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Of Birthdays

Last weekend I went to my cousin 21st Birthday bash. I hate making public appearances. Not that I don't like anniversaries, just that I hated the people there. It took them about a dozen phonecalls to get me to come. I think it's my traumatic past of not celebrating anything (except maybe Deepavali) that made me hate all this gatherings. I hate weddings too. So, naturally I went there late so that it would be easier to blend in. Ofcourse, it doesn't work that way, and the instant I went in the house they all harassed me. Throwing all the blame on my uncle for picking me up late I went on the wish the Birthday boy. I could tell he was very happy I came, I've not been to my aunts in a year.

The very few things I like about Birthdays are the food and the ...the girls. Yes, all the girls you can imagine but cant speak to. No I'm not the bravest guy in the family nor the most presentable. Back to the food, you see, in any Indian themed function, the food will always be the same, rice and chicken. And for a student who can only dream of getting a decent home cooked meal a few times a year, this is an opportunity not to miss. Even then I was wandering around to get someone to eat with me. I always get this feeling that people are staring at me eating, or for that matter, doing anything. All those waiting, and walking and hiding (will come to this later) and waiting more will make you hungry and delirious. Just before the headache slips in, my grandma and my mother rescued me and we, the whole family for the North-side sat down to eat. Oh did I tell you, grandma and mother made this 400 mile trip just for a PR show. Welcome to my world. I guess many other families face this too. If you choose to ignore an invitation, then the other family will gather their own gang and boycott your families functions and so goes the circle.

There are a few types of people who you'll meet at this type of gatherings. There's this warm and kind folks, always smiling, who watched you grow up throughout the years who wants to hugs and kiss you. And then they proceed to acclaim, loudly sometimes, of how you have grown up so fast. Then sympathetically they give you hug after discovering that you're still jobless and so on. This type of people I actually like to meet, and hope to mingle 'till the day ends. And then, if you're unlucky (since you hate to talk a lot) you get this far away relatives who seems to be distant cousins of Letterman whom cant stop laughing and making jokes for every sentence you utter. And yes, the rule of the universe, at this moment, half of civilization would be looking your way. Things get worst when they start to ask of your family and then you fathers name, then they proceed to say loudly to everyone this is the son of so and so. He's a great man, hope you live up to the expectations and your fathers good name. No, you don't want to meet this type of people. Just when you think Harry Potter's fraternity was only a fantasy, you meet the 'Shadow People'. These are the relatives and non-relatives who are wizards, astrologers and mindreaders. When you get to a party, you MUST NOT meet this people first. Try to avoid them if you can detect them, because they would most certainly ruin your day. They know exactly what you're thinking. The moment they greet you, they'll say something like' I can sense trouble looking at your face. Are you in any problems?'. If you get the more sporting ones, he'll proceed to talk about the girlfiend you never have. It gets worst when they drag you to your mother and say its time for you to get married... I did not ask for all this. But being human, you're put to death all the time. Sometimes, they just wait to prey on you. Maybe God sent them to test us. The last type of people you really want to avoid unless youre flying of to the moon the nexy day would be the gossipers. It's amazing what these people know and sometimes how dumb they are. It gets more interesting when they gossip of you're family not knowing who you actually are.

One of the worst times of any party is when they start to dance. Good God, by this time either you leave or if you came with someone, just fake a heartattack. I'm the kind of guy who if ever, like to dance in front of the TV, maybe to MTV, all by myself alone. Its a good cardio workout. And people don't film it and look at it and laugh for another hundred years. These are trying times. Cant run anywhere, cant hide. So finding the remotest, darkest spot, just stand there and wish someone breaks a leg or the electricity dies. Suddenly, your uncle whose probably a Michael Jackson fan drags you, shouting and screaming to the dance floor and there you are, (the DJ announcing MrGhost the greatest dancer of all time) on the dance floor grooving to the latest tamil song. By now, I'm all hollow inside, my legs all weak and I try my best to do something. Only my hand moves, my legs are stuck. I aint no Will Smith but I did some preety good boring moves. Luckily, or maybe they all realized I'm a stone, everyone joined in.

That's my weekend, one weekend that I don't want ever to repeat. Thinking back it was fun, but I'm the guy who likes fun in small groups. Another things is that I cant get my mind of this girl. Damn, have you ever met a girl who you want to marry and live the rest of your natural life together. I met one, she even smiled at me. I don't know how this works, but mathematically all of it can still come true. She's my cousins cousins, that should not intefere anyway religiously right? (please say yes!). Maybe I'm dreaming too much, maybe its fate. I never wanted to go remember, but now, I met the one girl I really love! Yes I'm in loveeeeeee... Somehow, all those bad memories of the party washed away because of this one girl. Its a sad thing when maniacs have blogs. They force you to read something boring just because they're under pressure to post something. But girl, if you read this, please know that, I love you and I want you badly!

[-] Happy 21st Birthday Kugan! Have many many more wonderful years ahead.


[+] Honda has came out with the latest ASIMO droids. Check them out here; [ASIMO]


Nahuatl said…
announcing MrGhost the greatest dancer of all time

I aint no Will Smith but I did some preety good boring moves
Coool!! Big Will would like to learn something from you!!

have you ever met a girl who you want to marry and live the rest of your natural life together
Haahahahhahahaahahaa heeeheehehheehehehehee ... natural life.. hehehe heeeheeheeehehe hooohoohohohooo.. *rolls down on the floor laughing*
Ghost Particle said…
Huh! Nayan! Since when all this became funny! I was forced to, that's the key word. Actually once ure paralyzed and expect people to carry you around, that not natural anymore...I just wanna die. but not before 2050!
Nahuatl said…
C'mon.. things happen :)

Don't take it so hard.. u will learn how to dance soon ;) if you kept on going to such parties hehehehehe
Nirek said…
Hurray GP,
Congrats! love struck you in first sight!
Wish your gal see your blog soon!
awww..that`s a sweet proclamation. are there any chances of this girl of yours reading your blog???
visithra said…
ahem ahem the ghost is in love! whose the gal whose the gal?

oh come one dancing is supposed to be fun - no complaining!
Our India said…
We have a great time to meet famile members like the functions of Birthday and Marrage.

I dint complete reading the full post, will complete it soon.
Very true about the family get2gtrs....It has its own pros and cons... See u hapnd to meet ur gal...Gudone and dancing stuff, u will make it up in the near future.

Have a nice day,
Ponnarasi Kothandaraman
Maran said…
Can I expect future post to be around this girl you like so much? :-)
Marutham said…
Transittamil was Gr8 blog...... And i love family get2gthr. Congrats......u have smeting to celebrate.......NICE PHOTOGRAPHY
Krish said…

wish u to dance with that gal !

have fun GP...
slimgabshy said…

2050....long way to go....

maybe you should do an essay how the world and Malaysia would be at that year.

By the way when the tanni goes in we are better dancers than Will smith dude.
Vanathi said…
Hahaha...Learn to dance well...
mona said…
:) good luck!!
and I hear ya ont he food thing- lol
Joaninha said…
Congratulations! To be in love is the most beautiful thing we can have........ it is the food of our soul...
Nahuatl said…
Come back GP.. I don't wanna blog alone

It's good to know that family gatherings are the same in Malaysia as in the US...complete with boring chatterboxes and awkward dancing (oh, and chicken and rice, too).

Love at first sight--that's a great thing, my friend--if you sincerely felt strongly enough about her you wouldn't let her get away...

Nice descriptions of the party!
Ghost Particle said…
Thanx a million guys for the replies. I will reply personally...individually once i get a decent web connection. Love you all!
Ghost Particle said…
[Sateesh] I do hope she sees it, even thought i never mentioned it, she knows I know she knows it...:p

[Still] I think she does read the blog...just maybe.

[Visi] I thought of revealing the girl but then things are not going as theyre supposed well all have to wait. Dancing is good...dancing is good...dancing is good...hehehehehe
Ghost Particle said…
[Ponnaraasi] Yes, we all do share the same gatherings can be nice sometimes...and then youll never know what would happen the next time.

[Maran] ill try not to let the love life interfere...but its still in the early stages...

[Marutham] Thanx buddy! Thank you for coming here! Thanx for all the compliments!

[Krish] I wish too Krish! Thank you!

[Slim] Cha, all your ideas will be taken into consideration. I will write about them. The tanni thing is so reminds me of the Gaming Doctor.

[Mona] Its true isnt it...hahahah!

[Vanathi] Thanx! I will!!

[Joaninha] Yes, its a superb feeling,all your worries just disaapears!
Ghost Particle said…
[Mike!] Thanx bro, you know what, in the end we all humans are the same, minus which sport team we support...hahahahah...

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