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Ashgabat Adventures

As the days pass, and you get older, nothing seems to be the same anymore. You meet new people and make new friends. You travel the world and marvel at humanities achievements. When you look back at the glory days of your childhood and you wonder how fast time has drifted from you. Yesterday is almost history in every sense. The world is moving too fast and were all playing catch-up.
All your friends are gone scattered around the world and only the occasional email reminds you of them. The world is a smaller place today thanks to the TV and of course airplanes. Somedays you never know who'll dial you up from some faraway country. Yesterday while I was with Bob and Anu, our buddy MJV called all the way from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Yes Turkmenistan, the country that borders Iran, Afganistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Recalling back, I think he's the remotest friend I have in this planet.
Do any of you have friends in faraway places. Maybe in Alaska, the poles or the Sahara? Please buzz me.
Is it our destiny to travel the world? The world today makes a nomad out of every one of us. Even in the blogworld we read and interact with hundreds of bloggers who left their hometowns and countries to seek a better life, education or simply to travel. I think its the idea of meeting new people and culture that motivates us to travel. Sometimes even on a short ride from my hometown to KL, I can sense the difference in emotions and the whole feeling of being somewhere new. I insist to my friends whenever we drive back, to use the old roads that wind through the country rather than the highways simply because there's much more to see and do. Passing through towns and cities full of life and seeing people going through their daily life gives us a reason to be alive and happy. There's beauty and amazing people everywhere.
If humanities greatest achievements are building civilizations, then the appreciation for that civ must come from travelers who enter their cities. In the near future we will see more people traversing the world for various reasons. Were heading towards a borderless world, or maybe we already have ushered in one. Ultimately its a cultural experience. Who we meet and what we experience be it a new language, song or a festival will determine the survival of the culture and in the end us. Experience the world. Make friends and take lots of photos!
[+] CIA factfile on Turkmenistan
[+] The LonelyPlanet guide to Turkmenistan
****** a poetic origin ******
Blackwood Hills, part II

Vikings them men, rowing silently,
Trashing through the winter sea,
Of land we never thougt will see,
Scattered with graves eerily alone,
And crying orphans left to die,

As the shores greet us its hand,
All will and men tried to stand,
Bare and isolated my will and yours,
We lost everything yesterday love,
to the crashing sea, the sad horizon,

Now we're not alive and dont belong,
Trust me, hold me messenger of God,
How this journey came ending my lord,
I lived a life of love and suffering,
My dreams were abandoned ages along.
Of that lone tree standing solitary,
Among the hills of Blackwood,
Punishing me for the sins of all,
But I'm a person and shes my love,
Have mercy mighty soldier for today.
Now we all stand here together,
In front of this lord of doom,
Have we had a long journey,
Forever in love and learning life,
I wish leaving wont be so early.
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[+] If you guys like shortmovies here a cool group for you to watch and download shortmovies; [FilmGeneration]


Ghost Particle said…
The poem tells the story of the end of time.
Maran said…
Agree about the old much to see.
visithra said…
the poem is beautiful ;)
Ghost Particle said…
Hye Maran, sure is buddy. Lots to c. Thanx for stopping by.

Thanx visika.
Jeevan said…
Yes the world rotating too fast, I have memories that the New Year 2005 came last month, now next month is 2006. The world becoming smaller, because of the Internet. I can’t imagine I will get friend from all over the world, very amazing. Talking to new people will help us to know new language and culture of there country. Nice Poem.

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