Friday, March 31

Paper airplane, Part 2; a Lost generation, a Zen Lunch and a Life

A Lost Generation
This may sound like an anti-thesis, but do students really need all this new age ultra-soft materials in their classrooms? What is education in it's purest sense? The real goal of going to school is to learn something we have not learned before. And in it's subsets, to understand what we have know or seen but cant comprehend. And further caught up in the tangled map is the idea of a 'teacher' who is a 'learned' person who must be able to show this students the correct direction. To mobilize their minds into working, moving in tandem with the rest of the world.

Now, in this fractal age, the students are lost. Lost like never before, because 'before' they had saviours in the form of teachers. The old school teachers who taught because they wanted to see a new future. They gave birth to a new generation who could develop and build a new future, a world of free thinkers who, while ultimately subjected to political oppression, managed to build a world for all of us. But strangely that world collapsed because politics had an upper hand, and in reality, there are no more old school teachers. The ones who you stayed up all night to make a teacher's day card or shed all those tears when they retired.

What's happening now is that everyone wants a piece of western education, an education that did generate a civilization beyond any eastern dream. A civilization, that theorist and philosophers would agree that should not have existed if not for a system that enabled their children to do what they want. In short, it asked to create their dreams not wait for it to come.

Imagine children who in a short decade matured enough to build a space program's that landed men on the moon. How could you justify a dynamic autonomous system which gave birth to geniuses by making the education here 'easier' for everyone. It doesn't work that way. When Armstrong risked his life on a mission that would inspire millions of children around the world, he knew he had been a child too, and he had looked up to the sky and saw a possibility. But when you risk everything and provide everything and then at most times shut their brains and minds inbetween nationalist walls, how would this children of today wake up to a tomorrow that would carry them to the next level?

What western education really taught us is that when you gave everything, when you let open the doors to heaven, you must also be ready to accept the consequences. They were ready with the tools, but we in this part of the world don't have the tool. We never planned for a tool because we cant build a generic tool for the students to utilize and ultimately realize their dreams. A textbook was sufficient for the space children of America because when they went out to the streets, there were a myriad of cultural influences. The Science Culture. And the scientific cultural influence.

Take a moment and think, what a CD and laptop that these narrow minded visionaries of today provide as an alternative to the textbook would result in? It will either create a bunch of hungry children who wants to know more or a generation of brain drained zombies who are lazy to take the next step. In both cases, we are not ready. Whats more scary is that, we the youth's of this age and generation are the last to sample both the old school education and the new age ball game. We are lost, well most of us because we did not succeed through the transition. We should have had an 'intelligent' infrastructure ready when we reach out of the darkness so to say of the classroom of the 80's and 90's. Not taking away the credit from the heroes who did take the next step and succeed but what about the whole generation. How to create a 99% success rate, or even a 100% success rate?
When the next generation wakes from their decade old slumber, they're going to realize that their foundation is not strong, they cant cope with the rest of the world and there is no clear way to reach back to learn what they have lost. There is no young generation when we will in a 25 frame world. Information flows faster than we can program's a subject, let alone teach a student to use that material to broaden his mind. And to think that we would have the correct teachers who will sacrifice their lives to bring up this generation goes in vain because there are no miracles workers here anymore. Let's face the fact that everyone does it for money in one way or another. You can ask a teacher to stick in the class for five days, but if you can squeeze another five hours then that itself would be a miracle. And apart from that, would they want to go the extra step on creating a dynamic learning environment for those students? And would the students themselves aspire to learn more that they were taught in the school?
The reality is, the so called western education is actually a life long learning process that involved a lot of sacrifice from the whole nation, who spend a lot of money to ensure that the next step will be a learning step too. In short, the students we never let to sleep. They were given the opportunity to excel and they were encouraged to look beyond the ugliness of this world because they were the key to a better world. The educators, the policy makers and the parents had the passion to go the extra mile to fight for their rights of a proper education. We in the other hand lost our rights when we opted for the easier channels. We created a generation who admired the commercial value of the space faring nation rather than the substance they are much celebrated for.
What is lost, we can never salvage, for our opportunity is closed in its spirit and totality.
A Zen Lunch
Over lunch with the developers, it dawned upon me that not many professional actually subscribe to an actually religion. This could be a generalization, but most of them seemed to be floating in a world of romantic idealism and eastern zen moments. Indeed apart from the many popular religions, this one zen revolution and Buddhism in general preached that one thing that set's it apart; non-violence. The fact that many should realize is that even after many decades of Chinese oppression in Tibet, the Buddhist never lashed back at anyone. They never flew airplanes into China, they never blew up anyone. They absorbed everything negative, they preached everything positive. They never stood in our way and forbid marriage. They lived the lives of solitary particles. In away they are the perfect mirror of particles that build this universe. Learning to exist for everyone and for yourself. The moment in time and in space, where everyone is in synch with the universe, so they would be able to feel the pain of everyone and happiness of everyone.
Now how do a scientist realize this idea, a spiritual geist when the scientist knows the very fundamentals of the universe. Does this mean that we are all operating in the same level, no matter what we do or where we are?
A Life
Nothing much in this life except that we are continuously learning and changing. There are moments we realize the truth and there are instances that we fail to understand. We are not solitary beings in this world of chaos, nor are we special to change the course of destiny. But whe were given the powers to write history, as we live it. This great power comes with responsibility and the ability to observe. Any-way you look at life, everything points in the direction of us being the observers and the universe is created for us to live and understand. A funny anthropological adventure through space that would take billions of years but yet out lifetimes are confined to a mere 70 to 80 years. Either the creator was over compassionate as to enable everyone to have a share of the fun or that evolution spared us the pain of waiting to experience the end times. In between all this there are still a few who claim they are special when it would have been sufficient if they were heroes unknown. If each one of us change the immediate space around us, then imagine the collective achievement of everyone. If each of us realize the importance of writing a future and learning a history, then there will be lesser pain and more acceptance. So are we ready to stop the race and pace together for the benefit of everyone?
[-] The first part of the Paper Airplane series appeared here;[PaperPlane]

Thaipusam 2006

[-] My first try at embeding a google video. You can get the rest of the vid's from [GVideo] . Buzz me if it doesnt work.

[+] My original Thaipusam 2006 post is here;[Thaipusam2006]

Thursday, March 30

MrGhost goes to Work, Part 2, Why the heck are my post titles in Spanish?!

Jueves, el día antes de viernes
Yesssss! It's Thursday. Oh man it's thursday...someday over the rainbow... It's Thursday! And what does that mean? Nothing! Exactly nothing. Just like the past 3 days of work and just like the days to come. So to make this Thursday more exciting,I'lll try to summarize the week.

On a Thursday, you can reflect past your whole week and see how much you achieved. How much you learned at work, about life and relationships. Most probably your communication with yourcolleaguess improved. Probably you met the deadline, and the project is finalized, or launched. Maybe you made a lot of people happy because of that. And certainly the vendors can get a good night's sleep if all the programming work is done. On a Thursday also you can rejoice of the thought thattomorroww is Friday and the weekend is finally here. Yes, you can plan your weekend, maybe catch a movie or two. It'll be good if you go for a Friday night show so that you can spend you Saturday morning resting. Then maybe you can do some housework, gardening, wash your car or bath your dog. Thursdays, where would we be without you.

Thursdays, a day before Friday and a day after Wednesday. Probably the most underrated day of the week is Thursday. People don't realize Thursdays are full of expectations, magic and fun. People are happy on a Thursday simply because it's a day before Friday..That is until your boss comes to you and...

Jefe de la señora: Hiii Ghost.How are you? Hows things?
Gp : (Hey madam boss, wazzup wazzuppp!). Oh, Hi madame, I'm fine, things are ok.
Jefe: Good, I knew you wont have a problem. I knew it even during the interview.
Gp: Oh, it's nothing. Everything is hands on, I just do what I got to do.
Jefe: Take a break Ghost, were just in the middle of the project. But I know you can handle the
Gp: Hope so... :)
Jefe: So Ghost, what's your plans for the weekend? Movies? Guys always have things to do...
Gp: Oh yes yes, a few plans, here and there. (Oh...NO...I smell something fishy here...)
Jefe: Say, how bout come in on Saturday. Do a few reviews.
Gp: Ermm...hemm..Wel..
Jefe: You know, the faster we finish all this, everybody's happy...we can relax...
(Oh dude, I'm so gonna torture you 'new guy!')
Gp: Well, sure...full day or half d..
Jefe: I was suggesting to the supervisor that the team do a full day.It'll be nice, only you guys
and the office wont be crowded...
Gp: (what about you! you! you!!!) Hemm, yeh, that'll be cool, I can always reschedule my plans
(I have no life,
Jefe: Sure you can...oh wait! gasp You're not married are no yes, no girlfriend(s)...guys never know...
(Jefe grande buts in)
Jefe Grande: Hahahaa...guys ah, have wife, no wife, have kids, no kids, will do work anytime
anyday. Were committeded, driven, you can count on us...yada yada yada...
Jefe: Yes sure sure, I wont argue on thisI'm'm outnumbered...hahahahaha
JG: So ghost, always remember, when you're new, you have to impress the people, then they
respect you and you get your contract extended...Then...Then...Then...
Jefe: SoI'll see you Saturday. Good, have a nice day G!
Gp: Sure, same to you woman!
Jefe: What...wa..
Gp: I mean.Have a nice day madame... (then continue to repeatedly bang my head on da
There goes another now you know, about Thursdays. Now don't get me started on any other day...
( this is of course a recreation of a black Thursday. If you have a boss who speaks hip-hop, damn hell I wanna work there, so buzz me!)
La India, aquí vengo
On a totally unrelated note, I have an announcement to make. We from this part of the Indian Ocean sea board, from the 'boleh' land, land under the wind, land with rainforests, land beside Singapore, are proud to say, that we are exporting one of our finest blogger for a few weeks vacation to India. Need I remind you, this blogger has a huge following, very very famous one, so everyone should treat this trip as an official Vacation. This means, she - the blogger, should at all time's be considered a celebrity blogger, a royal blogger from the land of the tigers which are also near extinction... She have posted her detailed itenarary a week ago, and would be going with her mom, who are hell bent on watching Kanada serials, which is of course an entirely different matter. On this royal-vacation, she-the all time blogging queen of this land of palm oil, have planned a few blogger meets, or meet the blogger session, which of course I believe under the special endorsement of her majesty, will be a fun affair. It has been noted in popular circles that she even have a few fun and games stuff planned...
Also, through some unofficial but trustable sources, it has been established that the royal-blogger on a royal-vacation to India, is actually on a mission to find a husband. Yes, you heard me right dudes, she's coming there to find a mappilai, hubby, someone to marry! While this issue is highly controversial in some circles, popularity poll's show that she might even make up her mind in this short duration of a vacation. This indeed brings immense happiness to all the people in this great land with many many tolled roads and highways. So my humble advice to all the fine desi-bloggers that she, the royal-blogger would meet, is that try to look good dudes! When I mention good, I mean, THIS good. So the best of wishes to all the bloggers in motherland, hope you get to meet the royal-blogger, and make this a memorable cross oceanic friendship and peace meet. May all the official deals signed signal for a...wait...wrong post. May all the friendship built be lasting forever and hopefully all the guy's would ensure the safety of our finest blogger on a mission away. It is also noted, that through a press statement by her fan club, the entire people of this land of Parameswara and all the past kings will be saddened for the time's she's not posting. That would be long indeed and we shall sorely miss her.
Tenga vacaciones felices Visi!
Porqué son mis títulos del poste en español
Actually, I started posting with Spanish post titles coz I was trying to lay low from the office. Yes, you dont want them googling and finding out and killing the 'new guy' izzit... An apart from that, Spanish is a beautiful language, and also I love all those Spanish soaps. They're by far a thousand times betterTamil tamil serials. So there you go, that's my reason. Have a Happy Weekend!
(Jere means boss, Jere Grande means big boss, Jere de la senora means lady boss and for all the other words, get the translations from; [BabbleBabel])
Tenga un fin de semana maravilloso

Wednesday, March 29


sages whisper sometimes,
so does the wind on high mountains,
when the leaf hears them both,
it falls asleep in tranquil,
both knowing everything and
remembering nothing
[-] Susurro means Whisper in Spanish
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'Rafa'lution, parte una.

Rafa believes..."Luck is in love with hard work. Fortune as a residue of design, or a dividend of sweat."

[-] Apparently it's a Spanish proverb. Read his full interview here;[RafaRules]

[-] Another quote taken from the same interview;
'Vous appartenez au monde que j'aime.' You belong to the world I love'

[-] 'Rafa'lution will be a new series on Liverpool Football Club, the coach, the KOP and the scouse.

Tuesday, March 28

Avión de papel

[-] When you're a small kid, probably your grampa made a paper aeroplane and introduced you to the exciting world of flying 'things'.

[-] When you're in primary school, teacher shows you a picture of an aeroplane and tells you that the wings of the plane enables it to fly.

[-] In lower-secondary, you learn that there are forces lifting the plane upwards and enables it to fly. You are introduces to the shape of the plane and the forces.

[-] In upper-secondary, the forces acting on the wings are explained further. Bernoulli's principle coupled with the conservation of momentum results in the plane to fly. The aerofoil shape of the wing is also important to enable the difference in pressure on the wings to lift the plane. Other basic aerodynamic components of the wing and tail wing such as the flap and rudder are introduced.

[-] In the university, the forces acting on the wings suddenly becomes more complex and mind-bending. By the time you finish your degree, masters or PhD, you would have learned about the real Bernoulli's equations, Navier-Stokes equations, flight dynamics, nose-cone designs, reverse wings, elevators and ailerons, wake turbulence, wing-tip vortices, subsonic and supersonic flights, micro-cracks, engine types and propulsion, basic avionics, carbon fibers, aluminum alloys etc.
[-] When finally you end up being an engineer or a flight architect, designer, tester, commissioner, assembler or pilot, you would 'feel' the real aircraft. There are hundreds of thousands of parts in an aeroplane ranging from the tires, to the wings, cockpit fixtures, avionics, landing gears and struts, nose cone radar, cargo compartment, the different types of engine, fuselage etc. I read somewhere there are more than a million parts in an A380.
Now, I'm stuck trying to explain to the upper-secondary students about airplane lift and the physics of aiplanes. It's disturbing how the learning trend of today's education system doesn't follow a certain flow in describing the applications of what they learn as theory. Notice the massive jump from upper-secondary to the university level and the unthinkable reality waiting when you turn into a real engineer. Well, atleast we can work out the connection between university and real work, but the basics you learn in school doesn't prepare you for university. I was left wondering initial when the senior inspector keep on returning the s*toryboards. Now I understand why, the students have no basics to understand what a lift is or a forward thrust is because simply there is no exposure for developing country students to seek out a broader understanding of the things they see in everyday life. Leave out the students in the city who can probably wiki it out, but how do you teach students from the rural areas about wing flaps and rudders? They don't even have basic knowledge of the basic parts of a plane.
While the education system doesn't discriminate rural students, the general world trend and information flow doesn't favor them either. And along with this half-baked understanding of almost everything, they venture to the universities to learn about micro vortices on the leading wing edge and turbulence. You get the picture. I guess by the time this c*ourseware I work on reaches the hundreds of thousands of students, they would probably be bored by the first trial runs.
What exactly the students need in developing countries are Discovery/ NatGeo type documentaries that should create massive interest in them and when they finally hit the books they would be eager to learn more. Then only we can insert more and more complex theories into the young minds, so that by the time they enroll to specific courses in the universities, they would grasp the idea fully. Or in a totally different approach, let's introduce hands on applications first, show them how a plane flies, create models and computer animations and then gradually teach them the theories. From my own experience and observation, I believe the approach using pedagogy to teach science and technology is obsolete and cripples the evolving mind.
If we're working to understand the minds of students from a decade ago, we could have said that textbooks are sufficient. And whatever extra learning material that were given/ donated to the school is enough to satisfy the student. But how do we deal with that one girl who wants to fly a plane, or that one boy who wants to build a plane bigger than an A380? Realistically speaking, we are not looking forward to change a generation to become pilots and engineers, but we must conduct something revolutionary because students are evolving. The influx of mass media in all the form, and the Internet alone makes the textbook introduced yesterday become archaic in no time. Proven that media alone can influence the minds of the students, the we must do everything to change the materials from teaching to evaluation to be based on multi-media alone. Learning from the research done by the MIT-MediaLab for an instance, could open our eyes to introduce more new approaches and materials.
All said, and some done, the future of education, especially science and technology should be driven by the people who wants to see the children stick in schools learning something that they can applicate in their future. The decisions should no preside solely in the hands of few who thinks they have the ways to change the system. And knowing that the system doesn't work, we the youth of this generation must take the initiative to change it. We must come up with ways that would improve the quality of education, the material and the application in general by any way necessary. What we have is a domain that has the power to influence. What we need now is a way to execute those powers, or changes and then gauge the system to detect the improvement it makes and further changes it needs.
What the future 'wants' is a kid who asks how a paper aeroplane flies, and then proceeds to make one of his own. Not a student who flips to the next page in a few minutes and learns something new without first understanding the current lesson.
"I found one day in school a boy of medium size ill-treating a smaller boy. I expostulated, but he replied: 'The bigs hit me, so I hit the babies; that's fair.' In these words he epitomized the history of the human race." -Bertrand Russell
"Liberty without learning is always in peril; learning without liberty is always in vain." -John F. Kennedy
[-] Avion de papel means paper aeroplane in Spanish. The asterix in certain words is to protect this blog and my identity to not link it with my work.

Monday, March 27

Cubo de Basura


[1] I don't think I'll get a dustbin after all, since there is no allocation for a new dustbin! What the...!

[2] I think there will be a bunch of interns coming next week, when I will relinquish my 'New Guy' status.

[3] Somehow, my migrain wanted to test me during work, so I had to go back early last Friday...Does anyone have a good remedy to fend of migrains? Something that should work all the time.

[4] I found out that, when you work, due to some quantum-thermodynamic-wormholic-superstring-entropy-blackhole phenomenon, WEEKENDS don't exist! This can be calculated using the equation; WEEKEND = q.t.wh.St.e.poof/time, the result of the calculation is = HA HA You're A Loser and must be stated with the appropriate SI unit of NmWatt.

[5] What would you recommend for breakfast that should carry you until evening without falling asleep or loosing your mind. No nasi lemak, roti canai or thosai. Please.

[6] Had one of those movie star dreams again...sigh...This time Prashant was pumping petrol at my hometown. Sad sad. And I went to ask for his autograph. I don't even watch his movies! He's such a lousy actor! Why why why waste my dream time...

[7] For the closing ceremony of the Melbourne Commonwealth games, India was given a slot to showcase their culture as a prelude to the 2010 games which is to be held in New Delhi. And I found out that Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherje, Saif Ali Khan and Priyanka Chopra stands foremost as India's cultural rep's to the world. What happened to the classical arts of Bharata Natyam and such? And what makes them think Aishwarya Rai potrays India better than the rest of the billion citizens? Why cant the organizing committee of the 2010 games differentiate popular culture and real culture? Watching that 15 minutes reminded me of the farce of the Malaysian Commonwealth games where none of the other cultures of the country i.e. Indian, Chinese, etc were given prominence, or even a mention. Someone needs to remind India that it's a sporting event and NOT a Bollywood party.
[8] I've converted. Yes. No more petrol from Petronas. Those buggers leech away billions from our oil revenue and we still have to pay high petrol prizes while being an oil producing country. Buggers. From yesterday onwards I'm using Caltex Techron to fuel my bike. And they have better staff at their Star Mart stations who actually say thank you every time. And, and...they even have a Maggi Mash Potato vending machine at their station! Never knew those existed, and it actually tastes good. Do try it.

Hope to get the answers for the migrain and breakfast questions by tomorrow. Thank you.

* Didn't know the Spanish had such a long name for dustbin = Cubo de Basura

Friday, March 24

A House for Mr. Ghost; Part 8: Foucault's Pendulum

...and the pendulum swings back and forth, offering solutions and strangely in the next moment more problems.

I went back to my lab today, to pick up a few things and possibly drop by at the library. It's been two weeks since I last went to my faculty, I've had longer breaks, but strangely this time the feeling was different. I felt like an outsider, disconnected with the institution that I felt was my second home. Even though I hated the administration and the pathetic attitude of the academician there, this place remained my one true link to the scientific world. Not even the Nobel posters plastered on the walls of the quarter century building greeted me, with their usual cheerful silent voices, not even the occasional student seem to bother me, not even the lab itself.

Of decisions and the general human culture, we are born to face choices, and make decisions. But again, science is about possibilities of what can and might happen. Why is that while science is not about decisions, human life, so much inseparable of science is made to face complex choices? So strange it seems that some fortunate soul somewhere who does not merit the role they're in today get all they want and somewhere in a far distant country, someone sweeps his dreams under the rug. Who drops this opportunities along the road without thinking once that it should go to the most passionate so that it can be developed rather than letting it slip into the hands of the commercial opportunist who aspires of taxes on humanity.

I don't know what carried me this far in life, in science that is, but I know the small moments which kept me on course all the time. So when I got the job, I thought for better or worst, this is only a temporary setback, something to learn about as many of my fellow bloggers assured me off. But as strange is the world, stranger is the mechanics of it. In one hand, there is money, ready, at the end of the month, in the other end, or hand, there is passions and dreams all mingled together. You cant balance both your love for something and your job which feeds you. And coming to this point, not forgetting the celebrated culture, there were opportunities that we let go because we were too naive to make the correct decisions.

The pendulum swing, mirrors the swing of life. Probably everyone have read how the greatest scientists and scholars went through a hard life growing up. From the Nazi ghettos to the vile dictatorship of 3rd world countries, many have risen out of the ashes of tragedy to claim their position in history as the greatest. Many have build the world as it is today, made it simpler and efficient, something we can do in a few seconds to a few minutes, which took them their lifetimes to achieve. When we read about them, or in many cases retrace their paths, there is an initial inspiration that you want to reconnect the lines, complete the circle, but after a few years you feel burned out and suddenly watch the circle being completed from the sidelines. You lost the road, you're forgotten and of you remain of nothing but the faint traces of entropy forever written in the atoms of the universe but too insignificant to be traced back. That is how it feels not to achieve what you want, but to follow the political aspirations that we should have discarded long ago. Money managed to stop the pendulum, but surely the world is still orbiting, spinning.

Foucaults pendulum is an experiment, devised to trace the rotation of the earth. Is set in a friction free environment, the pendulum will forever swing. Foucault's Pendulum is also an amazing book by Umberto Eco.

And when I left my lab today, knowing that I wont be back for a few months considering my work schedules, I left the lights on. Hopefully tomorrow morning someone would switch it off and start figuring who would have left it on. And hopefully then they would remember me, and this strange world of science would make me feel at home again.

[-] Thus end's another scribbling in the A House for MrGhost Series.
[+] I leave you with a poem that I absolutely loved written by my buddy Anthony;[ForTheQuietOnes]

Nuevo Individuo

I have two questions;

[1] When will the new guy at work stops being the new guy?

[2] When will I get my own dustbin?

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Thursday, March 23


We fear no human, we fear no mountain, no fire, no water, no stone, no space, no sky.
Who do we fear Black Man, who do we fear?
We fear God, we fear Devil, we fear fear itself.

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The Telegram Tag

Ok, you know what, there is no way you can sustain a blog by writing something cool, some heartwarming story all the time. Hence there exist tags. Now tags brings out the creativity in people. And even if you don't like it, you can just read and learn a lot from it. And so so so again I come out with this brand new tag which is called the telegram tag. I don't know whether it has been done before or not but here goes;

All you have to do is come up with short and funny telegram messages.

Need.Life.Stop.I'm.26.Still.Single.Stop ---> Get the idea? Short, simple and funny. (not that im implying this is funny...)

Here's a few more;


...ok it was funny when I thought of it, now suddenly it fizzles out...but you're welcome to try if you want.
[-] I have another post below.

Tierra del la del la

Oh man...The coffee didn't work....I'm doomed...It's only 10 am!

[+] "Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?" "The same thing we do every night, Pinky: Watch Tamil serials...!"

Looking at the 'things' that they air in the Tamil channels nowadays, I think the end of the world is near.

[+] Pinky and the Brain was/ is one of my favorite cartoons on TV. Initially it aired together with the Animanics segment created by Spielberg and then had its own standalone series. A DVD compilation will be available in a few months. Celebrate!

Wednesday, March 22


...on this crossroads we were born, we met, we laughed, we cried, we loved, we slept, we died,
on this crossroads many fall, many kill, many love, many cry, many die and think they go away forever,
only to wake up and live a tomorrow...

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Odio los taxis

[-] Oh My God I'm early to work today! Nu ma nu ma oooo, nu ma nu ma's a cool song...get it from Nayan's post.

[-] A message to everyone who uses the commuter train from S*eremban to KL Sentral from 7 am to 7.30 am every morning. My huge pimple has finally exploded. Thanks for your friendly stare for the past week.

[-] The post title is in Spanish as with my previous post. Find the translation at;[BabelBabble]. Do tell me if it turns out funny.

"Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone."-Anthony Burgess

Monday, March 20

Soy Triste even imagine I'm still in office, to even think that I've wasted a good 50 USD for the past week on metro since I cant figure out how to get to job properly, to even say that I hate the job because of all the lazy buggers here, to not being able to cry when I'm sad...

...So don't cha worry about
people hanging around
they ain't bringing us down
I know you, and you know me
and that's all that counts
So don't cha worry about
people hanging around
they ain't bringing us down
I know you, and you know me
and that's why, that's why I say.
- chorus from the song stick wit u by PussyCatDolls.

...and being so damn lonely going through all this...

Ponnarasi Tagged this miserable, tired, barely alive soul...

Movies I would watch over and over again:

Millenium Actress (Japanese Anime)

TV shows I love to watch:

Frasier (incidently, in yesterdays rerun episode, Bill Gates made a guest appearence)
King of Queens
Outer Limits
Thansformers (Cartoon)

My favourite foods :

Rice + 'Kirre'-Vegetable Curry + fried anchovies or fried fish or appalams.
Karuvatu Curry
Anything now actully since I havent eaten for 20 hours...

My Greatest victories :

When I finnaly realised I'm NOT in charge of my life anymore. It took me 26 years to find this out, and I'm so sad now. So damn sad.

Things that I hate:

The nagging sound from the dripping water pipe, my housemate, the morning metro, the evening metro, money, smoking people, my migrain and my mortal enemies and and my depression episodes.

Great Personalities I would like to dine with:

God if he exists to ask why the heck he created everyone and made them miserable, made them die, made them cry, made them suffer.
Einstein for defining my life, I would buy him a ZInger Burger from KFC.
Stephen BAxter for reinventing my interest in Science Fiction
You, every one of you...for being my blog buddies...

Things I dream often:

You dont want to know, I bet you'll cry and laugh and get depressed. There's so many that I wanted to start a post series on it.

I would like to tag

Anyone who wants to do this.

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Friday, March 17

MrGhost goes to Work, Part 1;'éí 'aaníígÓÓ 'áhoot'é'

Okay, I planned to write something long, but I'm too tired to even think, so my grampa Albert Einstein wants to say something;

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstein

[-] Somehow now I'm part of the commuter culture, The Domino's-office pizza party culture, the mineral water bottle culture, the cab culture (buggers I hate them!...10 bucks for a 10 km ride!!!), the wear you sweater in the office culture, the computer/ office big butt culture, the wake up at 5.30 am culture, the miss you lunch coz no one calls you for lunch culture, the go back at 2 am culture come back at 8 am culture, the feel like wanna wack the lazy buggers in the office culture, the 'can you plz gimme a ride' culture, the plan you salary usage a few weeks before actually getting it culture - (predominantly Indian originated culture), the always have to go to the loo coz of the over cold aircond culture, the cannot blog about work culture, the beautiful Indian girls at the metro hub which you wont ever get culture, the don't read newspaper don't watch TV for days culture, the don't know what to wear in the morning culture, the, the laptop culture, the hate fairwell parties coz I dont anyone of them culture, the smelly socks because of the moisture filled air culture, the stuck in the rain culture, the standing in the train during rush hour culture, the coming late to office coz the damn metro is late culture...

[-] I like the job, not love it, like it. Thanx for all the wishes! I miss you all! Nayan, Satu, Ponnarasi, Marutahm, Karthik, Visi, Slim-bro, Blob, Senthil, Still, stay cool people!

[-] Fred sent me this msg a few days before I started work, 'Listen to me today, listen to me tomorrow, be cool, don't be a hero' true so true

[-] There is one thing that make's the experience of riding the metro back home memorable; the collective sweat smell of a few hundred people...PRICELESSSSS!

[+] Today is St.Patricks day! Wohoooooo...I always wanted to drink green beer, but never had the chance. dang. So the Irish are the happiest lot in the world? I bet Finnegens in Bangsar would be packed today. Google has a beautiful St.Patrick's day holiday logo.

[+] 'éí 'aaníígÓÓ 'áhoot'é' is Anasazi meaning 'The Truth is Out There'. Mj called me from Turkmen'stein' yesterday and funny somehow it reminded me of X-Files. (it's pronounounced as 'El Aningo Ahoote').

Sunday, March 12

History of Biscuits

I got a very long email from a buddy saying I'm dropping hints of depression in my blog, depression in me that is. Well as Nayan said in his comments, depression technically should only be a phase but for someone whose been suffering from it for 10 years, I think it's very well defined as a disease. No one actually knows where it comes from, let alone know a good cure for it. It has no cure, it causes physical damage to the brain and worst still, the only shortcut out of it would be suicide. Imagining that every other road leeds to more dead ends, complex problems, many serious suffers from depression take that one easy route out of misery. I wont rant futher on the technicality of depression, you can read it here;[DepressedWiki].

So what is it about Gp and depression. For once, I think I know where it came from. It's my inability to conquer my fears, of almost everything. Maybe it started when I was bullied during my schooling days, or it could be because I just simply liked to be alone. It's hard to be the lone guy who on the pretext of observing the universe, fails to communicate with the rest of the world. Growing up in a village also brought much more wonder to the senses, the surrounding and all, than those bland days playing with friends, who you're pretty sure wont be there in a few years. It's all in the assumptions of something happening regarding you but in reality most of the time, the universe is just going on by it's own business. After a few years, when I was in upper secondary, or pre-u, I had different kinds of struggles to wade through. The studies were very stressing, the failure to realize the true potential and jumping into things that I could not actually face. Failing grades, friends and all other elements leaves a lasting impression that simply wont go away no matter how hard you try. After all this, I thought I might have grown immune to this mystery called depression simply because I went through it everyday.

After a period of a year or so, which I thought would have liberated me from the mind bending disease, I started to grow schizophrenic. Yes, fearing of something that's not there. Initially it was only in my room, or when I'm walking to my classes in the university or in short confined to small spaces and time. But then I started to discover patterns that often ended of started with really painfully migrain attacks coupled with flu and depression thrown in. And worst still after a year or two, the real stuff started to kick in. By that time I already know when I'm going to get depressed and when I need to be alone so that I wont be scared of intimidated by the other person and such. So if any of my friends read this you could now rethink the times when I was being a real pain the ass that I was just doing the whole world a service by not jumping from the tallest building or something by confining myself in my room. It was something that would continue to bug me, and make me loose friends, and discover that I can perform ultra-creatively in anything I like to do. So creative streaks, migrains and depression became part of my life.

One thing about depression and advice from friends is that, it wont ever work. Simple as that. There is no absolute cure for depression. No prozac nation here my friends. Depressed people just need time out, and pray that their own shadows wont eat them. And then inbetween all this are things called studies, work, presentations, meetings and all. For serious sufferers, this would be the ultimate challenge. Something like trying to win the last level of a videogame that has no ending. You can imagine if you try. There will be sleepless nights, sudden fevers, panic attacks and sometimes very bad chest pains that makes you think you're having heart attacks. So much for the history of my depression, here comes something serious.

I was or shall I say managed to get a job as an editor in this big company and would be starting tomorrow. This is a great thing since I'm stuck in my university doing something that I wished would have turned different but never did. So much hope and work and in the end (this is my last semester), all those promises of doing PhD in some foreign university, or a research job did not materialize. This is especially painfully since I'm dead set in wanting to become a scientist, and astronomer and an astrophysicist (all thrown in). Studying cosmology perfectly compensated being depressed because I can do it alone or with minimal contact with the outside world.

(Internet, emails and blogs gives me a chance to use my alter ego or handle, hence Ghost Particle. While still rooted to science, I was able to reach more people since I don't have to meet them face to face and also help or get help easily. It also helped me get the feedback I wanted that I was not able to muster out in this sick lame place I'm studying.)

Sorry to say, that for the years I've spend in this great institution that gave birth to many scientists, have well managed science labs and one of the biggest libraries in south east Asia, I was unable to tap into the real meaning of science. If you read the book "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson, you would get a picture of the real world of science. The real scientist, the researchers, the lab assistants would have made a discovery that will ultimate be leeched away by the head professor of some other big head who will steal the credit. Imagine having slugged in your prime years to no positive outcome and watching the world go by, your friends working and your parents worrying.

It's a sad thing that I have to leave all this behind, and also pray that in the three months I have to finish my thesis I will finish it and have enough money to pay off the external examiner. It's a though life for a scientist here. I feel extremely stupid of passing the opportunity to become a teacher a few years back, and felt even stupider when the interviewer fo the job I was trying last year screw me for something I did not do. That's for another story. Like Fidel Castro said, and now I feel like repeating, history would absolve me. In desperation, and also out of respect for the person who recommended me for this job, of who I still could not find out, I took the job, did not negotiate the pay and will step into the office environment that I last went through 5 years back. And linking all this to my depression episodes, I'm freaked out of the silly possibilities that would arise. There is no place from writer's blocks or any else. I have to be ready and have to be alert. I have to sleep early, wake up early, get trashed in the commuter or the metro to get to my job. I have to suck up, attend meetings, work long hours. This is not a complain, but this is a reality I must face. Visy was right when she said go with the flow. Go with the flow and you can never go wrong. After all I have been drifting all this years anyway.

If there is one person I would want to thank first for this opportunity, and bringing out the real me that I never thought I would, it would be Fred. And suprisingly he called me yesterdayto wish me good luck. I have been a translator for a long time and through him had a chance that actually let me earn a living (however small it is) and also let me secure this job. So life is never an entanglement mystery that cant be explained, life is not physics. When everyone made life a mess, then it's physics.

So will I ever come back to science or physics or whatever I love to do? I will know it tomorrow. For once, I'm happy that I would not have to watch TV. Something that ate away the time and energy that I have, TV makes us lazy. So this is not a goodbye to the blog world, just that I will be back soon, if I get the chance to use the net. Maybe good things will come out of this, great thing, but for any great thing to come out, history has an answer, and it's called MONEY. So I have to earn something to realize my dreams. Sorry if I could not reply your messages, Marutham was angry in her comments, I will be back, give me some time, let me pull myself together and pray for me that I will do well at the new place. Love all.


* As you might have expected, the post title has nothing to do with the post issue.
* Be happy also because Visi will be back soon from her holidays, so you will have all things human and warm to read.
* Try going through my blogroll, you'll find many more intereting bloggers from around the world.
* In 7 hours more where ever you are, it will be exactly 16000 days to the year 2050!

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And she moves out...

Sanjana has left the building, well she moved out.
She tried to explain, but it was too late. Sad sad day, hope she's happy at her new place. Wonder if she'll remember all of us in a few years. Kids this young seldom remember all the people they meet unless you're really attached to them. Bye bye Sanjana, we will miss you.

Thursday, March 9

North Season, II

I don't have the power to see through your heart,
never had the reason to move beyond this line,
lost my dignity one day a lifetime ago,
no direction exists in this road I'm on,
life is a macabre of death and being born dead,
voices mute to the pain in the chest,
some naked image of a soul living in pain,
I cried for years not to relive this life,
this is not a story of love lost and found,
deep dark visions cloud my mind,
insanity in this land of white and red,
no hands my friend, no hands to help us,
they don't understand the demon and angels here,
fire upon fire burning the green forest into oblivion,
in a far land I see corpses under a willow,
death is not far, it lives in us,
those clouds you call God floats ignoring,
people around me rushing through unknowing,
inside the mind lies a freedom locked,
so blind were our minds that when we bleed we forget,
lost are we in this search for truth,
dare you touch my eyes when it's blind in anger,
the devil he stands beside me as a friend,
God ahead of me as a punisher,
where are you my true friend, you don't exist,
gather around lost children, don't run,
I stand here on the shores of eternity,
there is not cure for this pain inside,
for even the road to heaven does not exist,
walk into those deep waters that don't reflect moonshine,
freedom is a word with no roots no soul,
you would never understand me my friend,
I'm lost in reality and in life.


* something from the mind of a manic depressed drifter. I do understand.
* The first Season, North.

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Wednesday, March 8

Women's Day

Tagged by Ponnarasi

About: All Women

Two things I like in her:
1. Being the giver of life
2. Their amazing character

Two things I dislike in her:
1. Being helpless when she needs help the most.
2. Forgiving the evil men do.

Two dishes I love her preparing:
1. The ones she cooks with love and passion everyday
2. The ones she cooks for a hungry child

Tuesday, March 7

Golden Dreams

The 78th annual Oscars ended with a few surprises but I thought this is the most brilliantly original Oscars ever, devoid for much of the show of the usual politics.

The show opened with the usual comedic moments and they even got David Letterman in the intro production. John Stewart was probably overwhelmed by the capacity of the whole thing evident from the initial moments of 'comedians brain block'. I would have loved to see Chris Rock back, but then the Academy decides they need a new paradigm for the whole show. I still don't get the Jew jokes JS made but in all he carried the show smoothly scripted. Also new would be the 'lobbying' montages that was very candid. It's a known fact that heavy lobbying goes on in the background of the voting process. Sadly though, the presenters were not funny, save maybe for Ben Stiller over the top antics in his green suit. Where is Robin Williams when you need him...!

Looking back at the winners, George Clooney made everyone happy with his win. I wanted him to win in the other categories, but then Ang Lee stood in his way, its hard when you're supporting too many nominees. Ang Lee's win is a tad bit more important in the industry and Clooney has many more years in him. Rachel Weisz capped the predicted winner tally in the supporting actress category. So far the show went on rather scripted and you had to love Clooneys acceptance speech. Click on his name to read it.
Wallace and Gromit won the best animated feature film category and deservedly so. They have been in the industry for years now. The Hayao Miyazaki feature "Howls Moving Castle" is an amazing piece from the animation genius, and everyone would remember his 'Spirited Away' anime won the 2002 Oscars. It's good to see that non-American art in the form of animation, claymation and CG getting the nods at the Oscars away from the very mainstream American animations from Disney and such.
The winners in the acting category did not surprise much, Reese Witherspoon for her splendid acting in Walking the Line, but Joaquin Phoenix did loose to Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote. Hoffman carried the role spiritedly and stayed true to the character he played much attributed to his seniority in the industry while probably the voters decided Joaquin would have to wait for a few more years. Do also wait for Hoffman in MI-3 where he acts as a villain.
Among the few surprises, would be the winners of the original song won by Three 6 Mafia for the movie Hustle and Flow, while Terrence Howard missed the best actor glory for the same movie. It would have been amazing to see him win, he gave a good performance.
Other awards namely in the technical fields such as special effects, sound, score, editing and mixing went to the usual suspects of the year such as King Kong and Memoirs of the Geisha. Read the whole winners list here;[Oscars78]. The Oscars for the science and engineering aspects of movie making was presented in a separate ceremony;[OscarsSciEng]. I'm hopping to write a separate post on short movies and short documentaries as well as documentary feature some other time. These categories are amazing and celebrates the creative geniuses that would go on to inspire other movie makers. March of the Penguins won the best documentary awards as expected and I think everyone should watch the movie to understand the true message of the show.
Probably the best news of the night, and what 'should' have been the clear indicator for the best movie award was Ang Lee's win in the direction category. Here you have an amazing filmmaker that rivals even the bests of the likes of Spielberg, and was just known to the western world through his martial arts flick Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Probably this shows the lack of knowledge plaguing the western movie industry on Asian film makers. We have been watching martial arts flicks for ages now until Tarantione 'discovered' the magic and brought it to Hollywood. Akira Kurosawa was the inspiration behind movies like Star Wars and also Japanese Anime's served as the background for movies like Matrix. We in Asia have an original movie making industry and also serve a wider aundience than Hollywood, but still, the usual stereotyping pushes these geniuses to the back of the line most of the time. I was truly saddened when M.Night Shyamalan lost the best director category for the Sixth Sense for simply being an Asian, but the likes of Ang Lee getting the award, apart for his true genius, for political reasons against China. It was reported that China actually censored his acceptance speech for mentioning Taiwan, but in the end Ang Lee understood more of the influence and also the importance of the industry in forging unity when he closed his speech in Chinese.
Crash won the best picture nod, because America don't like the idea of cowboys being gay. I was a bit apprehensive when Ang Lee asked us to look beyond the gay issue and into the love message that the movie portrayed, but then doesn't the love of a brother to his brother is also true love sans the gay-ism. While the gay topic continues to get mainstream mention in many areas of the media, in my personal opinion, it is better to be controlled as not to get the younger generation hooked on something that's not scientifically proven, but is just a popular culture. Crash also won because, since they cant give it to Brokeback, they don't have much of a choice among the other movies. Giving it to Munich would have sparked critics bashing the politically inclined older voters of the academy, thought I suspect the lobbying would have been intense for this movie. Even though Munich was in the list for obvious reason, I was happy for the first time Spielberg did not win it. Capote stood a good chance as did too Good Night and Good Luck, but they were mere contemporaries among the issues that Crash or Brokeback addressed. It's also interesting and sad to notice that racial issues still mar the 'new' America in the affluent neighborhoods of Los Angeles but then again where else it doesn't.
In the end, it was a good show, extra marks for the production of the stage which was nostalgic, bringing back the noir of the industry as well as glamour. Couldn't stop admiring the curved visual display above the stage and also the giant columns on the stage. John Stewart might not come back next year if the academy decides that fresher talents are needed to usher in what probably would be more quality nominations like the ones we've seen this year. Maybe they would bring back the old favourites like Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg. I reason the whole concept of the show would be better if more significance is given to new talents and also non-American movie makers.

P/s: Do visit the blog of Sam Bowker, who just ended his Grand tour through Europe and Asia and wrote it all down in true traveller style;[Sams Grand Tour]

Monday, March 6

As it is...

Now, how cool is this! He deserves every moment of it. Congratulations to Ang Lee for being the first Asian to win the best director Oscar. May he lead the way for many more Asian film makers.

Thursday, March 2

Radio City Raiders

The summer of 69 wouldn’t have sounded better if it were the summer of 79. He would have liked it that way though, but then that summer; the song was number one across the country. Manu came first, as usual. Almost the same time everyday for the past 5 years, and sat almost at the same place for as long it has been. Almost distinctive considering he doesn’t like being routine for almost anything. Rafa walked in as the song ended, but he knew Jacob would crank up the old jukebox in a few minutes just for the heck of it. Just to hear the number one song for one more time. Dalian came in with a huge smile on his face. It was Wednesday, and everyone knows what Wednesdays are for. That one day every week they would ride to the outskirts of the city to catch the Night Birds on their amazing night routines. The best damn air show pilots in the west. They’re that much good for almost forever. Yes, that much.

The old radio is nearly bald of every feature. The dials are devoid of groves and the plastic panel in front is blurred to some sort of yellowish white candy like transparent color. But it played the old classics as good as new. And at 5 pm everyday, the snazziest DJ in the city will play all the new songs. Jacob liked old pop songs. The classic music almost magical as he recalls his past, as he recalls his childhood drowned in Sinatra. But he liked Tim and his gang of pretenders too. And they would listen to Bryan Adams almost all the time. Dalian and Rafa drank Bud like there’s no tomorrow. But Tim reminded them to hold the packs for they’ll end up seeing fireflies instead of Tomcats. Manu is strangely a coffee man. Maybe it stuck to him as he’s a long hauler. But almost all his life he’s been around his beer guzzling buddies and he haven’t picked up a can at all. Maybe it’s his visions of his grandfather reminding him subconsciously. His grandpa was an Apache in the aged desserts of Arizona.

Jacobs Moonlight Diner was opened back in the 60’s. Jacob was eighteen then and his diner closes before midnight. So much for the name, but no trucker would give a damn of any name in the middle of nowhere. This wasn’t much of an inheritance as his old man died in Korea servicing some misadventure with the traveling soldiers. So he was left nursing his wounds in some North Korean ‘correction’ camp while his wife walked out the back door from the old town half a world away. Jacob was left with his brothers and a sister and his ‘dead’ dad’s 300 bucks pension. His dad passed away for real about ten years later still lost and not much of a remorse for Jacob as he slugged to raise his own troop in an uncertain world. Elvis and The Beatles continued to dance the world as the Jackson 5 are practicing their baby walks. Jacobs Moonlight Diner was born on a torrential Saturday with a ten year old girl cashier. It was an American dream like none other.

Rafa continued to preach his now biblical version of the Night Birds Air Stunt fliers. The six odd F-14 Tomcats painting the skies of air shows from Nevada to Ukraine like war pigeons on their messenger sorties. They were that good that the president had them perform for his kids’ birthdays. Dalian started to worry of tomorrow as Tim pushed another can to Manu. Days end almost as fast as they come and these old raiders of the northwest aren’t getting any younger. So they made a pact under the Nevada moon not too long ago no to get married to any sweet talking candy girl for almost all of eternity, but then it was not any eternity they wanted to be because everyone around them are hitched to everyone else the know. So what.

The sight of the river running through Hoover's Dam rekindled memories worth telling in the drunken minds of Rafa and Dalian. Rafa crossed the border from Mexico decades back with his papi and mami, crossing the death river under the moonlight as the border patrol went quarterback chasing a few hundred eager Mexicans. No regret, it was the free world. Dalian is one of the famous boat people. None of the new kids knew what boat people really are. He was a year old kid when his family floated away into destiny’s hand under a century storm and landed smack in a refugee camp in the middle of nowhere. Tim’s dad was a government officer who saved this kid to school and college where he would smoke weed and dance with hippies almost a generation too late. The coincidence ends here, almost.

In the 80’s like in any other decade of this crazy century, stories become almost folklores in the great highways of America. Manu crashed his 18 wheeler into the drunken ass of the Chevy Tim was driving. God came in the form of a Bud loving county Sheriff who let them go with a hiccup and a free tow to Las Vegas. There they found religion. Manu loved classic music and read old American literature. Dalian studied literature at Nevada U in Reno and Tim studied both of them in his legendary northwest jokes. Rafa worked in a second hand book shop selling almost anything and after hours selling lives to Latinos who found the new world a bit too late to know there is no free world. You don’t ask life stories to this kind of people but they ended up being friends for the sake of sharing a few cans and the whole year it took to pay for Manu’s hauler.

The thought of four mismatch friends is genuinely interesting to Jacob and he was the fifth dude who organizes occasional desert BBQ’s on a lazy Sunday out in the rattle snake dens of Sierra Nevada. They went to the movies watching rotten sci-fi flicks reminding them the world is much more worst out there. Tim was a die hard fan of the Red Soxs, and he will spend the rest of his life explaining why they are called the world champions when only America plays. Stories like that interest anyone.

By 1985, Jacobs diner was bustling and was one of the hundreds opened along Interstate 15. Truckers from all the coasts and dust states stopped there to get bacons and overnight girls. Devil had a discount booth up along the freeways of the free world. His brothers are all in the army, and his sister still drops by every thanksgiving. This year Manu took them to the Indian reserves near Los Alamos where they discovered Anasazis made better pottery that some hack in New York’s fine art district. Apache was a real warrior and Rafa lost his culture when he walked north. Dalian cried silent tears for the country he would never see again, not that Vietnam was far away, but the Saigon of 85 was in ruins. Tim was quiet all the while, wondering whether to apologize for his ancestors collective sins, but that’s what the world is. Almost devoid of compassion for historical contemporaries like the ruined walls of the ancient settlement, and he knew no chief sitting bull is going to blame him for white mans deed’s or for not gambling in Atlantic city. Las Vegas, Nevada and Bryan Adams ruffled few emotions in him unlike the red dust floating into his heart now warm and sullen. So they were friends whom destiny never imagines would ever be.

The hills overlooking the air force base out in the dessert were like ice creams lumps on a banana split. Bald and scattered with Joshua tree’s substituting for spectators on this warm evening. The Night Bird’s flew for hours during the Wednesdays as a special tribute to their crashed counterpart a few years back. The grid’s of melancholic light on the runway is not enough to illuminate the birds but the Tomcats had special lights on them outlining their wings, which after a few cold Coronas looks like lights on rides in small town funfairs. They had to remind Tim every 10 minutes he’s too old to become a pilot while Jacob tries hard to tune in Nevada FM under the skies of Sagittarius. Far away under the southern mountain range, the twinkling lights of Las Vegas struck a smile on Dalian’s face while Rafa cracked bonfire jokes. The stars seem to be applauding them, these raiders who made no mark for anyone but themselves. They’re just small town guys running away from century old stigma and the summer of 85 was suddenly the summer of 69. Under the motionless sky and dancing Tomcats, catching warm breezes in their baseball caps and cowboy hats, they were dreamers from the radio city raiding imaginations thousands of miles away. They were that good. And they sang over the sparkling wood fire...
'I got my first real six-string
Bought it at the five-and-dime
Played 'til my fingers bled
It was summer of '69...'

© Ghost Particle, 06.
(creative commons license)

[-] This is what you get if you have an hour to write everything that runs in your crazy mind. Pardon the geography because I’ve almost certainly had not been to the states, but the characters could be real. If you like this story please do leave some comments, it would help me write more.
[+] Maran came back from India with amazing shots of the people and culture;[UmaiPadam] head there and be amazed!

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Wednesday, March 1

You had a bad day...

Ever had one of those days where everything go wrong? U feel like killing someone? feel like drinking all the coke in the world and get sick?
First of all, none of the ATM machines around my time zone worked...damn don't know why and there were a bunch of people before me who wanted to blow up the dumb thing. I don't know how on earth we got so dependent on this machines, its screwing us up.
And then the f$^(*&-up maxis ate my credits for no obvious f#*^%^#-ing reason. There only three telcos in this darn country and hell none of it is good. its a mystery on how Aircel would even allow Maxis to buy into them, don't they do market research or sumthing? If any Aircel dude is reading this, please, you just made the biggest mistake of your collective lives!
So you go around wondering what to do with you miserable life when it starts to rain and you get all wet and then you had to stop at all traffic lights. now that's bad. worst if your underwear gets wet...sigh...
And...AND...when you come back home, all hiked up, angry and all mixed together, you have the house-mate you hate watching soccer and confessing his undying love to Brazil which I hate and then you feel this pain in your chest like you heart wants to jump out...
So it's been a bad day, lalalalala...I forgot the guy who sang that song, I should have been you had a bad decade or something...god im having flashbacks...
ANd friends, I leave you with this timeless message from my Hero, the great Eric Cartman..."Stan, don't you know the First Law of Physics? Everything that is fun would cost you at least 8 dollars..."
Till tommorow folks...
* This post is sponsored by Ramasamy N' Munusamy Inc.'s Kaanje Karuvadu in a box. Pound for pound the best damn anchovies in the world.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny