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Post A Mug!

Among the very few things that distinguish us apart from other beings on this earth is that we have our favorite mugs! That's right, we have this special need or belonging to that one piece of clay, ceramic or metal cup/ mug that greets us every morning and during tea and says goodnight to us every night. And since this is the International Post A Mug Week, I'm starting of by posting the image of my favorite mug.
[-] This is meant to be a tag, but I wont tag anyone. If you like the idea, and are bored of those 8 things, 10 things, 7 things and 4 things tag, then just do this one simple, 1 minute tag and make yourself and everyone else happy. And you're right folks, you've never seen this before, I bet. [-] So pass the word friends, one simple post, one image of your favorite mug, one minute. ([-] Info's; -Of course, it is widely documented that animals have their favorite watering holes :p, -I got this mug as a free gift when you buy the Colgate Tooth Paste, I think…

Today, insight


Damn, I'm tagged, again!

Fauzan (click the title to his page) tagged me! And here's the shoutout.

***The 8 Things Tag***

The rules of the game are:
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Sex Target : Female. (animals/ aliens and AI might apply if you're a time traveller, or God)

I look at my superbabe to be:

(1) Someone who wont try to change me, my hair, my clothing and my name.
(2) Brave (but not girl power brave- just intelligent brave)
(3) Independant (able to be a motivator and also a leader)
(4) Creative-Eccentric (the top most quality)
(5) Tamil (atleast knows how to write/ speak Tamil)
(6) Occasionaly when I call, should say 'luv, I'm abit sleepy, can I call u back in an hour (in a
very , loving, soft, supercute tone'. Heck, all the sentences sho…

A House for Mr. Ghost; Part 6: Remains of the day

Chapter 1

There are some periods in life that we try hard to forget. It’s a huge task to erase a lengthy expanse of time when our memory commands so much of our daily existence. I enrolled to the university some years back, about 6 years ago. It’s the natural next step in many young lives around the world. There’s so much hope and eagerness in everyone’s imagination at that time, to experience a new world and to build towards the future. The university is an institution that foreruns everything else in creating an anticipated bright human future. So much for theory, now the reality, which sadly is not that cool.

What made me rethink of these hidden days, of lost glories you ask? I was walking the corridors of the concrete alleys that run around the faculty, something that I’ve been doing everyday, hoping in vain to discover something remotely different. Not the occasional crack in the wall or stray bug waiting for its prey, something truly monumental. I need it so much at this juncture,…


This could be only the second time a Steven Spielberg movie is banned in Malaysia, the first being Schindlers List, and now Munich. Wanting to watch it badly, I did the best possible thing a fan can do, yes, I bought the bootleg version of it, costing around 2 USD. A fairly fine copy except for the dialogues that I can’t understand from time to time though it doesn’t matter because the strength of the movie is in the visuals rather than the reasoning. (Update; Actually it seems the distribution company havent applied for a screening licensce yet, they might try in March, but they said the hopes are slim. I did'nt want to spoil a good opener)
The idea of the movie revolves around the Munich Olympic terrorist tragedy in which Palestinian terrorist turned hostage takers seriously botched up their mission by first having bad logistics and second by executing their mission in the wrong country. The rest of the movie is a jumbled up mix of Mossad agents trying to exterminate each of the …

A House for Mr.Ghost; Part 5: Mind Under Siege

Often I have written of the failure to describe the universe in its full objectivity and beauty. The mind often morphs and vibrates into many different states of explanation for each observation. The question is, as observers what is our task, or responsibility, in the context of describing the universe.
Does the universe want us to be correct all the time? If the answer is yes then this implies that the next observer can move on to the next task in line, so not to retrace the worked task. But what if we’re more subjective? Being critical to a point where we change some facts to suit the situation or external pressure. The logic is to leave certain openings so that the next observer can dissect the matter further. But in some cases, the next observer will by chance deviate further from the truth, since information from the first person who worked on the task would invade his mind. He would try hard not to follow the steps of the person and would employ some arcane methods that would pr…

Days of Angels

Celebrating this solitary night,
Painted by the voices of angels,
The occasional breeze reconnecting,
my broken touches tracing your face,
There were no memories of before...


[-] Havent written a poem for so long, so tried this. But I could not complete it.
[+] Here's a sample of my older poems; [Rain;Book1], [Dreamers Anthem],[SaggitariusSky],[Timescapes],[DeathisBeautiful],[StreetChild]

Template Evolution, Year 2

Hey guys. Ok notice anything different? I've hacked the template. This is my Year 2 design. The color theme was hard to come up with, still a crazy mix but I was thinking what color would they paint the McLaren F1 car when Vodafone becomes their main sponsors in 2007. Their current color is silver and add red/ dark orange to it and... you get a new template. The header graphics are designed by OrionFaktory who also hacked the 2050 blog template and header. Please buzz me if there is problem loading my blog in ur internet browser, color problems, health problems because of the color, legal issues, or if the design offends you. In most cases I wont give a damn, but then again I love you guys, so please do tell me if any color or changes screws up your PC or display. By the way, it wont have much difference in Firefox...I hope so. Anyone wants template changes or design work to be done, please visit the OrionFaktory site and ask nicely. If you're a student, a jobless gra…

What might have become...

While finding for a book at the library yesterday, I came upon an old 1957 publication and found this page autographed by the people who presumably read this book way back then. The book itself was a gift to the library. Their signatures are from 1959! Nearly half a century back. Wonder what happened to them. Do anyone really collect old letters or papers anymore?


p/s:[+] Badastronomy is now a blog; [BadAstronomy] [+] Quantum Diaries, the blogosphere created to commemorate The World Year of Physics ended last week. Read the archives here; [QuantumDiaries]

Poetry, it's everywhere...

This instruction label inside the metro sounds a bit like a poem. But somehow the real meaning seems to be lost here; in emergency, if you pull the handle, the doors will open...not we open the door? Maybe the person was really writing poetry because it reads abstract.

'No-Solution' is default.

[update]...In an amazing turn of events, the Malaysian Government decided to step into the case of Mr.Moorthy and the widow will now get all the death benefits and pension of her deceased husband. Thanks to Slim for pointing this out. There is hope now, lets build positively on it. Read the news reports; [TheStar]

Referring back to the case of the unfortunate Mr.Moorthy, I appreciate all your comments. In my last post, I wrote that I don't care about my religion. I clarify this matter in reference to the situation. If in time of serious problems, where human rights matter most, then I believe there is no place for religion and religious solutions. The matter of the fact is that the people involved in the case used religion as the reason and cause to produce a solution for this matter.In the end, all other solutions, including taking the case to court simply did not matter. Hence again, we're back to square one, for Hindus in this country, no-solution is the default answer. If e…