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Damn, I'm tagged, again!

Fauzan (click the title to his page) tagged me! And here's the shoutout.

***The 8 Things Tag***

The rules of the game are:
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Sex Target : Female. (animals/ aliens and AI might apply if you're a time traveller, or God)

I look at my superbabe to be:

(1) Someone who wont try to change me, my hair, my clothing and my name.
(2) Brave (but not girl power brave- just intelligent brave)
(3) Independant (able to be a motivator and also a leader)
(4) Creative-Eccentric (the top most quality)
(5) Tamil (atleast knows how to write/ speak Tamil)
(6) Occasionaly when I call, should say 'luv, I'm abit sleepy, can I call u back in an hour (in a
very , loving, soft, supercute tone'. Heck, all the sentences should be like that.
(7) Loves soccer...I might give in if she likes tennis/ badminton or gymnastics.
(8) Loves physics and Science Fiction

[*] Dont want to tag anyone, but please feel free to tag yourselves. Thank you Fauzan for the tag, i've enjoyed it.


Blenster said…
I like your criteria, for the most part. I am very lucky, currently I am dating a triple-biochemistry major who is also a former cheerleader, dancer, gymnist, swimmer, and currently rock-climbs competitively. She sings and plays the piano, is just weird enough to be with me but not totally insane, and she's gorgeous (besides her devistating intelligence). She's currently taking way too many classes in school, preparing to graduate (with her triple major and a minor in French) two years early, and working as a geneticist. The most amazing woman I've ever met! Wish me luck with her as I wish you luck in finding your future bride! :-)
visithra said…
point six lol wait till she has a bad day ehehhee
Divya.B said…
cute post...
Matty said…
Nice Game dude...
Let me try it out!
Jewel Rays said…
hey Ghost Particle,

Thanks for droppin' by ma blog.

And i've been tagged
but i dun have a favourite mug..:P gotta get one after being inspired by nayan's mug..haha!

hahaha...maybe next year if there is a "happy mug week" again..haha!

thanks for taggin' me *smiles*

Jewel Rays said…
I think i posted ma comment in da wrong comment box..:O

haha ya girl muz love soccer eh..GREAT STUff!

what team do ya support?

Shiv said…
The sixth point was gud...Guys like the drowsy voice of it??
Ravi said…
I like point # 5! Glad to see you sticking to your roots?!
Cheeeeers man!
susubala said…
All the points were admirable ! 5th one is something good to think at !

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