Tuesday, November 8

A House for Mr.Ghost: Part I; What A Life!

[updated! - again]

[-] For the benefit of everyone who clicked on the tags, this is the post that started the whole MrGhost series!!!

[-] I was thinking of telling the lost key story in a post of it own. But here goes, the key was lost at the Puduraya Bus Terminal (in KL). So I told my evil housemate, to go ask the police counter whether they have and lost and found items. But surprise surprise, even the police counter was missing. Or maybe they moved somewhere else. So the guy went to the parking counter to reclaim the parking token for my bike. And thank God, the good Samaritan, (the parking booth operator) had kept the keys he found at the counter. Somethings not right here. Yes, the evil housemate left the damn keys on the parking counter and left! This is kind of anti-climax but that's the truth. So God Bless the Parking Operator.

[-] The 'Buddy-System' is a loose description of the state of friendship today. The real story is this, I have a set of friends. Even though we are all friends, deep down inside we all hate each other. Not to show the hate, because of obvious painful consequences, we hide it with usual buddy buddy stuff. We talk nice, mingle and all, but we do it once or twice a year. That too, to share gossips and stuff. And on why the notorious system is reminiscent of the UN security council is because of the veto powers it holds. Lets say Friend A screws Friend B. Friend B will go to the rest of the Friends circle and spread the word that Friend A badmouthed everyone. So now everyone hates Friend A and hes all alone. So as to not let this happen, we have the 'buddy-system', where we just tolerate everything, and then vent the anger at artificial things. And yes sometimes pets and plants. Its a sick society.

[-] Its amazing to know that my blog has a call update system. I update my blog, and my buddy gets a call to tell that I have updated my blog. Aint it cool. I love you guys. Va al infierno usted.

[-] Hey, I do look like Wesley Snipes in the photo. Actually its taken in the changing room with the lights at my back on my cell phone. So the picture quality is a bit low.

The Ghost is Back! I was away and been busy with loads of things. So here are the things that happened to me and around me for the past 4 weeks in descending order. Most of it wont make any sense, my life neither.

[-] My buddies car clocked 60,000 miles yesterday. That's an occasion because the car is only a year old. He mentioned that I probably contributed 10k miles myself. Yes, we traveled the whole of Malaysia the past year.

[-] Yesterday, Bob and Mr.Ghost came back to the big city after a long festive holiday. It was a terrible bus ride. To make matter worst, Bob, who promised to send me back home with his car, bailed out. He had to go to work and were already late when we arrived at the terminal. I had to carry 2 heavy bag all the way to the commuter station and stand all the way to my stop. Under the 'buddy-system' I am not suppose to scold him or be angry at him. Life sucks. (names are changed to protect animal rights)

[-] My roommate is Billa. Hes an idiot. Two days before Deepavali he came to see me at my house and told me that he lost my bike key. Along with my lab and office keys. Yes, you may as, what kind of idiot would leave all those keys. I did, in my room, so that it'll be safe. He took it and borrowed my bike without asking me. That's stupidity. And my Deepavali started to go down the drain. Sometimes I think my country has the highest concentration of stupid people in the world. Of course, Bush, beind the king of stupid people, overshadows them all. Life sucks more.

[-] I have another friend. His name is Notorious BIG. He's my childhood buddy. And he has a problem. Or maybe its me who has a problem. This guy, he does every single thing that's against the law. Everything. Stopping short of killing, flying a plane onto a building and/ or invading another country. Me being his buddy, and the 'buddy-system' in affect, could not do anything. He doesn't takes advice. And yes, he wont leave me or let me go.

[-] This might turn out to be a long post. Please take a tea break.

[-] Deepavali was ok. It would have been better if everything above did not happen. Had a huge BBQ on the 2nd day. Invited all my friends in the 'buddy-system'. And yes, we had a liquor party after that. At my house. So now my parents know, why I haven't finished my Msc or/ and my buddies real self. And I mixed a drink for my uncle. Somehow, no one acted normal to me after that day.

[-] Two weeks before Deepavali, I was working in my buddies sweet and D'vali goodies store. Its called the 'Laddu Sweet Corner' and we opened it 10 days before D'vali. It was a smash hit. Ill post more pics of it soon. So my buddy trusted me with the shop while hes goes around doing something that looks important. I ate alot of sweets in the shop without him knowing. It was a sweet D'vali.

[-] I have an imaginary girlfriend. That's her picture. Shes amazing. Shes beautiful. She doesn't call, talk or write. She doesn't sms and she doesn't even come in my dreams. For a matter of fact, she doesn't even exist. (The image is not drawn by me, its from a Tamil weekly, reproduced without permission. Thank you.)

[-] One of the theories that explains the state of the universe is called 'Inflationary Lambda Cold Dark Matter Model'. And I thought my life was complex.

[-] MjV headed for Turkmenistan last Saturday. This could be a year long trip. I pray to God he has a safe trip.

[-] My good buddy Roslan got married last Friday. I wish him many more happy returns of the day. Another of my school buddies got married on the same day too. I wish Yogesh a happy married life. Another two bites the dust. I shall remember the fallen heroes for eternity.

[-] A House for Mr.Ghost will be a series that chronicle the painful, happy, sad, ugly, complex, life of me, Gp, the one and only. And yes, that's me in the picture. That's an Adidas turtle neck body fit long sleeve shirt that I tried on. But Mr.Notorious BIG did not like it. So, because of the freakin 'buddy-system' I did not buy it. But I liked it so much. You can see my sad face there with that ugly big nose. I hate myself. Ok I dont hate myself, maybe I hate my friends.

[+] This is a great innitiative taking shape in the states; [$100 LapTop]



Ravi said...

GP, this 'buddy-system' of yours is worrying...are you sure your friend - the short of killing guy -will not point a finger at you once the deed is done? Take care, buddy...er, friend! :)
PS: Belated Deepavali Greetings!

Vanathi said...

Your way of expressing things in writing is good...

Nahuatl said...

Every one has some topic to brood on. You have got something that I never knew! :)
What is buddy-system? You are pretty inventive with new terminologies.
Keep on posting nice pics.
All the best... (and sometimes it doesn't hurt to freak out your buddies.. go.. get that shirt ;))

visithra said...

Ooohh so this is GP :) n yes get the shirt ;p

and enna ivlo sogam - tsh tsh after all the successful business its just mallupufying from a treat right? ;p

so did u manage to get another set of keys?

On ur friend - well sometimes ppl need to learn from mistakes - so if hes not listening - dont get involved - just wait to support him when one day he realises his mistakes n needs emotional support :)

JVC said...

hi man! bad that u lost ur keys. good that you realised somethings always happen and thats also in our hands! All ur roommates are villains or what? billa, Notorious ...

susubala said...

What is the solution out of your keys. Did u get it ???? So poor...

Hey, u r longing for a girl friend. I guess, those who needs - dreams.

chris muir said...

Love the girlfriend sketch! Intriguing photography here too.

Mike said...

Hey GP:

Missed your writing, buddy! Next time give us a "head's up" or something so we know you're going to be away!

Then again...if you had everything under such control you would still have your keys, right? ;)

I wonder about that laptop--I'll let you know if I see one somewhere...

Welcome back!


PS--I see you've given in to the Word Verification encumbrance...don't you hate comment spam?

Ghost Particle said...

Hi Guys!

[Mike!] im sorry for not leaving a note, but damn its been a hectic month. We started a sweet shop, business, festivals...Yes had to start the word veri thing, spams are killin us.

[Visi] Hahaha, thats me. Yes, I need to tak control, but the thing is, even if i ignore them, its a damn small world, I bound to bump into them sometimes...Ill post more positive stuff from now on...hehhehee...ive update the post, read on.

[Jvc] The key has been found bro. Why and where have u been missing for so long! Yes, My housemate is a Rajini fan, so I named him Billa the notorious idiot.

[Vanathi] thanx a million, I love to write...

[Nayan] Thanx buddy, Ill definitly get that shirt, i must loose some weight first...hahahahaha...ive explained the buddy system, just read the top of the post.

[Ravi] Hallo sar, yes i know, im trying to change them, if not, ill just leave them and go on with my life. Its hard. But can be done.

[Chris] Thanx buddy. Thats not my drawing actuall, its from a Tamil weekly magazine. But the photos are mine original. Thanx for dropping by.

[Susubala]Yes the key was found. Girlfriend, I do sound desprate right. Maybe I just need a GOOD friend. Sigh....we will see. Thanx for dropping by buddy.

Thanx a million guys. Do come back often and make yourself at home.

Ghost Particle said...

Chris! Your From DAY BY DAY! I love the strip! I read it all the time. Im reading the archives too! Youre a genius! Thanx for coming by!

visithra said...

Ooh celebrity visitors ;)

thankfully u got the keys back - but how come he didnt go find it there - so dumb till he has to wait for u to tell him to do so? hummm

Ghost Particle said...

Yeh la. At first I tot he's just out to ruin my day/ week/ month and year. Then I told him, maybe it'll be at the counter. Anyhow, he had to go to the counter first because he has to pay the parking charges. So lucky la everything worked together. Hemm...

chris Muir said...

Thanks for reading the toon!

These pix would make for a cool booklet, and that shot of the Vinayagar silver chariot is amazing.

Ghost Particle said...

Hey Chris. Thanx! U can find more images in my webshots gallery and my flickr gallery and my photoblog.


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