Monday, December 19

The Girl

It lasted for a week. I’ve had this liking’s all the time. But I thought this one was it. The ultimate love and everything that comes with it. So for the first time I tried a bit harder to find out if everything will go well. Its not that her family are strict and all, its still possible for me to pour my feelings to her and not get whacked. There’s only this tiny problem. There’s another guy in the picture! How it broke my heart. But then why the interaction in first place, why be nice to me and why all the sms’s and emails? And till now I’m still left wondering whether she really liked me or is this all a very late April fool’s game. It’s not fair for men, since we’re good, most of the times, and people still label us wrongly. So will there be a next time? I think I’ll wait a while to see if this relationship goes any further. Damn for once, I really loved a girl and she’s not part of my poems or stories!

And looking back at the comments for the Birthday post, my sincere thanks to all the readers who replied with very kind words. Is a nice feeling, love is. Its makes you be more forgiving. Its makes you a nicer person. Funny that when you’re alone feeling it, there are changes and you’re part of it, but when you really seek out the details and go deeper, you discover lies and deception. Maybe I like to be the crash test dummy for all relationships out the or maybe I’m like my senior used to be, simply a councilor for lonely people. Love is more that talking and sharing, for me love is a total change, in our lives and others with us. It is also the time where you would sit down and rethink of all your relationships; be it with your family or your friends. There are some amendments to be made and sometimes without realizing it, your surroundings would change too. Time will tell.


Jeevan said...

Love is a nice feeling, i like to feel it till my end. hope that girl will love you.

Ghost Particle said...

Thanx Jeevan...I hope so too... :)

Tamizhan said...

Dude! Sad ending.. but it never ends really. She'll come. Its like geology actually. Pressure and time. Thats all it takes :D

Nahuatl said...

I feel happy and sad for you, GP.

May you don't face what I had to.


Maran said...

Got other guy ah? That sucks man but don't lose hope ok. This feeling you got maybe temp onli...give it some time.

visithra said...

hummm oh if it doesnt work move on - try but dont remain trying when u know it wont work - not worth the time ;)

Ghost Particle said...

[Tamizhan] ! Geology! Ok, thats almost have to come back...I dont care if its a tsunami then...but she must come back.

[Nayan] Youve been through this uh? Sad life man, but luckily this is not my first love, then it would have been unbearable.

[Maran] Yes, I do hope it passes! It sucks!

[Visika] Moving on will happen soon, hopefully, I was like fully psyched with this girl...hope i dont turn psycho.

Nahuatl said...

I knew that dude.. even though you never talked about it :)

Krish said...

Try this Love Story

PS: Sorry if that hurts :)

Nirek said...

Never mind losing that gal! Love leaves sweet memories in our heart to look back after we grow old.... crushes, crushes and is fun with more, more crushes man!

Ghost Particle said...

Thanx guys!

[Krish] thats a sad sad post!

[Saty] True dude, the more thrill there is the more fun!

[Nayan] Were connected bro!

Demi Goddezz said...

Its very true about what u wrote ..Love is a good feeling.. but I guess if there is another guy in the picture .. u shud move on.. It will be hard ..but it will be healthy.. If she likes u .. u wudnt have to try hard...let it come naturally.. someone somewhere might be waiting ...:)


There is something my Mom always told me- There is someone for you and thats predecided...I used to keep telling her she was outta her mind...But when I did meet the someone, wht she said was so true...You are yet to meet the person who you can cal "soulmate". ..And others come n go but when u meet "the one", you become more grateful than ever! All the best boy...We all need to be loved!! :)


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