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One in a Million!

What’s a million miles,
When we waited a million years,
To be friends and brothers,
In the glory seasons...

Human+Universe is One Year Old! Yep the big ONE-OH. Hoping for many more to come. My sincere thanks to everyone who made this journey worthwhile and amazing. I never imagined to meet so many people who would change my life and inspire me to do things differently. Thank you also to everyone who supported the 2050 Project. May God Bless everyone.


Divya.B said…
Happy birthday to your blog..long live your blog...:-)
Great work! Keep writing! Its really a big deal...

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman
Tamizhan said…
Rock on man! Earth 2050 is coming along well too! That reminds me, gotta go post there... Gotten too lazy :)
Nahuatl said…
Wish your blog a very colourful and differently templatized birthday :P

I am back!
Vanathi said…
happy blogiversary.
S.Karthikeyan said…
Manamarndha Vazhthukal!
Prabha said…
hello!Congrats :)
visithra said…
hey happy anniversary ;)) wow a year its nice feeling isnt it ;)
Ghost Particle said…
[Divya] Thanx! Hope that you'll return to read my posts in the future...its all about the readers U kno.

[Ponnarasi] Thanx! I know it is...its so good to blog.

[Tamizhan] Thanx buddy, and yes 2050 is going too good...hope it lasts till will!

[Nayan] Ok, ill get working on that new just too lazy...thanx buddy!

[Vananthi] Hey Thanx for all the support.

[Still] Its that what they call it, blogiversary! Thanx!

[Karthikeyan] Nandri Nanba! Yellam unggal karunaithan.

[Prabha] Thanx buddy! Thanx for all the support.

[Visika] Thanx ma. Its so good to be alive and blog. ITs great to meet everyone here!
Krish said…
oooo.. good man!

Happy b'day to ur bloggieee :)

keep writing and have fun!
Nirek said…
Hey gp!
Thats great....
wish you a more eventful year in blogworld and realworld ahead!
Happy New year and christmas too!
sophie said…
hey congrats...
mine too is one yr old..
Jeevan said…
best of luck for your blog, the blog 2050 is very great, i am proud to post articles on this. :)
slimgabshy said…
goooood luck dude
Joaninha said…
Happy anniversary to your blog. I find it great and please go on writing. I’m very pleased to read it as well as when you visit me.
Happy Christmas Time!
Ghost Particle said…
Hye guys;

[Krish] Thanx buddy.

[Saty] Thanx nanba!

[Sophia] Then happy blogiversary to you too!

[Jeevan] Thank you bro.

[Slim] Thanx buddy, as always!

[Joaninha] Yours always Joan, life is great!

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