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A Second Shinning

Once in while everyone wants to be alone. Silently enjoying the solitude, the passing of the seasons. As the stars sail past we cant stop thinking and memories flood in. Once in a while too, you realize that you cant live alone. It’s true than were not solitary creatures. Not in this existence. You have to have commitments and relationships with someone. You need to trust and be trusted upon. A passing day where you need to talk to someone and also love. Lets name a person a friend and lets consider him or her a shining second beacon in your life. The first being you. Its an unending stream of water that meanders slowly across valleys finding reasons to be together. That’s what it is then, of having a friend and being a friend. Of constantly finding the reasons and stopping a while to savor the moment of satisfaction. Then knowing that you achieved something you move on.
Being alive and living everyday is a challenge. A challenge to stay human and reflect our lives, at least what happ…

The Third Future

So we did not wait. We wanted it all. We want it now. We wanted it yesterday for that matter. The future. Its all big and shiny. Not revolution nor a fight, it just came. No blood, no war, you woke up and its there. The second future. It was boring, it wasn't all so big and revolutionary you say. But you wanted greatness and fame yesterday. So the second future stayed and well, made itself comfortable. You and me, we fought wars and we made love. I build fences in the moonlight, but my neighbor's bought tanks and cannons. Did I say it wasn't interesting? It was not yesterday, but today its different. This is a big bad dream. I want to wake up, no I mean, I'm part of the dream. So the second future was ugly, yet we lived. Then came today, almost tomorrow, there's only hours left of today. The third future. I can almost hear the echo in eternity. What do you want tomorrow buddy? I don't know, how 'bout some Internet and a slice of chocolate cake just incase y…

The Truth, Chapter 1

"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened." -- Winston Churchill ****** a poetic interlude ****** Requim for a Passing Your words walk from land to land
Stories vibrate among friends who band
Images of lilies born and beautiful being faint
March streams washing pebbles sometimes quaint
Moist eyes leave behind sparks of life undone
Your shadow casts rain and painted sunshine
Ages crawl and disappear across worlds
Desert nomads journey spreading heralds
Lone bagpiper with a song in passing
On mountains shadowy angels amassing
Your touch reminds her of eras in gathering
Drummers with an anthem of pitiless feeling
Memories floats away with an unheard motivation
In majestic ships with sailormen since foundation
Miniature leaves descending from willows decaying
Your name written in destiny gradually parting
A silent mutiny yesterday being legendary
Among women and children building a scenery
Jaded soldiers remain holding fa…

Of Questions and Why's

After this many years on the road, on this journey you start to realize things. Those ambitions you had and those dreams that was suppose to come true by now. Have you ever heard this mysterious voices talking to you. I always hear this voice ' macha, its time, stop now. Youre making a big mistake, your headed the wrong way'... At this moment, either you stop and freak out or you undo the mistake and restart. But not me, oh not ever me. I see signs all the time, damn, I even see the big STOP sigh down the road, but Im oblivious to it. I keep on going...
So you’re 26 and you’re big and strong and brave. But the world just got 26 years older. And then you realize it’s too late. Ok, maybe not too too late, but just late. Then you see in the giant plasma screen in the sky, where you went wrong, what you should have done and should be doing. Then there's this great big flashbacks of your life. Hey! No way! I used to wear all the buttons on my shirt up to the top one till I'm…