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December Season

You see a lot of photo's daily, but there can be only a few greats. I discovered Jim Brandenburg's story while going through back issues of the Graphis Journal. He's a legendary photographer who worked with the National Geographics Society and his collections and projects are simply stunning. His two amazing collections; 'Chased By the Light' and 'Looking for Summer- Chased by the Light II' which showcases natural imagery of the passing season. The first 'Chased by the Light Project' was published in the Dec 1997 National Geographics magazine carrying the most photo's ever in a feature. The project details Jim's effort in snapping only one frame per day for 90 days and relied heavily on his expertise to highlight the best images. Jim also founded the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation to promote the conservation of the Southwest Minnesota Prairies. Do visit his site, just click the image on top. (Image sourced from Jim's site and copyrighted by Jim Brandenburg)


[-] It's time for another sojourn away from the blog-verse for a week or so. Please do go through my previous posts and comment on them. More poems are available in my older posts.
[+] The 2050 Blog is going strong. Mail me if you want to be a member, or simply visit the site and read the posts. Hope the existing members can post something more often.
[+] My photoblog is available here;[TransitTamils]. All the images are snapped using my cellphone. Do also find the links to my other galleries in webshots and flickr.
[+] The holidays are approaching and ofcourse there's the Xmas and New Year celebrations. If you're figuring an idea for your blog posts why don't you do a photo-essay or photo-journal of your holidays. It would be exciting to view a new world and meet new people in the form of images. Visit a new place on a short trip, drive to the park you always want to go or just stake out for some bird watching! Live the digital imagery revolution!
[+] English Song of the week; Song: Because it's Love, Group: The Kelly Family
Tamil Song of the week; Song: Malligai Malai Katti, Movie: Pudhiya Ragam, Composer Illayaraja
[+] The book 'Passions of the Tongue; Language Devotion in Tamil India, 1891–1970' by Sumathi Ramaswamy (University of Calif. Press) is available online for free here;[Tamil]


sen said…
great pic, thanxs for the link
mona said…
I'll be sure to take a ton of pics then!
Ghost Particle said…
Hi guys,

[sen] Thanx!

[mona] U must!!!
Joaninha said…
great picture! I like it!
Ghost Particle said…
Thanx Joan! And thanx for the translated poem! I love it!
That is a great picture. Have a great holiday/trip/whereever you are going!
Jeevan said…
Enjoy the holiday week. Photos in TransitTamils blog are nice, especialy the Lord Vinayagar standing majestically is super.
Ghost Particle said…
Thanx Samantha!

[Jeevan]yes buddy, thats a beautiful looking statue.
i checked out his site..he photographs beautifully.
Ghost Particle said…
[Still] Yes theyre very nice, the nature images. Even his house looks great.

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