Tuesday, November 15


I finally watched the movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know' yesterday and an interesting question came into mind. Do you still remember your first instance of consciousness? When did you first realize you're alive? I vaguely remember my first ever memory on this earth was waking up one morning and seeing the sun rays through the window. I cant remember what age I was then but that could possibly be the moment I 'found' consciousness and became aware of the world. Many issues and theories were dissected in the movie, with Quantum theory being the main idea behind that unique venture.

There could be a multitude of divine or religious interpretations behind consciousness, but in the past decade or so, science was able to provide many answers to the creation of reality which arises for being conscious. What is consciousness really? Wikipedia terms consciouness as a state of being self aware or more deeply sentience. Being alive and realizing you are alive and have the ability to comprehend the world and universe. Its an abstract idea that may read simple but proves very hard to grasp scientifically.

[-] This is my Tag to everyone who reads this post. What is your first ever memory of being alive and do you still remember the day?

[+] The Center for Consciouness

[+] Do watch the movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know'. Its an unique docu-drama that asks and aswers intelligent questions and ideas by explaining the quantum world and consciouness in a very layman manner. And it packs a great cast of scientist and other big thinkers who explains the universe in an enjoyable take at a science culture that's reinventing itself and moves away from mainstream religious interpretations towards a more human centric observer whose given the God status.

[+] 1979? Whats the Bl@#$ is that? Well, 1979 is the year I was born in. I was at the checkout counter at the local KFC with my buddy Bob buying some Zinger Burgers (the best damn chicken burger in the world) when the total came to 1979 and I snapped it. It's a special year and I know a lot of bloggers born on this year. So here's a toast for all the bloggers born in 1979. Its been a great 26 years. And its been great sharing our lives with millions of other bloggers. And no I'm not stopping from blogging, just to let everyone know what a historic year 1979 was and what legendary people was born then. Hehehe. :-p

****** a poetic origin ******
Wasteland Recreated I

On the road to Moscow,
Walking by a nightmare wasteland,
Passing a weeping Willow,
Praying a journey to Graceland.


Blackwood Hills, Part I

On the Blackwood hills,
We stood a beacon in the fog,
Learning the passing seasons,
Dreaming of the world tomorrow.


[+] 2050 is update! Please read and link there too.

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S.Karthikeyan said...

I think no one can rember their first instance of consciousness.

The first instances are in our short term memory and they tend to fade away pretty fast. I can only go as far as age of 4-5 years.

I remember the day when I got my self hurt in cycle handle bar and that required a lot skill from my mother to pacify me. I might have suffered more serious injury before that event but they are not registered in my mind.

I belive event which falls under the extreme spectrum of happy and sad or pain and pleasure are sure to be remembered, no matter at what age it occurs.

Mike said...

Hi GP:

It was late autumn, 1973 and I was 3 years old. My mom and dad took me to the zoo in Dallas, Texas. During the trip, they told me that my mom was going to have a baby.

I threw a penny in a wishing well and wished for a baby brother. It was an overcast day, and i even remember wearing a bulky coat, as well as how big everything around me looked.

This is my first memory and it still makes me smile.

Thanks for letting me remember it again...

visithra said...

Whee I'm part of the elite 79ers n i thought that was your alarm ;p

errr at the moment can't remember my earliest thought - let me think ;)

Technicolour Nightmare said...

I really want to see that movie.

My earliest is of drowning. I remember being under the water and being completely calm because I knew that someone had died there before me. Odd for a three year old, but true.

Ghost Particle said...

Hye Guys. Thanx for the comments.

[Karthikeyan] True its very hard to remember past memories. But I guess short term memories are used often so there might be a chance to dig back old memories if we keep linking and backtracking. But like you said, the best way to make or remember old events is to experience extreme's in our life.

[Mike] Thanx for coming buddy. Np bout the post. My early/ first memory keep flashing by from time to time, so i cant forget it. But there is always a significance in remembering old memories. Its our treasure.

[Visika] Ill wait for you comment, yes I will...hehehehe

[Technicolor] Its an excellent movie. Very thoughtprovoking. Wow, drowning, thats an amazing thing to remember. But how and why drown, I guess someones saved u or you were in a public pool?

cosmicblob said...

GP - Thanks to your question..I am travelling down memory lane right now, trying to think of the earliest moment. While I remember moments from when I was around 3 years old, the point that I vividly remember about "life consciousness" is - at the age of 7 - 8 when I was walking with a friend on a beautiful evening. I remember the beautiful sunset, the clouds, the green trees..and my consciousness that I am a human, with a lot of questions - why am I alive, Is there God?, what is this earth - who made it.. and many more bubbled in my little mind...

...little did I know then, that I will never get answers to those questions - theories yes, not answers.

mona said...

I only remember a red staircase, after talking about it with my parents, we've linked it back to when I was about 2....thats all I got!

Ghost Particle said...


[cosmicblob] Thank you for the input. Indeed many of the serious questions in life are left unanswered. But you did come up with amazing questions for that age. True scientist.

[mona] Thanks for the reply. Sometimes there are memories that can be erased such as the ones we dont want to remember or we doubt to be old or new. But parents do remember everything since were born.

Nahuatl said...

Wow! Its so nice to hear such incidents which usually subside in mind for God knows how long time.

Trying to remember, I think I must be 1 yr, few months old (really!) when I saw face of my mother, and it was completely conscious look that I had. Maybe that's why I am so attached to my mom :)


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