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Final Days

Forgive me world,
These days we kill each other,
Children die in slums dear father,
Women get no respect, they falter,
Men on street hate our color,
You and me, we ignore each other
Where do we go where do we gather

Forgive me world,
Yesterday I saw a man die,
He didn’t even put up a fight,
A fallen angel on the lonely street,
I sat with him 'till the night,
I am victim too but I didn’t cry,
This disease, it's days has no light,

Forgive me world,
These days we know no love,
We hide our feelings just to survive,
We paint pictures dark and lone,
We cry silently tearing apart inside,
They never stop to listen, these people,
Our lives have no direction, no purpose.

Forgive me world,
Tonight I kneel to you and pray,
Not to the God that I don'’t believe,
Someday we will all succumb and fall,
Our troubles and sorrow are many,
You are our savior in these final days,
When we lost our touch in the senseless night.


* I wanted to write a song, so the first para was ok, it rhymed...then I lost the idea. Will post this first and try to ammend it later.


Hi thanks for dropping in..
Very well put.. The world is going through a mega crisis..
Apart from the tsunamis and earthquakes, these countless wars for the greed of power in the name of democracy are worsening the situation.. Lets us hope that the spirit of humanity escapes unscathed from these series of catastrophes.
Nahuatl said…
These days we know no love,
We hide our feelings just to survive,
We paint pictures dark and lone,
We cry silently tearing apart inside,
They never stop to listen, these people,

Beautiful... sadly, beautiful.
Our India said…
nice one. the 2nd one is sad.
Rhiannon said…
This writing is very very good and very very true, sorry to say, and I'm surrounded by people that just don't seem to care about anyone but themselves..but they are afraid and sad also..sad sad sad..but must not give up hope..we must not or we will not survive..must be brave speak up from time to time reach out even if rejected..hard call, difficult situation here on earth.

May the Angels be around us all whispering for us to reach out love one another and stop letting fear control us. It takes a lot of courage to take risks. I hope this girl you spoke of comes into your life..and you into hers..:o)

Thanks for dropping by my blog a while back.

Rhiannon said…
Oh I see you mentioned the movie "Contact" in your profile, I just loved that movie with Jodie Foster, incredible provacative movie, gets you really thinking about "what if"?..doesnt' it?

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