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Is there a GOD?

The question is trivial. Perhaps, unnecessary. Because, MAN wanted GOD. He has created HIM. May be in his thoughts.

But, let us see how essential is GOD to Man. Man and all of his tribe occupy just a dot on this big universe. Who gave Man the capacity to think? Who gave the Man a structure? (body). (According to Darwin, it is by evolution process). Who created the self lubricating, self repairing system called Man? Man is not yet sure that there are no superior and intelligent inhabitants anywhere in the Universe. How far can Man go, if he were to traverse the Universe. Even with the fastest flying machine, it will take all of his lifetime and more to reach the nearest star. Then, how can he find out whether there is God or not?

You can discuss a topic with your peers if you want intelligent discussion. Otherwise, it is only argument and counter argument. No results come out. You can perhaps discuss with Man's superiors (in intelligence etc.) if you can meet them. When Man has not …

Anthem of Dust

cold windy night sky,
giant stars sailing by,
should not we dare to try,
silence its fiery cry,

gazing into the dark void,
little fingers combing wind,
thousand jungle lying dead,
fallen rewriting the creed,

band of hell marching past,
drummers drumming anthem of dust,
it is where we will be cast,
in the stars fiery crust,

decaying leaves blown away,
naked trees turning gray,
blue heaven in the fray,
false dogma written on clay,

when the rivers all dried,
and the mother women cried,
because the young born all died,
no future for humans to be tied,

time struglled with all might,
while new keepers held tight,
moon and stars silently bright,
ghost of souls in night light.

-::- this poem is of the present reality and the future history. and the destruction of the environment, and ultimately the death of humans. There are six 'chapters' of evolution. The first chapter describes the will of humans to question and explore, planning amazing voyages and fulfilling godly ideas. The second chapter explores the…