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A 'Rang De Basanti' and A Reflection

There are many good things in life that makes you want to discard your principles just to enjoy it at least once. Sometimes the principles have no meanings. So Bob and I decided to watch the Hindi flick Rang De Basanti over the weekend. I’ve stayed away from Hindi movies for so long, waiting for it, if there are the occasional important ones, to be dubbed into Tamil. Then comes this movie, with our own Madhavan and Sidarth in it and with ARR’s music that you can’t resist. And the reviews were good, so we went to get our weekly life changing dose of mental drugs. Oh…and what principle you ask? Well it’s all about being a Tamil and getting lost in this war for the recognition of my culture stuff, nothing important…

Rang De Basanti is a Hindi movie, or lets say an Indian movie starring Amir Khan, Alice Patten, Sidarth, Atul Kulkarni and others with Madavhan in a guest role. It tells the story of a documentary film maker from England on a trip to India to make a feature on revolutionary Indian youths and their roles in the history of Indian freedom movements. The fast paced cinematography reveals a stylish production in the likes of indie movies with stunning visuals and background music. AR-Rehman created a youthful mood that would have made the story excel in any language or country. Amir Khan and his clan of happy go lucky friends who philosophically challenge modern day India with extremely funny moments and superb dialogues. In a nutshell the movie was magnificent in all aspects and should be watched by all youths seeking a purpose in life.

A few years back Dil Chata Hai came out to revolutionize the Hindi movie scene, changing them from the pretenders they became into a much more modern era and gave the essential identity to Indian youths. It describes how to live your life in this chaotic world, how to find the niche among you and your friends. Rang De Basanti started out in the same direction, at least for the few moments of screenplay before taking the viewers into a ride of their lives, bringing a matured story about youths struggling and successfully engaging us to the very real scenes depicted. Rang De Basanti tells us the real purpose of life, of what to do with our lives. The suppressed voices of freedom movements in the viewpoint of youths who would never have imagined they can change their worlds and others.

In an unfair comparison, I thought the strong moments in the movie, the critical scenes could have been done better by Mani Ratnam. Sometimes you have to try harder to bring out the fierceness in the story to leave a lasting mark among the viewers. In the end the team of Rang De Basanti did extraordinarily well in putting together a movie that would have been hard to digest if any other mediocre movie maker dabbled with it. And to stay away from masala and commercial movie urges is very brave indeed. How Tamil movies would be better if they dared to be different. I guess in the end it all depends on the story you have and how you mould it into the two hours while not loosing the real purpose of the movie. In another reflection too, you wonder whether India or any country out there would welcome a Rang De Basanti styled revolution or live with the reality of a Nayagan styled community.

So do go watch the movie, not only for the southern influence in it, not only for ARR, but for the challenge the movie imposes on all youths out there.
[+] Official site of the movie;[RangDeBasanti]
[+] A Wiki entry for the movie;[RDB]

A Reflection

It rained heavily while we drove back home. The incessant torrential rains flooded most of the streets in KL and in the backdrops are the famous towers illuminated by electric lightning. In darkness this imposing city in a so called multicultural country holds many barred voices struggling for freedom. There are very few powers in modern day politics that can be ruffled by call for freedom or transparency. But all around this time tested system laid youth movements who throughout history have proven that a collective and concentrated effort can conquer governments. But the rain diluted many of the emotions that Rang De Basanti liberated in me, a powerful movie that stands out among the very few Indian movies that spoke of youth politics.

To challenge an establishment we need clear guidance and motives. Any struggle needs a leader to move ahead in any situation to realize the goals that we’re fighting for. Today, what really matters is bringing together the right people who can forge ahead and fight for freedom. And to fight we need to know what we’re fighting for. Everyday we’re slowly loosing our rights to speak and to act. We’re continuously stifled of our true potentials in the name of democracy and tolerance. Our past are being erased and slowly replaced by pretenders who practice violence while everyone knows we’re simply asking for the rights to live. This is not a local problem, if you view it as a problem. This is more of a call for a united voice to prevent racism, violence, terrorism, and anything that would destroy our civilization in the future.

What does the lost youth wants? In reality he or she wants to be heard. We all have dreamed of a utopian future, read somewhere of a borderless world where we can share our thoughts and change the community. It’s the story of making decisions, or the rights to make decisions that’s increasingly fading away from our hands. There was a time when youth movements brought down governments who betrayed the very people who formed them. What is the call of democracy? Democracy means the voice of the people, but why is our voice never heard? In a transcending economy, growing beyond the reach of their neighbors, there is also the little know fact that it also reaches beyond the people. Civil liberty means that everyone should have a voice and also a piece of the dynamics of the country. When every voice is heard, and everyone is involved in building a government, then we can slowly change the arcane system towards a safe and modern society.

In essence the voice of the youth is the key to change to the future. Reflecting on the local scenes, the tyranny of the forces who were armed to protect the citizens, the rubbish attitude of the local governments (whom the people lost touch when they lost the right to vote them in) and ultimately the core of the nation whose chaotic governance can be seen everyday in the media. We have indeed lost our rights to question, and those who try are not getting their desired answers. How do we forge a dynamic self sufficient youth movement who doesn’t get into trouble in the eyes of the laws of the pretenders? We fight for the rights of the people with whatever means we have, the internet and the global call for human rights to be ratified by every government and every single citizen of the world. We start out in our own area of expertise, we gather people and support to immediately change the corrupt system and in the process highlight the malaise that’s eating our community.

Until that one day when we realize behind the makeup lays a system that disables the weak and silences the emergent voices, we will remain complaining and dying on the streets. And no one will be there to ask the questions for us if we forever be complacent of the defects around us and be satisfied with the smallest pleasures that the organized governments preaches. It’s true in every country on earth and it will be default has it not yet everywhere, so that our generation and the generations to come will be puppets of someone else’s false destiny.
[+] And finally, my Thaipusam videos are updated in Google Video!!! (just go to google video and type Thaipusam in the search box and you will find it) or hit this link;[ghostthaipusam]


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"Civil liberty means that everyone should have a voice and also a piece of the dynamics of the country. When every voice is heard, and everyone is involved in building a government, then we can slowly change the arcane system towards a safe and modern society."

Brilliant, girl. Why don't we have independent, liberal minded, libertarians like you. Ahh, world would have been such a better place. It's the first time I've seen such a passionate plea, political and heartfelt.
BTW, looked up your profile. Carl Sagan's Contact is one of my all time favourites. Jodi Foster rocks.
Jason said…
your writing (i've only read the reflection part).. oh my. it is absorbing. i would love to write like you
Maran said…
Saw the movie but didn't get any positive inspiration from it. Me too dun watch Hindi movies but heard good reviews while in India.
Jeevan said…
hope u enjoyed the movie, i will try to see Range De Basanthi soon.
Ghost Particle said…
[aragorn] not a girl! arrrrrggggggghhhhh....
by the way thank you for the remarks. surely we need to change the world now!

[jason] thanx bro. well you can write well if you write often and read alot. i dont think im matured as a writer, its all about ideas getting lost.

[maran] i tink its the fire of the moment. hahaha...actually its a fresh movie making style and story. i loved nayagan better, it had the character to be bold. this movie had the idea to be brave.

[jeevan] thanx watch it!
Vj said…
whatday say now.....
Vincent said…
The movie wasn't great but is definitely a class apart from the run of the mill indian cinema. Excellent performances by all. The editing could've beeen a little better though.
tamizhan said…
RDB tamizhla dub pannalum yaarum paaka maatanga pa.. Virumaandi hindila dub panna evlo paeru paapaanga?
the movie has generated many good reviews..i should watch it too.

sophie said…
i had to go for RDB today...but coudnt
Ghost Particle said…
[Vijay] thanx for the was worth the read, but why take movies out of the context of movies and paint anti-patriotism over it?

[vincent] yes not the best, but the concept lives...
Ghost Particle said…
[tamizhan] nanba, all hindi movie sucks...but just for that few that was made by maybe maniratnam or had tamil actors, i make some exceptions. the only hindi movie dubbeb in tamil that ive watched is dilse-uyire. swades-desam is not out yet. im not waiting either. the reason i hate hindi is bcoz they never respect tamil.
Ghost Particle said…
[still] yes..u should watch it once...or if u cant wait for the dvd or wait till prima airs it in about 3 months.

[sophi] it's still sold out eh?
i am waiting for the DVD.... (havent seen the movie yet)
Nirek said…
Hii Gp, i wish to see Rang de basanti soon. You speak like a normal indian man....jus that u sits and blog from KL. COme to India soon bro! In india, google video features are not sorry i couldnt see ur thaipusam videos...
Ajit said…
Hello friends,

When I saw Rang de basanti I started thinking whether this is the India we are living in but now its popularity shows that everybdy is fed up of corruption and all needs a change but still its only a thought i cant implement it in my office because i will b fired. Can you suggest how one can bring huge change in company at once.

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