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King Kong, Donkey Kong, Hong Kong, Kang Kong and Leng Kong...

Okay, I guess everyone would have watched the biggest movie of this Christmas. Did you like King Kong? Im not trying to do a review abit late for that...but here's my opinion.

What's Peter Jackson trying to tell us? Or for that matter show us? The ape in love with the woman? Wat the heck is wrong with this movie? Its suppose to be a super fantasy thriller flick, not a love story. Damn, the woman dances in front of Kong and made him laugh? The spirit of the Kong is lost in this movie, lost by PJ forever... It might have been his dream to direct a Kong flick, but nope, IMHO, it failed. Its another popcorn flick, just eye candy and stuff. Nothing much to inspire you. Its just another remake. If you don't follow what I'm saying, most probably you haven't watched it, but damn, King Kong went ice scating with the heroin...what else to come, dragons and Aragorn? This movie would have proved once and for all that PJ is an excellent director, ofcourse coming after the huge success of LOTR but he's a bad bad story teller...Let see what he comes up with next. Maybe he should focus more in his own storyline/ stories rather than doing adaptations.

You have to wait till the end of the movie the remotely identify with the classic Kong if you're a fan. I think probably the most exciting and sentimental scene in the movie would be Kong on top of the Empire State building fighting of the bi-planes. It stays true to the original flick. Rest is passable. Its a mixture of Jurrasic Park, and some bug movies plus tarzan and...I could go on with this forever...

[+] But to be fair here's some non-biased review of the movie;
My blog buddy; [LazyKong]

[+ King Kong's name is certainly unique. So the post title would suggest the varieties of Kong that I could think of. Donkey Kong is the classic arcade game of an Ape. Hong Kong is obviously Hong Kong (hahaha). Kang Kong is a leafy vegetable famous in this part of the world. And Leng Kong is a jelly type stuff found in drinks in Malaysia.

[-] I have loads of post before this. Please read them too...



Nahuatl said…
Nice Kongs! lol
Jeevan said…
I will watch King Kong soon.
slimgabshy said…
Dude to add yo your list, there is a small town near Masai Johor thats called "KONG KONG"
Ghost Particle said…
Thanx guys!

[Nayan] Hahaha...u can see that I hated the movie...

[Jeevan] Its worth a watch but if ure a movie junkie like me, then maybe you wont like it.

[Slim] Yeh dude! I forgot of the town...Kong kong...ive been there once.
HEy...Tht was a good critical analysis...I have been "should I , should I not" go for the KONG movie..By wht you got to sat it sounds like a Bollywood mixture...Still wondering:) Thanks for stopping by my post....Happy n safe holidays..Happy New Year too...:) :)
i have not watched it yet! going to this friday--i think ;)
Couch 'tato said…
hey king kong rocked....disregard the whole beauty and the beast storyline view the entire movie in its totality

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