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Blackwood Hills; Shadows

Blackwood Hills; Shadows

Reminiscent of a sunset,
Fascinating moments parts asunder,
A solitary crystal droplet,
Veiled amid leaves in slumber

In the shallow background, formless,
Against a Blackwood tree,
Flickers golden lights, boundless,
Weaving through them shadows spree
The last vestiges of light,
Fades slowly akin watery ripples
And soon from the moonlight,
Columns of shadow dances

The trees of Blackwood so grand,
Blanketing the hills in worship,
In facing the rays, shadows blend,
It’s a union beautiful as friendship

One dreams of tomorrows,
In this mystifying forest hills,
Will there still be shadows,
For even the sun waits in stills

In the memories of poets exist,
They who witnessed majestic times,
Why imagine of tomorrows geist,
When tonight we can build infinities.


Jeevan said…
nice one, very natural world.
Nirek said…
Whats the theme of the poem? cant understand. Expln...
Prakash said…
hi GP
it got to be awesome poem man....bcos i am too dumb to understand...
but last para was good,,,
slimgabshy said…

Where did u see blackwood tree??

I changed my nick from saparmurat to slimgabshy. Dont want to offend the lifetime president

allright...take care
Ghost Particle said…
Hi guys,

[Jeevan] Thanx buddy!

[Satheesh] Im trying to use a central idea to expand and create some stories. The idea in this context would be the Blackwood Hills. Thanx for reading it buddy.

[Prakash] Oh man...hahaha...its not too hard...sometimes i write too abstract, ill try to write explanations next time. Thanx buddy.

[Slimgabshy] Cha, hahahaha..hes the ultimate ruler...I never seen one, but the idea was cool.

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