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North Season

Hello all, How are you? Did your day start well today? Did it end well yesterday? Did you meet a friend? Did you say hi to your neighbor? Did you notice the season passing by? Did you notice the leaves falling of the tree in your backyard? Did you sit down and enjoy the beautiful morning? Did you kiss your wife today? Did you hug your kids today? I did not do any of those.

Have you seen a person dying? Have you stood beside a person on his deathbed and realized you cant cry even though you loved him so much? Did you see the child shot dead by the roadside in some far away country yesterday? Did you stop to listen to the youth shouting "I hate you world!" incestantly yesterday? From the seats on the bus you were traveling, did you notice the blind man getting in, and no one helped him? Have you seen her cry and sink into depression a few years back? Do you smell and feel the polluted world? Did you throughout the years witness the teenagers taking drugs, fighting, rotting? Have you seen the sadness in a father's eye when his son failed his exams? Have you seen the sadness in a daughters eye when her mother disowns her? Have you ever been depressed so deeply that you cant move your body? Have you been so sad and wanted to cry so badly buy you cant everytime you want to.? Have you experienced the fear of your own shadows? Have you tried to write something only to be stuck in a neverending cycle of words flashing every second in your brain but you're helpless trying to write them down.? Do you pray to God every minute every second of they day wishing that everything will go well for your family? Have you been dead and born again? Have you been alive and felt dead? I have felt all this. No words can convey the feelings of sorrow or depression. No words. I'm unable to close my eyes and ears to the tragedy of everyday life. I try hard to, but I cant. I tried to run and hide, but I failed.

Do open your eyes someday, oneday and notice the real world out there. There might be people who needs help, there might be people on the verge of killing themselves, you maybe their only salvation. Yes, my posts do bring flavors of darkness and depression, but I'm just conveying my true feelings and sometimes I want to ignore all those sadness but my fingers wont let me. Sometimes I feel I'm not the one who needs help. I'm still alive. There are millions out there, lurking, drifting in this world called Internet, hiding from their past, hiding their true emotions, hiding their face, trying to relive and revive their lives. They might be your friends, your family. Encourage them to stand up, and live.


[-] Have a nice weekend, mine started early, like always.

[+] Bob didn't like the the way I portrayed my friends in my previous posts, so he wants his own column here. Wait for the debut of 'Bob In The Big City' soon!

[-] Do read my post below, it's a long hard one, and it took time to write.


mona said…
thats pretty hardcore.
Nirek said…
Continuous posts on depression!! pretty hard stuff u ask us to think of....
ada-paavi!!!! said…
sometimes u wish u cud do something, change all the inequality u c rnd, but cant do anything, guess this is one of those situations,

and gp its hard to escape frm this stuff, gotta live wit it i guess
Maran said…
Take it easy fren...have a nice weekend.
S.Karthikeyan said…
Of late, I am begining to enjoy even pretty small things!
Jeevan said…
Well writen. me too thought like this. i have afrain of my shadow some times back.
Have a Happy Weekend.
Nahuatl said…
Ahem! I think you have a big influence over here, and you are making everybody cry now :P

I understand the feelings you are talking about. But it's not like nobody knows, but they usually turn their back on things like this and try to keep their cool and live a happy life.

You know, this post reminds me of something. Recently I havn't been writing something worthwhile reading. I will write about one incident. Keep reading! :)
Enjoy every moment of life!
Saravana Kumar said…
been in all these situations dude ... one thing I learnt is everything happens for a good reason
Nahuatl said…
One more thing, can I take it all in a good way? How can I make things better, if I can?

Nobody is happy..., you can't make them all happy. Pick up someone, make him/her happy. Then you will be doing a 200% job, making someone other than yourself happy, and being yourself happy.
Ghost Particle said…
[mona] Hardcore indeed. Its a kind of free-creative compo...

[shateesh] True, there's alot to think of bro, but patience can reveal answers. And make us happier...something that I dont have...sigh...

[vatsan] been living with this for the past 8 years. Its really hard.

[Maran] thanx as always bro. Life does has its ups and downs. Have a cool weekend too...

[Kartikeyan] Its in the small things we see the whole world, bro.

[Jeevan] Everyone experiences this sometimes, its worst in some people than others.

[sara] true too...everything happens for a reason...
Ghost Particle said…
Did I make people sad...its just a post asking ppl to rethink their lives. How long more can we ignore those things. Yes we have the right to be happy but always?

True too...we must enjoy everymoment of the sense we must Live everymoment in life.

How to make it better...become rich...have loads of money...and help others. I think soltitute makes people happy. A good relationship makes people happy. I have soltitude but not money...hahahha...but thats life.
dark thoughts indeed. when i`m feeling really down (which, thank GOD, is not often), i often ask myself "if you die today, do you want to die feeling miserable?". that thought always manages to cheer me up considerably. i`m not saying what you are feeling is bad or wrong, it`s just that it is something new to me--to know there are fellow human being who can feel so--lonely??
Nahuatl said…
Yes, we have the right to be happy. Its the life who teaches us to be happy or we would become like people who we llok around and cry about.
Stand on your feet. Be independent, fulfill yourself. Only then you can think of supporting some one else.

:) Have updated blogs of yours and mine. Check them out!
Ghost Particle said…
{still} i think its human nature to feel lonely but never a fate to be lonely. Sometimes its just by pure chance that were alone in certain situations. But there are also other reasons such as depression, mental ilness and such. But positive thinking must be the key to change everything.

[nayan] true, the only way to change is to be the change.

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