sophi] Thanx sophi

[Jeevan] Thanx nanba.

{Ponnarasi] Ill do your tag after this, and thanx for the wishes.

[Marutham] Was not implying that...just a joke...heheheh...thanx you for the an editor...

[Mike] Thanx mike! I hope ill learn and leave fast to repursue my dreams.

{vincent] I have a lady boss, shes okay. The only thing I hate is travelling to job...too expensive...and far...

slimgabshy said...

nice post dude.....

Welcome to the zombies club dude. Finally you have joined us

visithra said...

u forgot the ogliing of cutesys on the train ;p

miss that - cars dont have those kind of entertainments :(

hehehe ur sarcasm is really good - loved the post ;)


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