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This is Supercool!

With Google Earth you can view anyplace on earth on your PC!
* The First image is of the KL International Airport in Sepang. And to the right of the image is the Sepang F1 Circuit. The circuit is in the shape of a Hibiscuis flower.
*The Second picture is of my hometown Sungai Petani.
* Just about every tech/ info blog i've visited in the past week have been talking about Google Earth!

War of the Worlds

This is definitly the best movie of the summer/ year! Went to the world premier yesterday in KL. Technically, we(Asian countries) get to watch the movie earlier that anyone else in the world. This is in part to beat those idiotic movie pirates.

I wont do a review of this movie either, but so far, comparing WotW with other summer 2005 movies such as Batman and Star Wars, I think this movie has the depth, elements and stayed true to the SF genre. While it doesn't follow exactly what was written by Wells more than 100 years back, this movie takes you on a ride not with the typically Hollywood explosives and muscle-power but with enough fear and shock elements that makes you want to watch it again and again (and still be scared everytime). You will feel like your there in the movie, running with all those refugees. And you will definitely feel the frustration and tension that was felt by Cruise's character. A must watch, thanks to the genius direction of Steven Spielberg, and his s…

Sub Silentio Musica Nata Est

About a year ago, my mentor Fred Lessing from Sintra, Portugal suggested that some of my poems be made into songs based on the progressive rock genre. The project is named The Ghost Particle Project and gathered great musicians from Europe and North America.

So far, The Ghost Particle Project comprises a total seven songs. Future songs might follow at a later stage, and initial plans are being made to release the project on CD, with international distribution by

All songs are for FREE, and two are already available on the Daymoon server. I encourage you to download and listen to the songs. Please spread the word and do inform me or the Daymoon site if there are any radio stations out there that would like to play free songs on air either as a webcast or on regular radio.

The two songs are DECEMBER FIREFLIES composed and performed by the group Daymoon, and LOVE LETTER EXPIRED composed and performed by Hugo Flores of Sonic Pulsar.

The original poems can be found here; December F…


by Rudyard Kipling

By the old Moulmein Pagoda, lookin' lazy at the sea,
There's a Burma girl a-settin', and I know she thinks o' me;
For the wind is in the palm-trees, and the temple-bells they say;
"Come you back, you British Soldier; come you back to Mandalay!"
Come you back to Mandalay,
Where the old Flotilla lay;
Can't you 'ear their paddles clunkin' from Rangoon to Mandalay?
On the road to Mandalay,
Where the flyin'-fishes play,
An' the dawn comes up like thunder outer China 'crost the Bay!

'Er petticoat was yaller an' 'er little cap was green,
An' 'er name was Supi-Yaw-Lat jes' the same as Theebaw's Queen,
An' I seed her first a-smokin' of a whackin' white cheroot,
An' wastin' Christian kisses on an 'eathen idol's foot:
Bloomin' idol made o' mud--
Wot they called the Great Gawd Budd--
Plucky lot she cared for idols when I kissed 'er where she stud!
On the road to Mandalay ...

When …

In hell, it's cold

A stone sculpture, I stood there,
studying the columns of light,
trough the small grilled window,
some far feet’s high above me,
After a while, the moon slowly emerged,
and the rays of light intensified,
I still don’t move, rooted there,
still in time less than hours,
cold wind spiced with warm air,
and in a while, rain,
soft drizzle at first,
then in time still, stronger
heavier rain, now the moon no more,
and all this from far away,
I cant feel, still I’m rooted,
lazy, depressed not moving.

-Gp 2005- 06/06/05

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And finally, I had some internet time, so I went surfing (after deleting about 500+ mails in my 4 email adds...)

I came to these sites: This is the website of Padmashree Thota Tharani, arguably the best ever art director in Tamil/ Indian Cinema. Great Website. Santosh Sivan is a cinematographer another heavyweight in the field. A cool website. Sabu Cyril is another force in art…

Found the mountain...

The reality is, there may not ever be a mountain top cafe anywhere in the world. And maybe Fred is right, I'm too romantic in what I want in life. But I did find a mountain somewhere in Peru...

now where is the cafe?!

Thanx for Maran and Deepak for buzzing me. Ill return soon, just have to work out a few things.


-Gp 2005-