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Tempus/ Timescapes/ Journeys

[Source: Canon- WWF Photography]
****** point of origin****** [updated 29/07/05] Charm Quark

Gallus Gallus

Kali Yuga


Sangam (changam)

Sun Tzu

Von Neumann



Fugue (psychogenesis)

* The 10 words listed above are directly linked to our lives. Some are more common than the others. Certain names have revolutionized civilizations. Others have spearheaded modern technology. A couple are linked to important physiological and psychological systems of our body. The others are important in science, culture, geography and also religion.
* The point of this experiment is to accertain how much the readers know and understand of this words. Its a brain teaser but not an easy one. No tricks here, but some words have various meanings. Dont google it or try to find answers on the net. Just write what you comes to the mind when you read each word. I will reveal the explanations next week. Good Luck! Invite your friends and take the test of your life time!!!

********** a poetic interlude*********** Th…

Rain, Book 2

(source/ copyright: NATGEO Photography,
Second Beach, Washington,1997 by James C. Richardson )

Rain at night

Tonight, as the rain cascades,
Beautiful memories resonates,
Tonight, a raindrop mistakes,
Lamps for fireflies and human days
**** chapter 1****
Gazing at the far horizon,
Where the rain meets the stars and night,
Mesmerizing twinkles of light,
Reflecting on symmetrical raindrops,
Cascading in divine harmony,
Visible only to the eyes of lovers
Rain in the forest

These tiny sparkling raindrops,
Slowly caressing green leaves,
Seconds after seconds whole trees,
In cold, wet, sensual bonds ****chapter 2****
Lying on my warm bed,
Cold thick air blanketing me,
Tiny cells on eternal war,
Against this cool cold invasion,
Minute upon minute I journey,
Into a thousand philosophical rage
Rain and life

Slow cascades in dancing motion,
Drowning paths and life in commotion,
In relative time and natural dedication,
The earth and its souls in watery sensation
****chapter 3****
Walking on the thin cold line,
Wishing this sens…

Scriptures of Life, Chapter I and II

Scriptures of Life, Chapter 1

Of Life

Along the trails of time,
Among flesh and blood,
Appear divine sparks of life,
And new souls unfold.

Of Living

You and I in the cold,
Impatient through the years,
All along the world muted,
There we were spotting stars.

Of Love

Sometimes in the evening,
During those warm years,
We crossed path dreaming,
Unknowingly finding tears.

Of Death

Walking along paths and valleys,
Clinging anxiously to destiny,
One part of soul willingly flies,
To the courtroom of Gods for eternity.

-Gp 2005-

* Painting a general picture of the scenes of life. Chapter 1 of this series features Life, Living, Love and Death.
* The first scripture; Of Life, describes souls/ humans being born into the world, all the time through the magical touches of God. The 2nd scripture; Of Living, pictures the challenges of growing up, exploring and living while the earth stands still for the human lifetime is insignificant in cosmic terms.
* The 3rd scripture; Of Love, tells the story of falling in love and find…

Funky Town!

Was back in SP for the weekend. I miss my hometown more now, than when I was in my freshmen years. What can I say about my hometown, its the greatest place on earth! I bet everyone feels the same for their hometowns. Atleast until its destroyed by the overzealous local governments who want to build more and more condos and factories! And since Maran (Umai Padam) is on a break, I went on a road trip photo shoot. Check out my webshots gallery for all the pics. The above pic is of the Sungai Petani Clock tower, the structure built in 1936, and is one of only 5 surviving prewar clock towers in Malaysia. The other that I know of is the Teluk Intan leaning tower. Please buzz me if anyone knows the others.

Some links:
Jeffs SP Photoblog entry
Business SP - the official funkytown website from the creators of the hit song.

********* take 2********** Today is the Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary. And Google has something special for everyone; Google Moon. ********** take 3*********** Li…

Rain, Book 1

(photo source: Steve Johnston; bio)
Yep, its raining again. And here I am, stuck in my lab, again. Next time maybe I'll bring my sleeping bag. I wonder what happened to the real monsoon season, the one that was taught at school. The earths climate is so screwed up these decades that we cant predict anything. In years to come, expect more heavy rain, colder days and storms.

************ a poetic interlude ************** Rain of Love and Sunshine

Dark sunshine far in front,
Reflection of maxims,
And occasional angels,
In the fields of golden dreams,
Tiny firefly dancing the night away,
Dawn not insight for hours to come,
Caterpillars savor their final feast,
Jade leaves morphing to yellow in decades,
Wild flowers on the forest floor peeking,
Rainbow stars on their way to death,
Clouds of mist, ice and baby rain,
In the night sky standing tranquil,
Wind not blowing here but in far away lands,
Junks on high seas fighting waves,
On which metallic giants walk and dig,
Frescoes and frenzy music in cities a…

I don't believe in mathematics. - Albert Einstein!

Arrrggggghhhhhhhhhh Bloggers Block! I don't know how to start this post. Just spent 2 hours searching for a good title! And ofcourse, this title has nothing to do whit this post.

* The new semester just started and yes, this is my 6th semester! I should have finished a year ago! what the hell am I still doing here!

* I could be the only Research student in the world to have a research grant approved AFTER I finished my project! God Knows! Anyway, I really owe my life to my long time supervisor and collaborator, Dr. Geri Gopir of the physics department. He was there to motivate and help me the many time I nearly gave up and packed my bags. All those years of instant noodles and bread for meals, I'm thankful to God for this. Hopefully under him, the theoretical physics collaboration will stay alive forever here. And a big thank you to ANGKASAfor awarding me the grant. Now, WHERE IS MY MONEY!!! I've been waiting for ages!

* Since I'm back into research mode, my blog would ha…

Live 8 / Thiruvasagam Magic

And on this day of summer, during the years of dark winter, we stood there in sunlight, and cold dark nights, we sang and we danced, we shouted and cried, we called for the king men, to stop their evil grip, we cried to the king men, stop a second and look here, we begged to the king men, please save our brothers and sister, please be human, then we joined hands, and we marched, to the garden of heaven, and when that one day comes, when we get there, we will be one, Humans, with one goal, Love.
My musical weekend. Started of with the Live 8 concert. Managed to watch about 9 hours of it. Its an amazing production. And the best of all, nearly 3 billion people watched it live, online, at home, on air and everywhere. 10 cities staged concerts around the world while in Philly alone, nearlly 1 million fans were reported.. If this message is not enough for the G8 to amend the zero poverty plan by eliminating the debts of African countries, then nothing else will do. Kudos to Astro for the special Channel 88 (Liv…