Friday, March 24

A House for Mr. Ghost; Part 8: Foucault's Pendulum

...and the pendulum swings back and forth, offering solutions and strangely in the next moment more problems.

I went back to my lab today, to pick up a few things and possibly drop by at the library. It's been two weeks since I last went to my faculty, I've had longer breaks, but strangely this time the feeling was different. I felt like an outsider, disconnected with the institution that I felt was my second home. Even though I hated the administration and the pathetic attitude of the academician there, this place remained my one true link to the scientific world. Not even the Nobel posters plastered on the walls of the quarter century building greeted me, with their usual cheerful silent voices, not even the occasional student seem to bother me, not even the lab itself.

Of decisions and the general human culture, we are born to face choices, and make decisions. But again, science is about possibilities of what can and might happen. Why is that while science is not about decisions, human life, so much inseparable of science is made to face complex choices? So strange it seems that some fortunate soul somewhere who does not merit the role they're in today get all they want and somewhere in a far distant country, someone sweeps his dreams under the rug. Who drops this opportunities along the road without thinking once that it should go to the most passionate so that it can be developed rather than letting it slip into the hands of the commercial opportunist who aspires of taxes on humanity.

I don't know what carried me this far in life, in science that is, but I know the small moments which kept me on course all the time. So when I got the job, I thought for better or worst, this is only a temporary setback, something to learn about as many of my fellow bloggers assured me off. But as strange is the world, stranger is the mechanics of it. In one hand, there is money, ready, at the end of the month, in the other end, or hand, there is passions and dreams all mingled together. You cant balance both your love for something and your job which feeds you. And coming to this point, not forgetting the celebrated culture, there were opportunities that we let go because we were too naive to make the correct decisions.

The pendulum swing, mirrors the swing of life. Probably everyone have read how the greatest scientists and scholars went through a hard life growing up. From the Nazi ghettos to the vile dictatorship of 3rd world countries, many have risen out of the ashes of tragedy to claim their position in history as the greatest. Many have build the world as it is today, made it simpler and efficient, something we can do in a few seconds to a few minutes, which took them their lifetimes to achieve. When we read about them, or in many cases retrace their paths, there is an initial inspiration that you want to reconnect the lines, complete the circle, but after a few years you feel burned out and suddenly watch the circle being completed from the sidelines. You lost the road, you're forgotten and of you remain of nothing but the faint traces of entropy forever written in the atoms of the universe but too insignificant to be traced back. That is how it feels not to achieve what you want, but to follow the political aspirations that we should have discarded long ago. Money managed to stop the pendulum, but surely the world is still orbiting, spinning.

Foucaults pendulum is an experiment, devised to trace the rotation of the earth. Is set in a friction free environment, the pendulum will forever swing. Foucault's Pendulum is also an amazing book by Umberto Eco.

And when I left my lab today, knowing that I wont be back for a few months considering my work schedules, I left the lights on. Hopefully tomorrow morning someone would switch it off and start figuring who would have left it on. And hopefully then they would remember me, and this strange world of science would make me feel at home again.

[-] Thus end's another scribbling in the A House for MrGhost Series.
[+] I leave you with a poem that I absolutely loved written by my buddy Anthony;[ForTheQuietOnes]


senthil natarajan said...

a relatively small post... this statement of yours "something we can do in a few seconds to a few minutes, which took them their lifetimes to achieve."- very true...i have thought on the same lines before...

Nirek said...

"Something good is waiting for you in life, Gp". wish you get back to your research soon.

Marutham said...

Hi GP,
So many posts i have missed. Will read them soon! Haven't seen u for a while! Too busy with new job??A new friend called CHIKKI had to some say to you friends.Plz do read his POST in my BLOG :P

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Ayoo GP, unga history'laye chinna post ithu thaan :P


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