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Template Evolution, Year 2

Hey guys. Ok notice anything different? I've hacked the template. This is my Year 2 design. The color theme was hard to come up with, still a crazy mix but I was thinking what color would they paint the McLaren F1 car when Vodafone becomes their main sponsors in 2007. Their current color is silver and add red/ dark orange to it and... you get a new template. The header graphics are designed by OrionFaktory who also hacked the 2050 blog template and header.
Please buzz me if there is problem loading my blog in ur internet browser, color problems, health problems because of the color, legal issues, or if the design offends you. In most cases I wont give a damn, but then again I love you guys, so please do tell me if any color or changes screws up your PC or display. By the way, it wont have much difference in Firefox...I hope so.
Anyone wants template changes or design work to be done, please visit the OrionFaktory site and ask nicely. If you're a student, a jobless graduate student who wakes up after 12 noon, have no girlfriend and no life, then I might do it free for you. If you're rich, make so much money that it screws up the atm screen display everytime you check the balance, spend a lot on booze and girls, don't know what to do with you 10 cars and 20 houses, then I might charge you a small fee. Its all for a needy cause. I will send them to the jobless graduate student...
Till the next post brothers and sisters ...lets Go Ghosting!


Hi GP,
This Template is cool.. And you seem to have made many new changes. New and nice look...

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman
Marutham said…
Very sympathetic towards Jobless graduates.......Very warm! Right now i wouldn't fit both the doing my graduate course.And the new view is absolutely gr8 and am nery comfortable with it! And i have uploaded a rare precious photo of Gandhiji.Check it out!And regarding the shooting star ...Congrats Join the club! I just felt like sharing...I have seen 3 shooting stars in my life..And the first time i was hardly aware it was a shooting star. And what is so special on seeing that..Just curious! And only today i noticed.Thanku for blogrolling me! C'ya next week(END)
hiya! the new template looks nice. much neater :)
kiraN said…
hey gP, ur new template is looking gr8. me 2 trying to change mine.. if theres any probs i'll ask u.

have a nice day. :)
Saravana Kumar said…
bro this is cool man ... black look gr8 anywhere ... looks more organized than ur previous one ... why don't you go for a three column template like mine
Ghost Particle said…
Hi guys, Thanx!

[Kiron] Anytime, ill help you.

[Sara] Bro, ill do it in the next change, hopefully. Thanx!

[Still] yes, this one is more organized, wanted to separate the stuff properly.

[Marutham] Thanx! Actually the post is just a funny writeup...ill help if anyones wants it. Yes, the shooting star is amazing, i still can forget it.

[Ponnarasi] Thanx for the kind words.
S.Karthikeyan said…
Hi Gp

Here are my candid opinion on your new template. It's only my point of veiw.

The fonts used for banner are not visual friendly. One needs to spend arbitarly large time to decode their meaning. You don't need this do you

The contrast between text and background is very high and I am feeling a bit difficult to read the post.

And finally the red border is distracting a bit.

These are my personal opinions and I prefer minimalist design for your blog.
Ghost Particle said…
Hye Karthi, Okay, points taken...I cant do anything bout the header coz its supposed to be abstract, but I can change the border. Even saty mentioned it. And ill try to work the contrast abit. Thanx for the input.
Prabhu S said…
Hi GP,

My suggestion is also to reduce the
contrast between the text and the background , how ever I like the new avatar

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