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'No-Solution' is default.

[update]...In an amazing turn of events, the Malaysian Government decided to step into the case of Mr.Moorthy and the widow will now get all the death benefits and pension of her deceased husband. Thanks to Slim for pointing this out. There is hope now, lets build positively on it. Read the news reports; [TheStar]

Referring back to the case of the unfortunate Mr.Moorthy, I appreciate all your comments. In my last post, I wrote that I don't care about my religion. I clarify this matter in reference to the situation. If in time of serious problems, where human rights matter most, then I believe there is no place for religion and religious solutions. The matter of the fact is that the people involved in the case used religion as the reason and cause to produce a solution for this matter.In the end, all other solutions, including taking the case to court simply did not matter. Hence again, we're back to square one, for Hindus in this country, no-solution is the default answer. If even the court of law cant fight for whatever remaining rights that we have, loosing easily to religion and its reasons, the I sincerely believe religion has no use in this world. Why should I care for my religion if human rights continuously takes second place or even doesn't exist. I still don't understand why people still hope for invisible stuff, the magic bird or talking trees when the reality of the situation is that we lost one of the most important fights.

And for the record, the unfortunate Mr.Moorthy was in serious health complications when he was converted to the other religion which until now is still unproven whether he consented it or not. And still unclear was the fact, because Mr.Moorthy continued to live a Hindu life to the day of his death. And I wish all the stupid law makers will look into changing their act of conduct and also re-establish the importance of court hierarchy when dealing with this kind of matters. A court should only differentiate people as defendants and prosecutors, not of their race or religion. And also I wish a speedy death for the idiots in that special court for that other religion who ruled the verdict. I wonder what will they do if they find out their own children gets stuck in this kind of mess.

To stay in neutral ground, I'll stop this debate now, it's hard to start something and hoping not to anger anyone in the process especially in the issue of religion. Maybe when another religious war breaks out (or maybe its already have begun) then humanity will realize what's important and what's not.



slimgabshy said…
You have a excellent point there...Upon death does religion does matter. I believe after the death the only other thing that matters is the right of the next of kin on the remains of the deceased.....

Its unfortunate that the laws in Malaysia pertaining this matter is so flawed. Today as I type this comment the goverment has stepped up from the silence and provided some consolation in the form of monetary to the wife of Moorthy.

What matters most is survival after the death of the breadwinner of the household. I hope that would be taken care by the goverment as well. Moorthys children should guaranteed free education.

Still this does not end the sorrow of the victim of this flawed judicary....

Mrs Moorthy should fight on...and not just give up on what has passed on down by the courts.

I believe this problem is not just an isolated case and could happened to anyone.....BEWARE!!
Nahuatl said…
I am very to hear this news.

May God bless a little intelligence to those ignorant priests of his.

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