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A House for Mr. Ghost: Part 3, Goblets of Desire

~ Chapter 1 ~

The journey of a science student opens new paradigms in the life of the student mainly the change of the mindset, critical views of the field and also relationships with fellow scientist. Of course the main goal or desire is to seek answers. I say scientist because being a graduate student I’m already a ‘qualified’ researcher and physicist. (This is another proven method to raise confidence and ‘share experiences’). And with it comes responsibilities. The common goal is to hunt for answers and understand the dynamic universe. Of many reasons on why the answers are searched for, the most important would be for the betterment of humanity at large. There are certain codes on how scientist work and mature. I like to view them as the rules of science for humans. In truth and in practice, science and the scientist should never create a gap of knowledge between the laymen and themselves.

Certainly there are individual traits for every scientist out there. I am a dreamer and the passions for science brought me this far. The answers that I seek concerns the beginning of the universe itself and the roles we play in this dynamic tapestry. As I mentioned in the second part, to summarize my journey thus far as a scientist is a disappointment. I failed to find the keys to the broader mechanics of science. Most of the time I just give up because I don’t know how to move forward and I don’t have anyone to guide me. Of course the desire to seek the meanings of life and our existence in this universe sounds romantic at its best but knowing where to look is the key to survival. Looking back at the comments for the second part, an interesting issue came about. Is it true then that scientists are ignorant of obvious answers lying about and go forth worshiping the impossible? Is this ignorance on purpose or innocent? My reasoning would be that answers don’t stay the same. Even though we venture for the best possible answer in science, its stays a noble desire in concept.

A theory and its following observation must serve true for every possible repeat of the same experiment and observation. If we equate observation with answers then in a certain timeframe the observations will change. So does the answers then. What is a (or the) best answer in that case? I think it’s more of a ‘spiritual’ issue. In science, any new observation will face heavy scrutiny and if the experimenter fails to record a detailed experiment, then immediately the observation will be deemed questionable. Only a detailed record will enable the repetition of the experiment and finally it being accepted into mainstream science. Now comes in the believers. We are generally the fans of such theorems and concepts. We’re connected to the idea and we defend it fiercely, it’s almost like were connected spiritually. That’s the kind of desire that is needed from a scientist. Einstein often referred to an entity called the old one. It’s often interpreted as the creator hence the notion of Einstein believing in God, a thorny issue for scientists. I believe that the only spiritual connection would be between humans as the observer and the laws of the universe as the force of life. It’s a link that you must feel when you look at the sky and venture deep into science.

So now, if every scientist out there has his or her own interpretation of the laws of the universe, how do we seek the best answer? We can’t, because as observers, we have a choice only to experience every finding in science and not dictate the existence of it. It’s simple, because once an observation is made, then it stands true that it happened and it’s happening in the universe bound by the laws of physics. Can we agree now that there is no such thing as the best answer but only varied answers and all that answers must be true because it happens? Now also we realize that the real importance is not of answers, but the pattern of the question we ask. If we ask the questions that affects the traits of our personal life or our small circle of existence then we would be satisfied with the answers that we get. But for scientists, we seek to venture into the unknown, and then we get amazing answers that satisfy us without provoking fear. That’s the world view of a scientist, by expecting the universe; we are able to absorb more. Hence again the myriad observations, and the problems of comprehending everything that would eventually create problems for young researchers who doesn’t know where to tread. I think I’m stuck in this position. I see a lot and experience a lot but I fail to connect them together. The only assuring thing is that there is no single unified theory, yet, in this world so I guess every other scientist has the same problem, they just don’t show it.

~ Chapter 2 ~

The goblets of desire exist everywhere. All of them are open to observers, experimenters, builders, travelers, shamans, you and me. You can choose to pick one or two and live the rest of your lives learning from it and being content. You can choose an extra few to learn more skills and then teach it to others. But let me assure you, secondhand knowledge creates troubled mind, because at one extreme you want to feel and touch the real goblet. In another extreme you don’t know whether youre traveling on the correct road. Maybe you won’t know at all. Each goblet holds new knowledge, experience and wonders. Sometimes a few goblets might appear to edify the same concept and ideas but in a dynamic universe, no one goblet is the same. When you come upon a goblet, be it when you’re a kid or when you’re growing up or when you’re old, there will be a desire in you to feel it. If you’re intelligent you might be able to realize it early and utilize it fully. If you’re ignorant, then you will loose the grip and loose out ultimately. But don’t worry, if you happen to meet a scientist along the way, be nice to him or her, they might show you another and another and it goes on. You must realize that you’re part of the dynamic universe and collectively contribute to the entropy or information.

You’ve read this much, you’re not a scientist, but you realize that you’ve chanced upon a few goblets in your life and managed to learn from it, understand it and explain it. In truth, everyone is a scientist, because everyone is an observer. Remember of the confidence building I mentioned earlier. A name gives you a unique identity, so does a title. The universe doesn’t discriminate names or titles, they’re just more information. But the universe does open up and reveal its secrets to good observers. Finally, is there a goblet fated for you? Maybe, again, we might know to some extend how the universe works, but not why the universe exists. I believe that the question of why has no answer. The goblet carries important legends of the universe. If there’s one fated for you but you fail to find it, will it remain a secret forever? I asked the question about Einstein here; [PBS, Whats the Big Idea] and found that every question will be answered by someone eventually. It’s just possibilities and a whole lot of hard work.

(End of part 3. The journey continues…)

****** a poetic origin ******
Raindrops On A Window, Part 1
The rule of line,
Memories in decline,
Half mast flags,
Soldiers in body bags
Red, blue and white,
Another epic strike,
From Tiananmen to Baghdad,
Countless freedom fought hard
Brown faces under the moonlight,
Listening to stories in delight,
Wandering poets preaching,
Of ages violently decaying.

* Raindrops On A Window is a collection of random ideas and thoughts in verse form. My first poem collection, Timescapes, Book 1 will be available for download in pdf form next week.
[+] I wont be updating until next week, been reworking the CosmicCode project into the CosmicCode Institute. Another milestone in this long journey.
[+] Postsecret's book will be available on Nov 29 Worldwide. Visit them for more details;[PostSecret]

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visithra said...

Wandering poets preaching,
Of ages violently decaying.

---- i like these lines - as always good one ;)

gautami tripathy said...

One good verse! Nice to see someone penning thoughts in this form. I cam relate to that!

Ghost Particle said...

Thanx Visi and Gautami. Plz do read my other poems in my older posts if you have time...

VJ said...

I am another wanderer and I just stumbled upon your blog.
It was nice to read about your views on Science and scientists.

I just have a few comments:
- Einstein never believed in a physical God. Though he used the words 'Herr Gott', i.e Mr.God, he still referred to an impersonal Spinoza's God where Nature=God. I think that is how most of the Physicists might be seeing God.
- Your ideas on observations, experiments and answers were nice to know. But I have a small comment on your definition of 'answers'. As far as I know, Science at present only tries to find the fundamental principles that govern the physical world mostly. As Feynman said, what we do is like, not knowing how to play chess and trying to find what rules govern the game by looking at the moves played by nature over years. Thats all. Even if we know all the rules one day, the next moves depends on how the player(nature) plays. Each chess movement is like each observation. Science can tell the 'answers' wrt rules, but every single observation might never be explained. So I think we just try to find the rules and that is the best answer we can seek using Science.
- I also believe in Feynman's approach in doing science. One maynot find the answers if we always expect something finding TOE or getting Nobel prize etc. One has to do science for the love for it and if it happens to become a big breakthrough then great else you are still doing what you like.

Being a communications engineer and yearning-to-be physicist, i will be visiting your blogs often to know how to become a good physics graduate student :-)

Ghost Particle said...

Hello Vj. Thanx for dropping by. Ill start from the bottom of ur comment so that I dont get lost. Congratulations on your aspirations...I know you can do it. Just believe in yourself and love physics like ther's no tommorow. Do contact me if you want to share or know anything. Itll be good to have a collaborator. I do have a science forum, youll find the links in my post and elsewhere.

I also do think that Feynman was and still is the modern day physicist. He deplored european scientists and actually showed the way of how we can enjoy science rather than follow a monotone existance.

Rules are also generalization. Sometimes it stands for a few hundred years then its proven wrong. Like we know, its a dynamic universe, and as u mentioned, nature plays God in this matter. So we might never realize changes. Answers are what dreamers like us try to find. Its finding the answer for WHY. Physics finds the answers for HOW. I think WHY borders metaphysics and psychology. But if we try hard enough, we can know the reason why we are here.
Physicist generally (again!) dont believe in God. Some of them are afraid to tell. HAHAHHA. I personally believe only in culture and the human created idea of GOD. Theyre just relics of our thoughts. Culture is one of the most beautiful creation of humans and will/ must stand the test of time.

Thanx again for coming here, please do comment more.

Nahuatl said...

I agree GP... it's all your beliefs.

I am not a scientist, but I am a student of science. And so I believe that if you believe, there is so called God, but if you don't... there is something else but not God.

VJ said...

Thanks GP for your encouraging words! I had already joined your group when I visited your blog last time. I absolutely agree with your comments that physics right now doesnot answer big WHY's. It answers small why's. About God, no one clearly knows about it.

Nayan, I think beliefs cannot be part of the science process bcoz it doesnot matter what we believe for there is a truth in everything irrespective of personal beliefs. So I think as students of science we should not believe in beliefs :-). We should have an unprejudiced look towards the facts that nature provides and we should analyse it.

GP, I am just little curious..are you a particle physicist..ghost particle..strange name :-)

Ghost Particle said...

[Vj] Actually im researching cosmic-rays. And there are theories of GOD particles and Ghost particles. So I just took the handle and loved it ever since. Its just another part of my real self i think...just like the Higgs Boson.

[Nayan] Study with passion and not building up the resume. A few sacrifices will take us to greater heights.

Part 4 of the series will come up this week.


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