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A House for Mr. Ghost: Part 4; Glory Seasons

The most important stage in a scientist’s life is when our research gets published. This one ultimate factor enables the scientist to justify his efforts and also at the same time ensure that his research is known to the world. There were days when certain experiments were not known to the world for decades. Even today, we might never know certain science carried out in the Soviet era or communist China. But in this age, they realize that international eminence enables the fruits of the research to be shared by the global community. In similar ways, the smaller communities where the scientist belongs will also receive recognition mainly the graduate student and other researcher in the group.

Tracing back the life of a scientist or the timeline of his research, we would encounter various stages where breakthroughs happen that carried the research forward. The glory seasons in a researchers life happens even during the early days of his works. When as a graduate he presents his first seminar paper and receives criticisms that would enable him to move in the right directions, then that is an achievement too. Science is not a stand alone faculty; it involves interactions that would also direct the course of the works to the days when the final results are achieved. The early stages also involve extensive amount of explorations in both the immediate field of research and its supporting fields. One main issue any graduate student and budding scientists should realize is that early setbacks and also success is vital so that we don’t deviate from the initial motivation to look for the correct answers.

To ‘reach’ the glory seasons, the scientist must factor all the elements that would ensure that the final results are achieved. Having the best supervisor and team members are as important as using accurate methods and tools for an experiment. A supervisor must discard his egos and work hand in hand with his research students and the students themselves must gel into a robust open minded team. When we dwell deeper into the objectives of the experiment, every single member in a good research collaboration would settle into their roles that would ensure the ultimate results to be achieved while also complimenting their own majoring. And the most important factor in having a research team to enable us to discuss and critically dissect ideas and results. A scientist must talk and communicate freely and openly his methods and results so that it would stand more comprehensive scrutinizing in the global scene. Faculty seminars would in time evolve into regional conferences and finally international gatherings. Presenting the more credible results and also the ability to withstand peer criticism are part of the journey towards the glory seasons.

So far, the tracks towards successful research are very mechanical and if a scientist follows the paths that suits him or her best, then they would not go wrong. Methods would be the same, but some tweaking in certain areas of thinking would present the desired results in the field of research. Different methods, meanwhile, but using the same thinking patterns would usher new discoveries in different research faculties. What seems to be a complex world is pretty much laid out for the new scientists to utilize and breakthrough into the international scientific scene. The initial glory seasons are also important for the new scientist to gather experience and familiarize with basic research methods and typical ways of focusing into objectives.


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