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Should everything have a reason...

If words alone can sustain humanity, then were better off blind.
If eyes are the tools of evil, then the universe is better off empty.
If borders ensure sovereignty, then why are we wearing cloths?
If conformity means existence, why work the extra minute?
If you're alive, what need is for the God?
If forms form in freedom, why are they numbered?
If the Ghost is to be feared, then why let it exist?
If silence is beautiful, what forces them to rape?
If music is the essence of creativity, do we need only ears?
If freedom is our destiny, we are born mistaken.
If the Internet is the last vestiges of freedom, then here shall we thrive.

[+] I forgot to leave an explanation; I'm starting a design-blog, just follow the link (click the post title). Free yourself from political slavery, and live your creative freedom on the Internet. Anyone familiar with Photoshop Tennis please email [orionfaktory[@]] for a game or just leave a comment.


Nirek said…
Woooooowwwwww!!! This is master piece bro!
funny and thought provoking too!
No, everything should not have any reason.....But whats mind without questioning?
kkakenny said…
I've always questioned reason, and when I come up with one I ended up questioning it. Cycle goes on and on til I end up thinking how my curiosity led me to stupidity...questioning is reasoning aimlessly.
Jeevan said…
Nice thoughts, should think.
mona said…
The expression I like is that the heart has a reason that reason can never understand,
I really wonder about reason...argh...
slimgabshy said…
I wonder how long the freedom of internet will last...

Brilliant thoughts dude
Nahuatl said…
"It stays free till your mind is free." (c) Nayan :P
visithra said…
hey good one ;) briliant thoughts ;)
Ghost Particle said…
Hi guys! Thanx for all the comments.

[Visi] Thanx dear.

[Nayan] U copyrigthed it ah...I think someone else said it bro...

[slimshaddy] It will last till ISA gets to me...sad sad...hahahah

[Mona] Reasons are tough. The is no reason to find reason, me thinks.

[Jeevan] Thanx bro.

[Kkakenny] So reasoning is the cycle of life. It has no ending then.

[Gautami] An existance w/out reasons! Thats cool.

[Saty] Thanx buddy.
Lorena said…
i love these poetic verses. very powerful writing that leave you thinking.

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