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Cubo de Basura


[1] I don't think I'll get a dustbin after all, since there is no allocation for a new dustbin! What the...!

[2] I think there will be a bunch of interns coming next week, when I will relinquish my 'New Guy' status.

[3] Somehow, my migrain wanted to test me during work, so I had to go back early last Friday...Does anyone have a good remedy to fend of migrains? Something that should work all the time.

[4] I found out that, when you work, due to some quantum-thermodynamic-wormholic-superstring-entropy-blackhole phenomenon, WEEKENDS don't exist! This can be calculated using the equation; WEEKEND = q.t.wh.St.e.poof/time, the result of the calculation is = HA HA You're A Loser and must be stated with the appropriate SI unit of NmWatt.

[5] What would you recommend for breakfast that should carry you until evening without falling asleep or loosing your mind. No nasi lemak, roti canai or thosai. Please.

[6] Had one of those movie star dreams again...sigh...This time Prashant was pumping petrol at my hometown. Sad sad. And I went to ask for his autograph. I don't even watch his movies! He's such a lousy actor! Why why why waste my dream time...

[7] For the closing ceremony of the Melbourne Commonwealth games, India was given a slot to showcase their culture as a prelude to the 2010 games which is to be held in New Delhi. And I found out that Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherje, Saif Ali Khan and Priyanka Chopra stands foremost as India's cultural rep's to the world. What happened to the classical arts of Bharata Natyam and such? And what makes them think Aishwarya Rai potrays India better than the rest of the billion citizens? Why cant the organizing committee of the 2010 games differentiate popular culture and real culture? Watching that 15 minutes reminded me of the farce of the Malaysian Commonwealth games where none of the other cultures of the country i.e. Indian, Chinese, etc were given prominence, or even a mention. Someone needs to remind India that it's a sporting event and NOT a Bollywood party.
[8] I've converted. Yes. No more petrol from Petronas. Those buggers leech away billions from our oil revenue and we still have to pay high petrol prizes while being an oil producing country. Buggers. From yesterday onwards I'm using Caltex Techron to fuel my bike. And they have better staff at their Star Mart stations who actually say thank you every time. And, and...they even have a Maggi Mash Potato vending machine at their station! Never knew those existed, and it actually tastes good. Do try it.

Hope to get the answers for the migrain and breakfast questions by tomorrow. Thank you.

* Didn't know the Spanish had such a long name for dustbin = Cubo de Basura


Nahuatl said…
hehehe.. nice! :)
Don't worry.. u will have a "trashy" time with "new guys"! :D

Oops! Don't worry.. everything will fall in place slowly.
Jagan said…
no.7 point ..u definitely got a point ther ...
Jeevan said…
after seeing the grand opening and End of Commonwealth Games, i am thinking how India is going to conduct this game. i pray india should conduct this game very grand than Melbourn.
Maran said…
Yeah I was suprised too!... To find Ais in the sports section! ;-)
Nirek said…
ha ha ha..thats funny hypothesis on weekend!
Hope when new guys joins your office, you gonna have party time!
Jacques said…
How about a plain, but oh so nutricious banana for breakfast?


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