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A House for Mr.Ghost; Part 5: Mind Under Siege

Often I have written of the failure to describe the universe in its full objectivity and beauty. The mind often morphs and vibrates into many different states of explanation for each observation. The question is, as observers what is our task, or responsibility, in the context of describing the universe.

Does the universe want us to be correct all the time? If the answer is yes then this implies that the next observer can move on to the next task in line, so not to retrace the worked task. But what if we’re more subjective? Being critical to a point where we change some facts to suit the situation or external pressure. The logic is to leave certain openings so that the next observer can dissect the matter further. But in some cases, the next observer will by chance deviate further from the truth, since information from the first person who worked on the task would invade his mind. He would try hard not to follow the steps of the person and would employ some arcane methods that would produce the wrong output.

The rational of the above thoughts for a person with his mind under siege is that the particular person forces himself to ignore certain truths and facts simply to be original. He invades his thoughts and changes its natural methods so to keep away from external machineries that try to change his mind to comply with a singular method. Provided that the mind construes the universe independently, a mind under siege means that the natural process would ultimately be useless and the supposed correct workings deviated long before, hence the final explanation is wrong in any circumstances. (This also implies that a single path, lets call it the ‘true’ path is already laid out there just for us observers to find, but were still ignorant of it).

And since we have moved away from the correct path, because obviously the second observer situations have repeated a thousand times before, we would never find out the truth. I believe we observers call this ‘creativity’, the method of finding ones own way of describing the grand design. So is creativity simply a mistaken path that have formed long ago when the first observers decided that what they saw was too magical to be true so they carved their own path that would in an individual mind register as probable. Or, does this ‘creativity’ of the mind under siege also mirrors the opinion that we’re not supposed to know the truth?

And if the first observer and second observer theories are correct, then we have ourselves unknowingly forced the brain/ mind to evolve, thus bringing in the concept of God to be a primer and finally the solution in situations when the task is too hard to explain. The God being an entity one level ahead of us all the time so that we can easily predict that the task or observation is supposed to be there just because it is there and it should be in sync with the rest of the universal truths because it’s created by a super-being. (And also so that we don’t get lost in our own mind, the God being will always stand at dead ends to appease us).

Culture being a totally artificial method that arises when the observers wanted uniqueness in them, because when they saw the colors and sounds of the universe they were overwhelmed being solitary. In groups they created culture to quantify the amazing universe and stake claims of specialty and clanship so that that particular culture that corresponds to a particular observation doesn’t invade other groups. The reverse is true too, no one wants their observation to be copied, and imagine a culture being copied, it will ultimately lead to trash commercialization. The same goes for language, since we need to communicate and since we belong to groups. So the mind under siege did in time create all kind of special features such as creativity and culture and language (not in the correct order) and it was made more complex when we decided we’re part of groups rather than individual humans. Complexity in this context means diversity or depth since culture and language are infinite if the observers let it evolve. But why did this evolution lead us to form a shield around the mind and also the physical body to shut away all the other creative influences?

The mind continues to evolve (towards the future) to accommodate new observations that defy convention. A simple colorless triangle seen the first time brings more curiosity than a red colored triangle because the mind does not readily accept complexity, so it just considers the color first and there is no second thought. So the solution for problems it to rip it apart to the basic entities, to the quarks of its existence, and let the groups organize themselves to solve each quark of a problem and then gather the solutions into a single answer. Time is a factor and God should stay out of this. And after a thousand observations and problem solving the mind would become creative enough to consider the colored triangle to have a meaning of its own, that each feature must have an answer.

In another take, the mind under siege is invaded by the universe itself, who (I’m not implying a person) to protect its originality tries to steer the mind to the correct path. But now the mind is not single or alone, there are groups of it, and it developed methods such as culture and language, the methods that the universe doesn’t understand. But all physics being correct, everything new that arises in the mind of the beings in the universe must have been encoded in the fabrics of existence, so we’re merely deciphering what was left there. So why does the universe don’t understand us? Maybe because its another artificial thing that play the role of a tool left there in this space and then us being left here inside it to figure something more complex than the universe. Honestly can we even think outside the universe? It’s all white and fuzzy and full of silence.

And finally, the mind is the last ability that’s left in us to create a unique future, decoded from the hidden secrets of the world. Its not actually hidden, its just that we often start at the hardest place for answers. From time to time we uncover these hidden codes under some proverbial stone and put them together. These hidden codes lay untouched for billions of years, maybe already found by older civilizations in galaxies far from us, will slowly in quantum moments trickle into the deep vestiges of our brain and make wonderful images of what we were looking for. It will tell us that the path to the future is observations sans borders. The mind under siege allows so much to be born so let it be such, just free your soul to the universe. But remember not to change your methods, stay unique then only can you differentiate the solutions of the observations. Its out there you know, everything. Just that we don’t think it’s new or great or amazing, we just pass it off as social, politics and economy. If for once we think it as creativity, culture and language, we can see the bigger picture and know that we created this superb civilization of observers. Do you see your roles now? The meaning of life?
[-] And so the journey continues in this search for truth and also the end.
[-] A house for Mr.Ghost is a series of writings to describe my journeys as a scientist whose mind is lost in the turbulant world of information, lies, money and the lack of it, and so much more.
[+] Read the past posts; [Part 2],[Part 3],[Part 4]


LifeMoments said…
Like your new a sense of depth and melanchony...
Marutham said…
With ref to JAN 3--Mr.Moorthy's issue! I actually cudn't get abt Mr.Moorthy's death. May be i must read ur prevs posts.Will do soon... But you seemed very emotional about the discrimination(Religion).Anga Religion vechu..Inga adhayum thaandi Caste,Creed,Community,colour...... Ellam innum irukku!!!!!!.Evlo than development in various fields like science, Technlgy, Life style irundhalum INDHA regard'la 1947 um onnu dhaan 2007 um onnu dhann.Ethanai Indra,Bombay,Roja......(many more that i dont remmbr )Padam vandhaalum...Adha oru entertainment'ku dhaan pakraanga..No change! Indha generation maarum'nu paatha........(NO COMMENTS).Ippavum idhellam irukku enna kaaranamnu araya pona....Adhu oru PUDHAI KUZHI.....u get lost in that! Nammal mudinja varai nalla irukkanum'nu patha sila samayam adhukey villangam aydudhu..So right now, lets try to make people who are in our reach(CIRCLE) think! And we shall also try to be going forward in that path and if possible get people choose that BETTER path.CALM DOWN! Got to go now.Catch u soon......
Ghost Particle said…
Hye Andrew; thanx buddy. I know, the color theme is something isnt it.

[marutham] Actually, I hated the whole concept of fighting for a dead body. And to make it much worst, even the high court which was supposed to take care of the rights of all citizens failed to do it. In a nutshell, everyone of a different religion than the official religion in this country is dead. BUt hope the future would change it. Do read the whole moorthy post. Ull understand it. Thanx for the opionions, I think we can do it...
karthik m said…
i have read somewhere the story... after a super computer finished chanting all the names of god... the stars in the sky begin to vanish one by one... if any one describes this universe fully... game over! but it would never happen... after all the creator is too intelligent... unraveling mystery is the code for evolution... religions are bugs... this universe operating system has its own major flaws... well intended... all working to prevent the inevitable crash... but there lies the pleasure and life ... working!!!
Marutham said…
Will sure do! Could u Plz leave the "link" so i could get to that post easily :) TC
Marutham said…
And one more help ......How do u add a previous post as a link in ur new post?????
your site looks real fresh now
Jeevan said…
Nice Template and Nice post.:)
Nahuatl said…
Amazing template! Cool work! :)

What kind of entity is this "universe" you talk about? Does it contain emotions and intelligence or is it a capsule of all the beings - living or non living?

Don't come so soon to the question of meaning of life. I see you taking some shortcuts :P
Vanathi said…
Good post...
Ghost Particle said…
Hye guy.

[Nayan] Actually, this is an abstract take. I was trying to focus on an outer look of what it might mean rather than a humanistic take. I was trying to convey than humans are influenced to do stuff or evolve but not by Gods, rather by the universe.

[Karthik M] I think I read it too...but thats not a true story. Were just tiny specks in the this cosmos.

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