Thursday, November 17

A House For Mr Ghost: Part 2; The Chronicles of a Science Graduate Student, Wardrobe and all.

Nobody said it would be easy. Nobody experienced it easy. Most of the 'soldiers' are wounded in this 'divine' battle. Some just gave up. You risk everything and most of the time you don't achieve anything important. At the time you decided to jump into this, some asked you not to. Some encouraged you. The world waited. Some decisions are to be made carefully after weighing in all the problems and possibilities. This kind of serious decisions are not to be made in a rush or lets just say in the heat of the moment.
After a while you realize the fire has burned out and you're left there hanging precariously on edge of the deep canyon. And at this time, you blame it on laziness and ignorance. Science is observations. How do you know you're interested or not. If you look at Einstein and the only thought that comes into mind is to recommend a good hair stylist to him, then you're not up to it. If the big bad world doesn't excite you then you're not a science person. You must be intrigued and pulled towards the infite universe. You must think big and ask stupid silly questions that makes you not get a girlfriend but may ultimately win you a noble prize. The risk, the risk is death. Death of your social life, death of the Mercedes Benz you want to buy, death of that high flying jetsetting job around the world. Science is professional suicide. Atleast in the professional world of business and economy. So I did dream then and am still dreaming of those big questions and the romantic life of an underpaid, overworked, social outcase a physicist/ scientist live.

After a few semesters (or years) you go there and sit infront of your supervisor and you confess. You did nothing, you accumulated nothing and your future is illuminated by a 30 watt bulb. You're scared whether you'll be able to finish this semester, you're afraid of even completing anything. And to no surprise the supervisor is terrified but tries very hard to appear calm. And then he says he cant say anything anymore. He's disappointed. You make him loose his trust in you. Now you're really lost. The future is indeed bleak. The one person who can make you feel better is having doubts on you. But he gives you another chance in proving yourself. So it goes the legend that a scientist will always help another scientist in dire moments.

You come back and sit to think. Being a graduate student or living a life of a graduate student is just like any other journey. It needs good planning and discipline. But always remember not to confine the research in the plan. Plan the way of life and plan the methods. The mind should always be free to wander and create ideas. So where does everything go wrong. For any struggling student would say its all in the priorities. How do you arrange you time to satisfy all your needs. And then comes the feedback. You can't crusade alone knowing there are wolves along the way. So now we need a good support group. If you don't stumble upon one, you create one. A small solid group who can discuss the depth of science and the intricacies of the next Harry Potter movie with you. And then ofcourse you need a home. A scientist cant ever live with his family. Family and relatives would never understand the logics of a 26 year old or a 30 year old who doesn't own a car, a house, not married and for that matter not have a job. You can't explain relativity to them or make them read Einstein. It might work for a few minutes if you say you will become famous and come out in the news if you win the noble prize or something, but in the GreatBig family dictionary, a scientist comes parallel to a bum.

And so starts the never ending story of a struggling science graduate student. More to come in future installments. (Preview of future parts; how to choose your research and how to make money! to save your ass while studying.)

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[-] Congratulations to Vijayndran and Chitra on their marriage on the 18th of November 2005 in SP. May this holy union be blessed for eternity.

[-] Congratulations to all the Indian students from Tamil Schools and National Schools who made history this year for the best ever results in the 2005 UPSR (primary school) examinations. May your achievement inspire future generations of Indians in this country to aspire and reach for the sky.

[+] The Airbus A380 is currently in KLIA Malaysia. If you're free, you can head to Sepang and catch the giant live!. Tomorrow (friday) morning from 8.30 to about 10.00 am, the A380 would make a low flypast around Putrajaya, Subang and the KLCC. Don't miss it!
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Kartoshka said...

Hey. Srry for being away a while. First few months of college and all :)

Ghost Particle said...

Hi kartoshka. Welcome back. Been wondering where uve been. Hows life and all??

still_figuring_out said...

i never thought about a science student from that perspective. but you`ve made me wonder about the guy with the huge specs who used to sit alone at a corner in my uni library, mumbling to himself and scrathing his head every few seconds. maybe when your brain is so full of questions that do not promise answers, you fail to think about the stuff that already have answers..??

visithra said...

Still makes a great point there - i think u have the answers just dont think its the answers?

Looking for a group that discusses all your interests! Thats impossible! Maybe find a friend in each interest - lifes easier that way ;)

am still thinking about my first thought will post it soon ;)

Nahuatl said...

I think GP is pondering for best answers.. :D not just any will do!
Almost there GP... almost there... keep on moving! :)

Ghost Particle said...

Sometimes its true, while getting lost finding for answers, we forget the existing answers. But all said and done, this is a dynamic universe. Even the existing answers change.

I like to follow this rule; 'only when youre on the edge do you realize your true inner self.' So I push myself to the edge, and most of the times other people too...hence many many problems. Its very hard to find perfection.

And true too, only the best most probable answers will give the full satisfaction. Its science for that matter and not anything else. Everyone thinks they own it, somepeople think they dont want to belong to it, but its the study of life, and sadly no one has the answers to life itself. Awaiting more comments.

Thanx Visi, Still, and Nayan.

Nahuatl said...

Tell me one thing... if everything changes, then the solutions to the questions also change.
How can you find best answer, burning yourself, when you know that by the time you reach there, the importance can change?
It's great to give your all to achieve something, something grand and beautiful or of utmost importance. But is it that what we need? Don't you think you might be missing some obvious answers for the best ones?
Just a question.


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