Thursday, November 10

Poems and a Rainy Night.

We were Humans

Remember when we were humans,
Fearless soldiers in daylight battles,
Unrivalled lovers under the moonlit sky,
We were humans when we were dead before.

The Lost Nights

Remember the nights,
We circled the raging bonfire,
Our small legion of moonlight friends,
Sharing stories of lost nights.

The Daydreamers

During history on a hot morning,
Painting graffiti on school walls,
Secretly in love with mystery girls,
Building daydreams on wooden stilts.

The Amazing Stories

Among best friends,
With heartbreaking idyllic memories,
Reliving stories to the end of time.
We were brothers sometime yesterday.

The Rainy Season

Of course it ends this day,
Didn't it start in such season?
The blessed sky showering hope,
We were humans always on rainy nights.

****** book ii ******

Poetry Revisited

In the faint evening light,
I traced my masterpiece,
Cold depressed shadows appeared,
Brought to life by the solitary,
magical lamp.

Forcing my mind to float,
To fly away into foreign lands,
Grasping ideas and beautiful faces,
The unfocused soul wanders far,
sadly lost.

I set my sight on an old junk,
Sailing the infinite night sea,
Carrying a love message across destiny,
Trying to bind love across distance,
enchanted desires.

Stopping to find a reason,
On the smoldering battlefields of Germany,
Maybe I can engrave the stories of youth,
Yearning before dying for one last vision,
of mothers.

From the cliffs of Sintra,
I gaze into the derelict sea,
Tangled in the turbulent zephyr,
Dead souls of a catastrophic disaster amid,
dangerous seas.

I wondered in silence,
If anyone ever met the crazy clown,
Of the traveling Russian circus,
The one with white face and a large red nose,
a joke.

What nostalgia my travels bring,
Of memories and wonders from faraway,
Sadly my life story is incomplete,
Staying vigilant for one last stroke before,
my passing.


[-] "If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man." - Mark Twain

[-] It rained cats and dogs (Persians and German shepherds, as Fred says) yesterday evening and drizzled the whole night. Funny, rain supposed to make us sleep all cozy and warm under the blanket, but I didn't. Too many things in my mind. Some serious stuff to think about, my future, my thesis and all. We do need friends after all, but not just any friend, we need someone who speaks our 'language' from time to time. Now I regret rushing into decisions and taking this journey alone. Physics is hard, and having no one to discuss it is harder. I just hope I can finish this semester. And get a job that I would enjoy doing not being forced into. There is hope for dreamers. Its just that that kind of hope doesnt come all that often.

[-] This is a reason to brag! Chris Muir who created the Day by Day strip commented on my blog! Its so cool. I feel HIGH!!!. Sigh...I get excited of everything. A true scientist. Wait, does this mean that he wont drop by anymore because I made a scene out of this...?

[+] Depha Methas final movie in the Elemental Trilogy, Water, is complete. Visit the official site;[Water] and view the trailer here;[Water-Trailer]

[+] "15 to 17 Years Old" Winner: "Chimpanzee Meditation"Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, 2005Natural History Museum, London, and BBC Wildlife Magazine On the final day of a three-week family vacation in Tanzania, Africa, 16-year-old Matthew Burrard-Lucas of the U.K. followed a group of about 40 chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains. Spotting the alpha male, Burrard-Lucas edged closer on his stomach while “trying to ignore the angry safari ants that were crawling all over me.” “The alpha male was sitting on a tree trunk, staring at the forest canopy,” Burrard-Lucas said. “In the photo it appears as if he's looking into space, contemplating and relaxing.” “For now wildlife photography is a hobby, but it would be great if I could make a career out of it,” he added.
P/s: I have updated my previous post. Please read it to find conclusions for the lost keys and all.


visithra said...

Ohh i really liked the poems - especially the small ones - just beautiful ;)

sophie said...

very beautiful peoms...

Nahuatl said...

Just excellent! :)
Keep the gud work going.

LifeMoments said...

Enjoyed all of it...

Sounds as if you have watched mel Gidson's movie, "When we were Soldiers"

Vanathi said...

Wow. Wonderful poems...

Saravana Kumar said...

dude I'm happy you are back to the blogging arena ... how are you ... you've written good poems ... then hows life ... btw never bother about those buddies, the world is like that, they are everywhere, and because we are forced to live with them, it also finds our way into us ... though you know of this, always act with realization, thats wisdom .. enjoi my friend.

Saravana Kumar said...

visithra .. seems like someone is emulating your pic ;)

Jeevan said...

Very sweet poem, nice monkey.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny